Who has scored the most goals in football – Know the record holders

Football is about the many other things that lead up to lodging the ball in the back of the net. But ultimately, it is about getting more balls in the back of the net than an opposing team can. And while many players have come to the international football scene, just few have led careers with a number of goals other players come nowhere near.

So who has sent more balls lodging in the back of the net than any other player in football history? The Portuguese forward football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, stands at the top of the list among players with the most goals in football history. His official career goal record of 819 goals is the highest a single player has scored in their career.

When it comes down to it, scoring goals is what the game of football is ultimately about. This post outlines the top scorers in football history and their stellar goal records.

Who Has The Highest Goal In Football History?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the highest number of goals in football history. His oficial career goal record of 819 goals remains the highest ever scored by a single player in the course of their career.

Ronaldo is regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time. He sits very comfortably in the class of players who have scored over 700 career goals for club and country. He hs cored over 100 goals for both Manchester United and Real Madrid- the clubs he has been the most active in. He has also won numerous individual awards, including five Ballon d’Or titles.

The Portuguese football star has also helped lead his teams to numerous championship titles, including five Champions League titles and multiple league titles in England, Spain, and Italy. But despite his success on the field, Ronaldo is also known for being very hardworking off the field.

Other players with an exceptionally high number of career goals include Pele, the Brazilian god of soccer, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ferenc Puskas among others.


Pele is undoubtedly one of the best players in football history and is widely regarded as the king of football. He had a knack for scoring goals and recorded a staggering 1,281 goals at the end of his playing career. This includes official and unofficial matches, and it is a record that may never be broken.

Pele scored most of his career goals while playing with Santos. However, only 757 of his career goals are officially recognised by record books. The rest were scored in friendly matches. This places Ronaldo and Messi’s goal records ahead of Pele’s.

Pelé’s career spanned a little more than two decades. He spent most 0of his career playing for the club Santos. He also played for the New York Cosmos, and led the Brazilian national team to World cup glory three times when he won the FIFA World Cup thrice with Brazil in 1958, 1962, and 1970 after appearing in four world cups.

The Brazilian football king’s goal scoring prowess was unmatched in his playing days, and he is still considered one of the greatest goal scorers of all time in men’s international fotball.

Lionel Messi 

Messi is also one of the greatest football players in world football history and one of the highest goal scorers of all time. He has over 750 goals to his credit in his career so far, and he is still actively playing.

Messi has spent the majority of his career with the Catalan club, Barcelona, where he has scred the most goals in his club football career. He also has over 90 international goals with the Argentine national team. The Argentine’s goal scoring ability is unmatched, and he is often compared to Pelé as one of the greatest goal scorers of all time.

Ferenc Puskas

One of the most iconic goal scorers in history is Ferenc Puskás. The Hungarian forward is also considered one of the greatest players of all time, and he scored more than 700 goals in his career. Puskas played for several clubs. Some of the clubs he played for included Honvéd and Real Madrid. He also featured at the international level playing for the Hungarian national team.

Ferenc Puskas bagged numerous domestic and international titles, including the Olympic gold medal in 1952 and the European Cup in 1954, 1956. Puskás is stil considered one of the greatest football players of all time, and his skillfulness at scoring goals is remembered till today.

Gerd Muller

Another player who deserves a mention is Gerd Müller. The German forward is remembered as one of the highest goalscorers in men’s football. He scored over 700 goals in his career, and spent most of his playing career with the German club, Bayern Munich.

While playing for Bayern Munich, he scored 556 goals. Bayern Munich was the only club the legendary player ever played for. He also made appearances on the international stage for Germany alongside the German national team.

Muller’s 86 goals record in one calendar year places him second in the list of the most prolific goal scorers in one calendar year. Müller’s goal-scoring prowess was uncommon. The German legendary player is still considered one of the greatest goal scorers of all time.

