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The FIFA world cup is an international association football contest organized for the senior men’s national team of FIFA, which is the governing body. The FIFA world cup tournament has been organized once in every four years since the start of the tournament in 1930. It has held everytime since then. However, the World cup wasn’t played in the years 1942 and 1946 because of the World War II

The FIFA world cup final is the last contest in the competition, two teams play it, and the winner will be the world champion until another country wins it in the next four years. Also, the country that wins will enter the FIFA world cup winners list and become one of the golden countries in FIFA world cup history.

The FIFA world cup is a one-game contest, and the winner will be decided after regular time(90 minutes). If the match ends in a draw after 90 minutes, it will proceed to extra time; if it’s still a stalemate after the extra 30 minutes, the match will go to extra time. According to a rule in force in 1986, a FIFA world cup final that ends in a draw will be replayed.

There was the golden goal rule in 1998 and 2002 for finals that proceeded to extra time, but it never materialized. The FIFA world cup 1950 was unique because there was a four teams final round-robin group. The most important match in the group is called the de facto final, organized by FIFA itself.

The country that triumphs in a FIFA world cup final will lift the world cup trophy and have its name engraved under the prize. Eighty countries have participated in the world cup, but only 13 have played in the final, and just 8 have lifted the trophy. Brazil has played in all the World cup tournaments since the inception of the competition. Brazil has also won the most FIFA world cup trophies, after having bagged five FIFA world cup trophies.

The next countries with the highest number of world cup wins are Italy and Germany, who have both won the world cup 4 times each, and the current Champion, Argentina, has taken the world cup trophy home 3 times. Uruguay and France have each won the competition twice, while England and Spain have one. Countries like Sweden, Hungary, Netherlands, Croatia, and Czechoslovakia have made it to the final but have never won it. 

On the other hand, Germany has had the most number of appearances in the world cup final more than any other country in the competition’s history. The Germany national team has made it to the finals eight times. Only European  and South American countries have contested in the finals.

Between 1930 and last year’s edition in Qatar, 22 FIFA world cups have taken place, and below is a detailed FIFA world cup winners list:

YearWinnerRunners upLocation
1930UruguayArgentinaMontevideo, Uruguay
1934ItalyCzechoslovakiaRome, Italy
1938ItalyHungaryParis, France
1950Uruguay BrazilRio de Janeiro, Brazil
1954West GermanyHungaryBern, Switzerland
1958BrazilSwedenSolna, Sweden
1962BrazilCzechoslovakiaSantiago, Chile
1966EnglandWest GermanyLondon, England
1970BrazilItalyMexico City, Mexico
1974West Germany NetherlandsMunich, West Germany
1978ArgentinaNetherlandsBuenos Aires, Argentina
1982ItalyWest GermanyMadrid, Spain
1986Argentina West GermanyMexico City, Mexico
1990West GermanyArgentina Rome, Italy
1994BrazilItalyPasadena, California, United States
1998FranceBrazilSaint-Denis, France
2002BrazilGermanyYokohama, Japan
2006ItalyFranceBerlin, Germany
2010SpainNetherlandsJohannesburg, South Africa
2014Germany ArgentinaRio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018FranceCroatiaMoscow, Russia
2022ArgentinaFranceLusail, Qatar

FIFA World cup Champions country-wise

CountryNumber of timesYears
Brazil51958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
Italy41934, 1938, 1982, 2006
Germany41954, 1974, 1990, 2014
Argentina31978, 1986, 2022
France21998, 2018
Uruguay21920, 1950

The FIFA world cup 2022

The FIFA world cup 2022 is the first world cup to be hosted in the Arab world and the second to take place in Asia after the 2002 FIFA world cup. The FIFA world cup 2022 started on the 20th of November and ended on the 18th of December, involving 32 teams. Qatar was set for a tremendous fight between 32 teams to enter the FIFA world cup winners list through 64 matches.

The first Semi-final match of the FIFA world cup 2022 was between Argentina and Croatia, and the South American team won the match 3-0 with Lionel Messi on the score sheet. The second Semi-Final match of the FIFA world cup 2022 was between France and Morocco, and the UEFA side won the match, setting up what would be the most mind-blowing final in FIFA world cup history Argentina defeated France.

In the FIFA world cup 2022 final, Lionel Messi put the South American team ahead through a penalty, and Angel DI Maria doubled the lead before halftime. France pulled two back in the second half, taking the match to the extra time, where Lionel Messi put Argentina up again before France forward Kylian Mbape put France in the game one more time. 

Argentina’s 2022 FIFA world cup victories were one of the most motivational stories considering that they lost the opening match. Argentina became one of the world cup champions after Martinez’s heroics in the penalty shootout. Argentina’s world cup triumph in FIFA world cup 2022 ended their world cup drought since 1986.

Messi won five ‘man of the match awards in the FIFA world cup 2022, making him the only player to win that much in a single FIFA world cup while taking Argentina on the world cup winners list again. 

FIFA world cup 2018

France became the FIFA world cup winners again in 2018, and this would be the second FIFA world cup title for the French. France won in the final by defeating Croatia 4-2, while Luka Modric won the Golden Ball award as the tournament’s best player. Griezman won the tournament’s MVP award, while French Star, Mbape was awarded the Young Player of the tournament award. 

FIFA world cup victories and making the world cup winners list are tremendous achievements for the triumphant country and its fans, so France hosted a big party to celebrate the win.

