Top 5 Live Casino Games Myths – Busted!

Live casino games can be a clever way to get experienced gamblers on board and make serious money. Online casinos offer a great platform for players to improve their gambling skills. Like in any other casino, there are many myths and superstitions about live casino games. These false statements can be a problem and hinder gamblers from playing safe casino games. We review some well-known myths about online casinos in India to find the truth.

Live Casino Games Are Rigged

Casino Games Are Rigged

Players are often misled by the notion that all online casino games, even live ones, can be rigged.

Truth: This is definitely not the case!

These claims do more harm than good for online casinos. Online casinos are highly competitive and one rigging claim can do more harm than good. You can stream live casino games from an online casino studio. No one can cheat you. The majority of online casinos ensure that the software and systems they use are accurate to ensure fair play. You should only gamble online at licensed casinos. Curacao gaming and the MGA are constantly reviewing casino games. Live casino India only recommends reputable casinos. Choose the one that best suits you from our casino list.

Games Freeze When You’re Winning

Either you finish the game as a hero or play long enough for your character to become a loser.

Truth: Online casinos would never freeze your winnings or ban you from playing. You are more likely to lose in a house game than you are to win. This ultimately benefits the house, not you. Customers would not return to a casino if they prevented you from winning. In reality, players who have poor internet connections are often the ones spreading game-fooling myths. You will also need a fast internet connection if you wish to stream live casino games.

Winners Aren’t Paid Out

Winners Aren’t Paid Out

Truth: Online Casinos typically pay winning players within 48 hours. For your first withdrawal, you will need to verify your identity with most online casinos and gambling sites. Unlicensed casinos can do whatever they want to keep the money for themselves. Don’t gamble at these dubious online casinos. Always only play at licensed casinos

It is well-known that winning at a casino will make you feel lucky psychologically. You will return to the casino and play more often. It is in the best interest of casinos to pay winnings to players.

Card Counting is Possible in a Live Casino

Truth: Although card counting does not constitute illegality, it is frowned on in land-based casinos. It is difficult to count cards because most live casino blackjack games have 6-8 decks. You can’t even see the cards being shuffled in the machine after each hand. Card counting is possible if you find single-deck blackjack in a live casino. It’s also completely anonymous.

Offshore Gambling Site Winnings are Not Taxable

Many online gamblers believe they won’t be taxed if they win at an online casino.

Truth: Internet gambling is not legal in India. It is legal to gamble online at an offshore casino. Indian Gambling Tax Law states that winning money can result in you having to pay 30% tax. Many Indian casinos offer live casino games as well as payment options for Indian customers.

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