Top Slowest Fifties in IPL History

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been a platform for explosive batting and high-scoring rate matches since its inception in 2008. However, while many players have been praised for their quick innings, there are times when even the flashiest cricketers need to take a measured approach.

Though not as glorified, the slowest fifties in IPL history also hold significance as they often demonstrate patience and adaptability in challenging circumstances.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top slowest half-century, highlighting the context and importance of these knocks in the fast-paced world of T20 cricket. These gritty half-centuries have played a crucial role in determining the outcome of matches and have carved a special place in the hearts of many cricket lovers and enthusiasts.

Top Slowest Fifties in IPL History

PlayerYear TeamsBalls 
JP Duminy2009Mumbai Indians vs. Kings XI Punjab55
Parthiv Patel2010Chennai Super Kings vs. Kings XI Punjab 53
Robin Uthappa2012Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Delhi Daredevils52
Brendon McCullum2010Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Mumbai Indians 52
Matthew Hayden2009Chennai Super Kings vs. Mumbai Indians51
Jacques Kallis2009Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Delhi Daredevils51
Gautam Gambhir2010Delhi Daredevils vs. Chennai Superkings51
David Warner 2021Sunrisers Hyderabad vs. Chennai Super Kings 50
Murali Vijay2013Chennai Super Kings vs. Kings XI Punjab50
Virat Kohli2022Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Gujarat Titans45

JP Duminy- 55 Balls (Mumbai Indians vs. Kings XI Punjab in 2009)

JP, a seasoned IPL player, has played for several teams during his career. From 2009 through 2018, he participated in the IPL match and earned notable runs. However, although being a powerful batsman, he has the unfortunate luck of batting the slowest fifties in IPL history.

JP Duminy recorded the IPL’s slowest century in the 2009 season. For his 50th run, he needed 55 balls against Kings XI Punjab. They had an aim of 120 while playing for Mumbai Indians. His side fell three runs short of the goal, scoring 63 off 59. In 2009, he got the slowest half century in the IPL history, and it has been 13 years since this terrible record has remained.

Parthiv Patel- 53 Balls (Chennai Super Kings vs. Kings XI Punjab in 2010)

Parthiv Patel was a competent wicket-keeper batsman who had served his nation. Playing for Bangalore, he had a successful IPL career. He participated in 139 games in all, and although having a respectable strike rate, he owns the record for the second-slowest 50 in IPL history. 

Representing Chennai Super King, Patel scored the slowest century. He hit a 53-ball fifty against Punjab Kings in 2010.  The wicket keeper batsman received criticism for his strategy as CSK could only muster 136 in 20 overs. The game continued into the super-over, which CSK lost.

Robin Uthappa- 52 Balls (Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Delhi Daredevils in 2012)

Batsman Robin Uthappa has played for a number of IPL clubs throughout his career. He was an important player of the KKR team that won the title in 2014 and now plays for Chennai Super Kings.

Robin Uthappa has been dubbed “the walking assassin” because he walks toward the spinner before executing the shot. Despite being a forceful batter, Robin Uthappa has one of the IPL’s slowest half-century

Robin Uthappa accomplished the regrettable record of scoring the RCB team’s slowest half century in a game versus the Delhi Capitals in 2012. He only managed to score 60 of 58 balls.

Delhi could complete the chase with four overs remaining because the scoring pace was low.

Brendon McCullum- 52 Balls (Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Mumbai Indians in 2010)

A former New Zealand skipper, Brendon McCullum, has represented the Kolkata Knight Riders for many years. The current England team’s head coach scored several memorable goals for his club. He has scored several significant runs because of his strong attitude and aggressive temperament when batting. He has the record for the fourth slowest fifty in IPL history, but there is one record he would rather forget.

When KKR played Mumbai, he struck 52 in 53 balls. Mumbai was given a target of 132, and courtesy of McCullum’s shrewd batting, KKR came within one wicket of this total.

Although playing slowly, Brendon McCullum played an intelligent knock that led his side to win.