FIFA world cup 2014

Germany made it to the FIFA world cup winners list in 2014 in Brazil by defeating Argentina 1-0, a win that ended Germany’s 24 years of world cup drought. Mario Gotze netted the only goal in a spirited final that went on to extra time. Germany became a successful team again in 2014, making it their 4th FIFA world cup title. 

FIFA world cup 2010

South Africa was the host country and was the first FIFA world cup to be hosted by an African country (South Africa). Spain registered themselves in the world cup winners list that year by defeating the Netherlands 1-0 in the final. Andres Iniesta scored the crucial goal in that match, making it their first FIFA world cup.

FIFA world cup 2006

Italy won the 2006 FIFA world cup by defeating France 5-3 in a penalty shootout. The match ended 1-1 after 90 minutes and extra time, and Italy went on to register themselves in the world cup winners list yet again, on penalties. The final highlight was Zidane’s red card incident which cost France the world cup in Berlin, Germany. The win in 2006 was Italy’s fourth in the tournament. 

FIFA world cup 2002 

Brazil won the FIFA world cup trophy in popular Korea Japan 2002. The 2002 win meant that Brazil had registered its name on the world cup winners list five times, making them the most successful team in the tournament’s history. The FIFA world cup in Korea Japan saw the end of the golden goal rule and the use of one ball throughout the tournament. 

Brazil took the cup home by defeating Germany in the finals with a 2-0 win. 

FIFA world cup 1998

France hosted the 1998 FIFA world cup, making it the second time they would host the prestigious competition. France won the tournament on home soil by defeating Brazil 3-0 in the final, and the 1998 edition was the longest in the tournament’s history. France’s triumph in 1998 was their first FIFA world cup title, making them the sixth nation to win the trophy.

FIFA world cup 1994

The United States was the host nation for the 1994 FIFA competition, and it was the most financially successful in the history of the competition even though football was not popular in the US. 

Brazil won the trophy by defeating Italy 3-2 in the penalty shootout, becoming the first world cup to be decided through a penalty shootout. It is also the first time where a team gets 3 points for winning a match instead of two. Brazil also became the first nation to win four FIFA world cups.

FIFA world cup 1990

Italy was the host nation of the 1990 FIFA world cup, becoming the second nation to host the tournament twice. West Germany won the trophy making it the third time they will make it to the world cup winners list; they defeated Argentina 1-0 in the final. That was the last time West Germany participated because they had amalgamated with East Germany.

FIFA world cup 1986

Mexico hosted the 1986 FIFA world cup and became the first country to host the International tournament more than once. It was the second to feature 24 teams, with Argentina becoming the champion. 25-year-old Diego Maradona captained Argentina to the peak of Glory in 1986 by scoring a “hand of God” goal and a goal voted as the “goal of the century” in the same game against England. 

Maradona netted five goals at the World Cup, giving Argentina the win at the finals against West Germany when the match ended 3-2. This was yet another win for the Argentina national team, registering their name in the world cup winners list yet again.

FIFA world cup 1982

The 1982 FIFA world cup was hosted by Spain. Italy won the tournament by defeating West Germany 3-1 in the final at Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The 1982 win was Italy’s third in the tournament and the first time they would make it to the world cup winners list since 1938.

FIFA world cup 1978

Argentina hosted the 1978 FIFA world cup and won it on home soil. After extra time in River Plate’s stadium, the South American team defeated the Netherlands 3-1. The win in 1978 was the first time Argentina would join other FIFA world cup winners on the world cup winners list, becoming the fifth nation to host and win the tournament and the third South America to win a FIFA world cup.

The World cup winners list is for all FIFA world cup winners since the beginning of the tournament; Argentina made it to that list first in 1978. 

FIFA world cup 1974

West Germany was the host nation for the 1974 FIFA world cup tournament. Brazil had won The previous FIFA world cup trophy, the Jules Rimet Trophy, three times, and the trophy now belong permanently to the Brazilians. 

At the 1974 World cup, West Germany yet again registered their name in the world cup winners list by defeating the Netherlands 2-1 in the final.

FIFA world cup 1930

Uruguay hosted and won the first FIFA world cup in 1930; they defeated Argentina 4-2 in the final. Uruguay is the first nation to make it to the world cup winners list.

What country has made it to the FIFA world cup final the most times?

Brazil has gotten to the FIFA World cup finals more than any other country has done. With a record of seven FIFA World cup final appearances and five wins, Brazil tops the list of countries that have made it to the FIFA World cup finals. Italy comes next with six apperances at the World cup finals, followed by Argentina, and Netherlands who have appeared five and three times respectively.

What country appears the most times on the world cup winners list?

Brazil has won the most FIFA World cup titles in the history of the tournament. Brazil is a five time World cup winner having bagged the trophy in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. Germany and Italy come next with four World cup wins.

Has India won any world cup?

India’s national football team has never won a FIFA world cup trophy. However, the nation’s cricket team has won two ODI world cups and a T20 world cup.

How many world cup win does India have?

The India Cricket team has been crowned world champions on two occasions. They first won the cricket world cup in 1983, then won it on home soil in 2011. 


The FIFA world cup is the most glorified football competition in the world, it started in 1930, and several nations have lifted the trophy. Brazil has the most FIFA world cup (5). Above is a complete list of the past FIFA world cup winners and world champions.

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