What Is Surrender In Blackjack

Many casino blackjack lovers always need clarification about one rule; THE BLACKJACK SURRENDER RULE. Are you obsessed with casino games, and your favorite is blackjack, but you need clarification about the rules, especially the blackjack surrender rules? You are not alone, and here is the clarity that you need. Continue reading.

The blackjack surrender rule is confusing because it has two forms; early surrender differs from late surrender, and understanding how to surrender in blackjack will improve your knowledge about the overall basic strategy of this casino game. Some online casinos or blackjack games allow players to surrender their hands after completing the initial deal and losing half of their ante bet.

The main idea is that you should surrender in blackjack whenever you feel your probability of winning is low. The rule presents some advantages to the players as you can decide to keep half of your original bet rather than play the hard hand or bad hands and lose all. Deciding on when to surrender in online casinos such as blackjack depends on the card decks and the rules.

There is the late surrender rule and the early surrender rule, and you need to be able to differentiate between the two to take advantage of them. 

Early Surrender Rule

Early Surrender Rule

The early surrender rule in blackjack plays out when the player gives up their hands once they are dealt their cards but before the dealer verifies for a natural blackjack. Taking advantage of the early surrender rule means you will lose half of your original wager; however, it is advantageous when the dealer gets a blackjack or has more chance of beating you even if he does not; for instance, if the dealer has an ace or a ten. 

The early surrender option is the most used in online casinos because you can use it whether the dealer got a natural or not. Since this rule favors the player more than the dealer, it is unavailable in most casinos, including land-based ones. Only online casinos often offer the early surrender rule, and they mostly chisel off some other advantageous rules. 

Below are some scenarios where you should opt for the early surrender option;

  • You can use the early surrender when you have a hard 5, 6, or 7 against the dealer’s ace.
  • Take advantage of the early surrender if you have a hard 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17 against the dealer’s ace. 
  • The early surrender is your best bet if the dealer has an ace while you have two 3s, 6s, 7s, or 8s.
  • Opt for the early surrender if you have a hard 14, 15, or 16, and the dealer shows an ace.
  • The early surrender will help if the dealer has a 10 and you have two 7s or 8s.

Smart players use these strategies in multi-deck or single-deck blackjack to get the best result. 

Late Surrender Rules

Early surrender is available in most cases, but the reverse is the case with the late surrender option, which is available only after the dealer checks for blackjack. If the dealer has a blackjack, you won’t be able to use the late surrender rules and will forfeit all your wagers. The late surrender option is popular in land-based casinos, but verify before you go for it. 

Wherever the table rules allow, you can only use the late surrender after the dealer has verified for blackjack; he has an ace or a ten. You should use the late surrender strategy if you have a 14, 15, 16, or 17, and the time you surrender will base on the version you are playing. Below are some scenarios;


If you have 14 in single-deck blackjack, use the late surrender option against the dealer’s 10. Again, if you are playing in single-deck blackjack, use the late surrender 7+7 against an ace, or if the dealer hits soft 17.


If you have 15 in a single or double deck, late surrender 9+6 and 10+5 against an ace or if the dealer hits a soft 17. The late surrender should also come into play if the dealer has a 10 and you have a 9+6 and 10+5. If you are playing in a 4-8 decks blackjack, late surrender any 15 if the dealer has a ten or ace or if the dealer hits a soft 17. 


If you have a 16 in a single or double-deck blackjack, late surrender to a dealer’s ace or ten. If the version you play is more than four decks, surrender to any 9, 10, or ace. In every blackjack game, surrender 8+8 if the dealer has an ace, and you are not allowed to double after splitting


You can also use the late surrender rules if you are dealt a 17 in single-deck blackjack. Surrender 10+7 if the dealer has an ace.mIn any version of a blackjack game, use the late surrender if the dealer has an ace and a soft 17. 

The above surrender strategy will help you win and earn money from blackjack. 

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The Essence Of The Surrender Strategy

Many people that play blackjack understand the basic surrender rules and when to use them in their favor; however, some people still don’t understand the essence of the rule. The surrender rule is essential because your probability of beating the dealer is less down 25%, irrespective of how you play it, and the surrender option is there to help you. 

Whether you stand, draw, or do whatever you like, you will definitely be losing on the hand because that was how the cards were dealt.

Total Dependent And Composition Dependent Surrender

Here, you need to determine the total of your first two cards to decide which surrender rule will apply. The composition-dependent, on the other hand, plays out differently. For instance, if you have a 9, 6, and an 8, 7, they both total 15, but the card grouping differs, and if you use the composition dependent in a single deck game, the smart move is to surrender 9,6 and play 8, 7. 

Be Critical Of The Surrender Rules 

In many casinos, you will be forced to find a table that offers both common surrender rules; whenever you find one, make sure you study the rules well and understand when to use either of the options when to stand, and when to play out your hands. Don’t just pick any card; select cards according to the game’s requirements, and read the game well. 

Take the long-term winning option to increase your chance of making more money while reducing the house edge. 

Does Surrender Earn You More Money

You can’t win all the money through surrender because every hand that goes down during this process are all losers. However, the half-bet you will lose when you surrender is not as much as what you will lose if you play your hand and do not go as planned. The surrender rules help you save money.


The surrender rule does not look like the best basic strategy for some players; however, you need to understand the reason for the rules to apply them when necessary. If you need help using the types of surrender, this guide is the solution to your worries. 

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