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Matthew Hayden- 51 Balls (Chennai Super Kings vs. Mumbai Indians in 2009)

He revolutionized the sport of world cricket and played for Australia until his resignation. He was a dynamic batter with impeccable timing who could make huge runs. Hayden played for the Australian team and was known for his best bowling attacks.

Matthew Hayden hit a 51-ball fifty against the Mumbai Indians in 2009.  He eventually ran 60 runs off of 53 balls. Despite being a good ball hitter, he could not time the ball at that moment.  While pursuing the goal, CSK’s knock was one of his slowest knocks ever.

Jacques Kallis- 51 Balls (Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Delhi Daredevils in 2009)

Jacques Kallis was a standout performer for South African cricket and one of the finest all-around the world has ever seen. He was a top-order batsman and an excellent bowler who contributed to many pivotal runs for his nation. He was given a contract with Royal Challengers Bangalore due to his performances. While being a powerful batter, he retains the record for the slowest half-century in IPL.

Jacques Kallis chased down the goal of 140 against the Mumbai Indians in 2009 and hit 51 off 50 balls while maintaining composure.  Even though he had the sixth-slowest IPL fifty, he still managed to lead his side to victory.

Gautam Gambhir- 51 Balls (Delhi Daredevils vs. Chennai Superkings in 2010)

While batting first for his Indian team, Gautam Gambhir has been a proficient bowler. He is well-known for his pairings with Sehwag and has contributed to many memorable hits for his team and nation. He is a strong hitter but has a dubious track record. He showed tremendous patience on several occasions while playing cricket for the team.

In 2010, he scored on 50 of 51 balls.  Delhi Daredevils lost three early wickets in the first two overs while chasing a modest score of 113 against CSK. Gambhir guided his team to victory after scoring a key run while batting at position four. He hit one of the slowest fifties in IPL, but his patience allowed them to chase the mark easily.

David Warner – 50 Balls (Sunrisers Hyderabad vs. Chennai Super Kings in 2021)

One more powerhouse on this list is the left hander batsman. David Warner, who has been a strong performer, also serves as Australia’s opener. He is well-known for his sixes in the IPL and has played with force and ferocity. He does, however, own one horrific record. In the IPL in 2021, he amassed one of the slowest 50 runs.

David Warner was harshly ridiculed for his poor run after hitting fifty out of fifty balls. He attempted to solidify and speed up his cautious innings, but it backfired as he appeared out of shape. His performance put pressure on his teammate, who was therefore dropped as a result. The captaincy was also taken away from him.

Murali Vijay- 50 Balls (Chennai Super Kings vs. Kings XI Punjab in 2013)

Murali Vijay played outstanding cricket for his club and has a noteworthy career in the limited-overs format. While an energetic batter, he once produced intelligent innings to help his team win.

Murali Vijay joined Brendon McCullum to start the innings against Kings XI Punjab, now Punjab Kings. He hit fifty of fifty balls while maintaining his end as Baz played an ambitious knock. With two overs remaining, the dynamic duo successfully chased the goal without losing wickets.

Virat Kohli- 45 Balls (Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Gujarat Titans, 2022)

Virat Kohli was one of the finest athletes to play this sport and the leading run scorer in cricket. For over a decade, he has served as the head of Royal Challengers Bangalore and the face of India. His pace, scoring ability, batting, aggressive and attacking style, and everything else are all excellent and well-regarded in the world cricketing community. The former Indian skipper is a highly intelligent batter despite being the second-highest IPL century scorer and an ambitious batsman.

Virat Kohli made 50 out of 45 balls in his match with the Gujarat Titans. This was the 2022 edition’s slowest fifties in IPL.


The Indian Premier League is a melting pot of electrifying action and high-octane performances, breaking multiple records each season. While the fast-paced tournament is typically known for its soaring sixes and rapid centuries, there are instances in which batsmen have displayed remarkable resilience by patiently building their inning.

While the fastest fifties and centuries often steal the spotlight, the slowest fifties have their significance, demonstrating immense grit and patience by the batsmen. Modern-day cricket has revolutionized a lot, and future tournaments have a lot in store for both cricket enthusiasts and those interested in cricket betting.

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