When To Double Down In Blackjack

Becoming a pro in blackjack requires strategy and excellent techniques; however, you need to understand when to double down in blackjack if you want to become an all-time winner in this casino game. Mastering the strategies and regulations is important, as is knowing when to make certain moves. 

Doubling down in blackjack is a sensational move and one of the most common bets in blackjack game. Although it is a common blackjack strategy, many people that play the game don’t understand how the move works and the right time to use it. If you make the doubling-down move at the right time, you will become a serial winner in this casino game. 

In a clearer way, what exactly is the doubling-down blackjack strategy? It means you double your bet in the middle of a hand to get a single additional card, this is a very risky strategy, but it increases your payout if your timing is accurate. To benefit from this risk doubling, ensure that you double down whenever you spot a higher advantage against the dealer. 

The double-down blackjack strategy is one of the best-known bets in the game; it allows you to increase your initial bet by close to one hundred percent, after which you will stand once you take one more additional card. Doubling down is a vote of confidence on your part, and there are three situations when you need to make this move in online blackjack. 

The Best Time To Double Down In Blackjack

Best Time To Double Down In Blackjack

One of the best strategies in online casinos like blackjack is knowing when to double down. How do you know it is time to double down in a blackjack game?

When The Value Of All Your Cards Is 11

This is the most common time most players double down, and this is because the probability of hitting blackjack is higher if you have an 11; the next card you will be dealt is likely 10, which will help you hit blackjack or close to it. Another advantage of doodling down when you have 11 is that you won’t exceed 21 (go bust)

With A Hard Nine(9) Or (10)

The “hard” hand scenario excludes an ace, which is a difficult position. To get yourself out of the hook, use the double-down option, provided the dealer shows a lower card. Doubling down with a hard nine or ten is smart if the dealer’s face-up card is 2-6; it suggests he won’t get a higher total or may go bust. 

You need to be careful and sure that you do not have any ace and that the dealer’s face-up card is 2-6(inclusive) before you make this move. 

When You Have A Soft Sixteen(16), Seventeen(17) Or Eighteen(18)

The term “soft” occurs when you show an ace and another card. Every blackjack game lover knows that the aces make it easy to win in casino games because it mathematically increases your chance of hitting 21 or close. Once again, ensure the dealer is showing a lower card before you make this move, don’t let the possession of the ace distract you.

A “soft” means you have an ACE and another card with 5, 5, or 7, giving you a total between 16-18, while the dealer shows a card within 2-6, presenting you the opportunity to play the double down bet. Also, note that if you have an ace and a lower card (2-4), hitting is preferable to a double-down bet because the probability of getting a higher hand is low.

Hard Ten(10) Or Eleven(11)

A hard 10 or 11 gives you a great advantage over the dealer. This means you have two cards excluding an ace, that will give you an 11 or 10 total; it may be 2-8, 3-7, 4-6, 2-9, 4-7, 3-8, and 5-6. When the dealer is presenting a lower card and you have these combinations, it is time to place the double-down wager. 

When not to double down

Some blackjack players trust their guts a lot; if you are one, there are times you should not double down to avoid a huge mistake. They include;

When the dealer shows an ace

The dealer having an ace means they have a high chance of winning, and even after verifying for blackjack, there is still a high probability that they will get closer to 21 total than you. In this case, do not double down. Instead of risk doubling in situations like this, play out your hand and protect your initial bet.

When Your Card Total Is More Than 11

Avoid doubling down if your hand has exceeded 11; it is a risk not worth taking because you are close to going bust than you can imagine. Instead, request another card and don’t increase your bet, then hold on to your low total and hope the dealer goes bust instead. 

Other Double-Down Tips

  • Whenever you are ready to take the double-down risk, make sure you show your double-down by pushing a set of chips equal to your initial bet close to your current wager. Don’t put the new chips on your initial wager to avoid miscommunication that you are tampering with the initial amount. 
  • If you are a newbie to blackjack, the best time to double down is when you are showing 11. This strategy also applies to everyone.
  • The rule of thumb is that you won’t be able to double down after you split. Split is when you get two cards of the same value, and you are allowed to split those cards into two separate hands so that you can get two extra cards from the dealer. This option is most available in online casinos; you won’t find it in any live casino. 

The essence of split is that you have the opportunity to double your win, and if fails, it means you have doubled your lose too. Splitting is an enjoyable move and it increases your stake; however, you need to understand the right time to split or not. The best time to split in a live or online blackack is when you have a pair of aces or two eights. 

Note that there are more 10-value cards in the dack compared to other cards, which increases the likeliness of hitting at least a 21 whenever you split your aces. Also, it is easier to deal with two separat hands of 8 than a single hand of total 16 which rarely produce a win. 

If you got a two 10s, it is advisable that you stick because the probability of improving on your hand with any other card. After that, it is time to study whatever card the dealer has interms of hand value. This is because, there is always a right or wrong with whatever pair you have especially when you are about to make some decisions with some cards.

If you have two 9s, the smartest move to make is to split,provided that the dealer has between 2-9 excluding 7. If the dealer has an ace, a 7 or 10, the best thing to do is stand. Also, if you have two 6s and the dealer shows between two and six, the smartest move is to split or take another.

If you are dealt sevens and the dealer shows between two and seven, the right thing to do is split or twist on the initial pair. If you have two 6s and the dealer has between two and 6, your next move should be to split or better still, pick another card. If you have fours and the dealer is showing a five or six, its time to split or pick another card. 

If you have either two 2s or 3s, and the dealer has a card between 2 and 7, the best thing is to split or hit. 

  • Also, the blackjack game rule does not allow anyone to double down after hitting. To hit means picking another card; the double-down move is only allowed after you have handed out your first two cards. 

How To Double Down In Blackjack

Doubling down is easier than people make it look; you must first notify the dealer. If you are playing in a live casino, you only have to direct a set of chips next to your initial bet. The set of chips must have the same value as your first bet, and you can also notify your dealer that you want to double down and need an additional card. 

If you are playing in an online casino, there is always a button in the online casino tables that you will press whenever you want to double your bet. 

Be Conversant With The Rules

You must understand that blackjack rules vary depending on the casino you visit. Study the game’s rules and find out if you can double down when your cards total 10 or 11. Also, check the number the dealer needs to hit to get a blackjack; most times, it is 17, making it likely for them to go bust. 

In some casinos, dealers hit up to 16 and not more, reducing the probability of a bust scenario(over 21), which means you will need to decide whether to double down. Finally, check if the casino creates dealer check for blackjack when they get an ace or a 10. If the dealer checked but did not get a blackjack, it gives you a significant advantage to win your double down bet. 


Now that you understand the rules that guides doubling down in blackjack, it is time to put the strategy into practice. Just be sure of the right time to take the risk and when to avoid doubling down. If you are not sure whether to double down or not, it is preferable to protect your initial wager and avoid loosing money because of rash decision.

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