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Bet Online on Volleyball: Get the Best Odds with BetShah

Volleyball is a sport that’s played on a court, with a ball being tossed around two teams of six players. There are five games in each match, but a winner is decided by the majority winner, who wins three games. The winning team is the one that scores 25 points with at least a 2-point difference over their opponent.

A fun fact is that volleyball was created to be a game for those that found basketball too rigorous. This doesn’t diminish the excitement of this game, however, as it’s a very popular sport in India.

The rise of the online betting scene has led many fans to look for ways to profit from their volleyball knowledge. If you’re facing such a dilemma, you don’t have to look past BetShah.

BetShah is an online betting platform that offers some of the best volleyball betting odds in India. This platform offers the opportunity to bet on various international pre-matches and live games. If you want to get the best that the volleyball betting scene has to offer, you’re in the right place.

Which Volleyball Tournaments Can You Bet On With BetShah?

Volleyball is a popular sport, and numerous leagues and championships are being played every month. We allow you to place wagers on some of these leagues, such as:

Serie A Women

The Serie A volleyball league is the highest women’s volleyball league in Italy. Even in the European volleyball leagues, this tournament holds considerable pedigree. This allows it to offer some of the best volleyball betting odds.

This competition started in 1946 and is run by the Italian Volleyball Federation (FIPAV). It starts with all 14 teams playing in a single group, and the best teams advance to the playoffs.

Super League

The Brazilian Volleyball Super League is the highest Brazilian volleyball tournament. The Brazilian Volleyball Confederation organises this tournament, in which 12 teams participate. This tournament has a men's and women’s league for athletes of the respective sexes.

The Super League was initiated in 1976 as the first national competition. Before then, there were only state-level volleyball competitions. When it initially started, there were only amateur clubs competing, but this changed to include professional clubs.

German Women’s Volleyball League

This league was established in 1976, and it’s the highest division in German Women’s volleyball. 12 teams compete in this league, with the first 8 teams advancing to the playoffs. The playoffs are a best-of-five competition, while the earlier games are a best-of-three competition.

Argentine Women’s Volleyball League

Founded in 1996, this league is the highest professional women’s volleyball league in Argentina. 11 teams compete here, with the eventual winners qualifying for the South American Women’s Volleyball Championships.

BetShah Volleyball Betting Odds

BetShah offers numerous volleyball betting odds, so you just need to choose the one that you’re most familiar with. Some of the betting odds that you’ll encounter include:

Outright Winner Bets

This is one of the most popular volleyball betting formats and involves you predicting the winner of a tournament. You just need to select the team that’ll win that particular volleyball competition, and you’ll end up with decent payouts.

Over/ Under Market

If you’re confident in your capability to foresee match conclusions, you could try your hand at this bet. Here, you don’t need to foresee the particular points at which a match will end. You just need to predict if the final score will be over or under a particular score.

Correct Score Markets

This is like a higher-paying version of the over/under bets. For this bet, you are required to place wagers on the score that a team will end with.

If you understand how unpredictable a volleyball match can be, you’ll know that this is harder than it looks. However, its payouts are some of the best for any volleyball bet.

Handicap Betting

Most times, in a volleyball match, one team that’s superior in all areas. In such situations, people will bet on this superior team to win. If things happen this way, the bookmaker won’t make any money because the bets will be lopsided.

As such, bookmakers like BetShah will handicap the superior team. This means that you can wager on such teams. However, that team will need to overcome their set handicap for you to win.

For example, the superior team could receive a +1 handicap. As such, they have to win against their opponents with a 2 or 3-point difference for you to win your bet.

How To Bet on Volleyball With BetShah?

BetShah offers one of the best platforms for a volleyball bet. Indian punters can visit this platform to open an account and start betting on their favourite team. The BetShah online platform is available via smartphones, computers, and other internet-enabled devices.

To place your volleyball bets on this platform, you need to get an account with them.

    • Head to the BetShah online platform and click on the “Register” button.
    • You’ll be required to enter your mobile number and click “Get Code.”
    • A code will be sent to your number, and you’ll use this to continue the registration.
    • Enter the code in the space for the “Mobile Verification Code.”
    • Enter your email address and password.
    • Confirm that you’ve read the terms and conditions and that you’re over 18.
    • Click on the “Register Button.”

Now that you own an account, you can log into the account and deposit betting funds. There are many channels for this, such as net banking, UPI, and cryptocurrency. The deposit procedure is easy, and you can accomplish it by following the guide below.

    • Log into your casino account.
    • Click on the “Deposit” tab and choose your preferred payment method.
    • Enter the amount you want to deposit, along with the required details of your payment method.
    • Confirm all important details and complete the transaction.

Live Volleyball Betting With BetShah

Live betting is one of the biggest advantages that we provide, as it puts you in the thick of the action. Here, you get the excitement of placing your bets while a match is in progress. Our live betting option offers you access to a variety of volleyball leagues and tournaments.

We’ve got a live-streaming option for you to watch the game, while placing your wagers. If you just want summaries of the gameplay, our volleyball betting website shows the session in play and the current scores. You’ll also see the current odds on both teams, which will help you place better bets.

Placing a wager on a live game is no different from placing one on a pre-match game. You just need to head over to the BetShah website and log into your account.


Click on “Volleyball” and select “Live.” This will show you the current matches in play, and you can place your wagers.

Is Online Volleyball Betting Legal in India?

Yes, online betting is live in India. The only betting law in India is the one that involves betting at land-based casinos. It’s only in rare cases that a state might have a law that prohibits online betting.

So, online betting in India is legal, and so is betting on the BetShah platform. This platform is a legally licenced site with a betting licence from the government of Curacao.

Volleyball Betting Tips

Although losing is part of the game when it comes to online betting, you can reduce your frequency of losses. The best way of doing this is to apply some reliable tips and strategies while betting. For this section, we’ve got some trustworthy volleyball betting tips that you can take advantage of.

Look for Reliable Volleyball Tipsters

Volleyball tipsters are experts who understand this game and can give you a different perspective with their analysis. While we won’t advise you to blindly follow their instructions, we can’t deny that you’ll get a helpful perspective. This will go a long way toward increasing your winning chances.

Get Familiar with the Sport

The volleyball betting scene punishes ignorance in a player. So, if you hope to win, you need to understand the ins and outs of this game. This means that you need to watch games, read historical figures, and learn more about each player.

This might look pointless, but expert opinion will show you how these factors go a long way in predicting a game.

Bankroll Your Funds

Like all betting games, volleyball betting requires you to set aside funds for betting. This will prevent situations where players bet more than they planned to in the throes of passion. You can also bet with smaller stakes to allow your funds to last longer.