Lionel Peyroteo

Lionel Peyroteo retired from football in 1956. Peyroteo held the record as the player with the most goals in the Primeira Liga for many seasons and still remains the player who has scored the most goals in the league. He was also the top scorer of the national team during his career and is widely considered as one of the best Portuguese players of all time.

Peyroteo’s career was not just limited to the football field, He was also a successful businessman, after his retirement from football. He was also a member of the Sporting CP board of directors, and helped develop the club’s youth academy, which has produced many of the country’s top players. His legacy lives on in the form of the Peyroteo Trophy, which is awarded to the top goal scorer in the Primeira Liga.


Romario de Souza Faria, commonly known as Romario, played for the Brazilian national team and several football clubs during his playing days as a professional football player. Romario is remembered as a top scorer in football history. During his career, he won numerous individual awards and accolades, including the FIFA World Player of the Year and the Ballon d’Or.

He also helped lead his club teams to numerous league titles and international competitions, including the FIFA World Cup with the Brazilian national team in 1994. Romario’s goal-scoring prowess was legendary and he remains one of the best finishers in the history of football. He scored more than 1000 career goals, a rare feat for a professional player. Romario retired from professional soccer in 2008.


Eusebio da Silva Ferreira, commonly known as Eusebio, was a retired Portuguese professional soccer player. He is considered one of the greatest players in football history. He was also nicknamed the “Black Panther” because of how fast and agile he was on the field.

Eusebio began his career at Sporting CP, where he won the Primeira Liga twice and the European Cup once, before moving to Benfica in 1960. He spent most of his career at Benfica, where he won 11 Primeira Liga titles, 5 Taca de Portugal, and 1 European Cup.

The Portuguese legend is considered one of the greatest goal-scorers in the history of the sport. Eusebio scored more than 700 goals in his football career. He also represented the Portuguese national team several, during which he won the European Football Championship in 2004. He was the tournament’s top scorer. The legend retired from professional soccer in 1979.

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Di Stefano

Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé was an Argentine-Spanish retired professional footballer and coach, who is considered one of the greatest players of all time. He began his career in Argentina, where he played for the River Plate and Huracán. Afterwards, he moved to Spain in 1953 to join Real Madrid. He spent 11 seasons at Real Madrid and helped lead the team to five consecutive European Cup titles, as well as several league titles.

He was also the highest goal scorer in the European Cup for four seasons. Di Stéfano was known for his versatility, skill and vision on the field. He was a prolific goal-scorer and an excellent passer of the ball. He also represented the Argentina and Spain national teams and was the captain of the Spain national team during the 1962 World Cup. He retired from professional soccer in 1966 and later coached several clubs.

Other equally astounding goal scorers in football history include Josef Bican, Jimmy Jones, Robert Lewandowski, Glen Ferguson, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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Who has more goals, Ronaldo or Pele

As of 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo had scored more goals than Pelé in his career. Ronaldo has scored 819 official goals in his career, while Pelé’s official goal count all through the course of his career sits at 757. However, it is worth noting that Cristiano Ronaldo has played in more matches in his career than Pelé, and has had a longer career thus far.

Pele began playing football in 1957 and retired officially from the sport in 1977. So his career spanned about 21 years, during which the legendary soccer player made a total of 1,366 appearances.

Cristiano Ronaldo, on the other hand, began playing the sport in 2002, and still remains active even more than 21 years after. During the course of his career, the Portuguese football star has made a total of 1,100 appearances.

Who Has Scored The Most Goals In International Football

The Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo stands out as the highest goalscorer in men’s international football. Ronaldo has been able to score 118 goals in 196 appearances with the Portuguese national team.

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Ronaldo broke the record for the most goals scored in international men’s football, taking the title from its previous holder- Iran’s Ali Daei. He accomplished his record-breaking feat in September 2021, when he scored two goals in a match between Portugal and the Republic of Ireland.


Football history books are full of many players’ bios, but the players with the most goals in football history are Pelé, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ferenc Puskás, and Gerd Müller. Their phenomenal goal-scoring abilities have enabled them to set records that may never be broken.

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