What are the best types of carrom boards in India?

There are many carrom board brands on the market, with prices varying depending on the size and quality. The International Carrom Federation (ICF) recommends premium plywood for carrom boards. However, there are other materials that can be used today to make boards.

A good quality plywood will not compromise the durability or tenacity. However, a high quality carrom board can last for many years if it is properly maintained. Good plywood helps maintain the carrom board’s smoothness and prevents it from becoming wobbly, which can affect the coins and the carrom striker’s ability to travel easily.

A good carrom board frame should be at least 4mm thick. It should also have straight edges and uniform edges in order to allow for proper stretching. There are many carrom board manufacturers that meet the highest standards if you want to play carrom. Let’s take a look at the top carrom board brands.

Types of carrom board: Top 5 brands list with price

Rank Carrom Board Price
1 Precise Carro Board Rs 2,500 – Rs 15,500.
2 Synco Carrom Board Rs 1700 – Rs 15, 500
3 Surco Carrom Board Rs 1600 – Rs 14, 000
4 GSI Carrom Board Rs 2600 – Rs 14, 700
5 Siscaa Carrom Board Rs 2600 – Rs 19000

Precise Carrom Boards

Precise Carrom Boards manufactures some of the most popular carrom boards in India. Precise Carrom Boards uses English Birch plywood to create high-quality carrom boards. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing anyone to experience the excitement of carrom. There are many boards from Precise, including Monitor, Amateur Champion, Jumbo Deluxe, Uber Carrom Boards and others that represent the different sizes and thicknesses of the boards. Precise Carrom Boards are waterproof and scratch-free. The board stays shiny and smooth for longer time periods without needing to be maintained. Players also enjoy great rebound due to the board’s superior quality.

Synco Carrom Boards

Synco is a top-rated carrom company for Indian professional carrom players. Its smooth boards give up to five rebounds per strike. It is the most popular carrom board brand in India, and it is used in many tournaments and championships throughout the country. Synco is a premium brand in carrom board. It has deep pockets that can hold many coins and sharp edges.

Surco Carrom Boards

Surco is the only company that makes professional carrom boards. This is unlike other companies, which import both wooden and ich boards from outside. Surco is still a top producer in India and is highly recommended both by AICF (All Indian Carrom Federation), and ICF. Surco is also well-known for creating youth carrom boards that are suitable for children. Many companies have started to make duplicate boards after their name due to the spiking popularity. Surco manufacturers take great pride in their carrom boards, which are some of the most durable on the market.

GSI Carrom Boards

GSI (Garg Sports International), one of the most renowned carrom board companies, is well-known for their gloss finish boards. This adds a sophisticated touch. While the boards are made from high-quality Assam plywood and Kikar hardwood, they have been criticised for their poor build quality. GSI boards are better than other boards because of their smooth playing surface, and resistance to warping. GSI is a leader in the manufacture of large carrom boards that have great rebound characteristics.

Siscaa Carrom Boards

Siscaa, a carromboard company, is not only very popular in India, but also throughout Asia, in countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, for their standard-sized carrom boards. Siscaa, like GSI also excels in manufacturing water-resistant boards that won’t warp after liquid spillages. It is a popular brand because of its low maintenance requirements and affordable price. Siscaa is highly recommended by AICF, ICF in tournaments or championships.

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Carrom board games: Variations

There are six types of the game of Carrom Board: Total point carrom; Family point carrom; Point carrom; Duboo, Tokyu ban and Professional carrom.

Total Point Carrom

Players will compete to earn the most points in this carrom game. The black carrommen carry 5 points while the white men have 10 points. The red coin, the queen, carries 50 points. It must be covered with another coin.

Family Point Carrom

Family Point Carrom, one of the most loved variants in carrom play, isn’t too different from Total Point Carrom. This variation has one difference: the queen is now able to carry 25 points instead of 50. Black and white coins have five and ten points, respectively.

Point Carrom

Point Carrom is a different variant to the other two. The queen is able to carry three points, while both the white and black carrom men have one point. To be declared the winner, a player must reach 21 points. If no player achieves 21 points, the winner will be the one with more points. The tie-breaker will result in a draw at end.


The Duboo Carrom is a popular game in Pakistan’s Karachi. Players must slide the striker to hit coins, rather than flicking it.


Carrom was introduced to Japan in the early 20th century. It became very popular with the Showa period, who showed too much affection for it to give it the name Tokyu-ban. It is a throw-ball board in Japanese. Tokyu-ban, a popular game in Shiga’s Hikone town, is still very popular.

Professional Carrom

Another popular carrom variant is the Professional Carrom. It is quite different from other variations. The minimum requirement for players is to score 21 points out of 29 points. The black puck is given to one player and the white to the other. The catch is that the queen (or the red puck) and its cover can’t be kept in the same pocket. Professional carrom also has other rules. A striker who is pocketed will be subject to a penalty of a puck. If the puck is used in the same shot, the queen (or the red coin) gets covered. A player can also be penalized if he touches the puck before taking the queen.

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