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Bet Online on Rugby Union: Get the Best Odds with BetShah

Rugby is a contact sport that involves kicking, throwing, and running with an oval ball in hand. This game is played between 2 teams of 15 players on a rectangular field. Players score when they ground the ball behind the opponents goal line or kick it between their posts.


Although rugby is popular in America, this popularity is slowly spreading, and now many Indians enjoy it. BetShah is the platform to visit if you’re an Indian who wants to bet on this sport.


Our platform provides access to various rugby championships and rugby leagues. You’ll be able to place rugby bets on matches that have yet to start and on live games. We also provide you with the option of betting on your computer or your smartphone.

Which Rugby Leagues Can You Bet On With BetShah?

BetShah provides access to most of the rugby leagues and tournaments on the planet. Our platform allows you to participate in the following leagues:

Six Nations Rugby League

The Six Nations Championship is an international men’s rugby competition. For sponsorship reasons, this competition is also referred to as the “Guinness Six Nations”. This competition is held between teams from Scotland, England, Wales, Italy, France, and Ireland.


The Six Nations Rugby League started in 1883 with the name “Home Nations Championship”. In 1910, it changed to the Five Nations Championship before changing to the Six Nations Championship in 2000.

National Rugby League (NRL) All Star game

The NRL All Stars match is an annual rugby match that pits the indigenous All Stars against another All Stars team. This match started in 2010, with the players for both sides being chosen by members of the public. Now, the players for both teams are decided through a voting scheme on the NRL website.


The coaches for the teams then choose the players who will comprise their squads. They’ll pick enough players to make a 20-man position squad. The NRL All Star game offers good rugby betting odds because of its all star lineup.

Rugby Football League (RFL) Championship

This championship is a second-tier competition where 14 teams compete for a chance to get promoted to League One. The Rugby League Championship started in 2003 and is organised by the Rugby League.


In this competition, 14 teams compete in 29 games, where the top 5 teams have a playoff. The team that wins in the playoff gets promoted to the Super League. The last of the 14 teams is relegated, while the others at the bottom compete in a relegation playoff.

National Rugby League (NRL)

This is an Australasian rugby league where rugby clubs from New Zealand, Queensland, New South Wales, and other areas compete. This league was formed when the Super League and the Australian Rugby League joined in 1998.


In this league, 17 teams play 24 matches in the regular season. Here, the team with the highest placement is awarded the minor premiership. After the regular season comes the finals, where the 8 highest-placed teams compete.

Super League

The Super League was formed in 1996 and it involves 12 teams: eleven Northern England teams and one Southern France team. In this league, each team plays against the other twice on at home and once away basis. There are also 4 loop fixtures, which brings the match total to 26.


The top 6 teams here enter a playoff round, where a grand final will decide the eventual champions. The team that ends up in the last position among the 12 teams gets relegated back to the RFL Championship.

BetShah Rugby Betting Odds

When betting on rugby union using our platform, you’ll come across several types of bets, such as:

Handicap Bet

Rugby union handicap betting is one of the most popular betting formats for the game. This is a well-known ploy by all sportsbooks to level the playing field when a strong team meets a weak team. This way, the stronger team will get a points handicap, which they have to overcome for bettors to win.

Match Winner Bet

This bet requires players to predict which team will win a match. As a result, punters only receive a payout if their chosen team wins the game.

Outright Bet

An outright bet is a wager in which you predict which team will win a specific tournament. Among the many rugby union betting odds on our list, the outright bet offers some of the best odds. This is a result of the risk that comes with deciding on the tournament winner.

Over/Under Bets

This bet doesn’t focus on the winners of a tournament or match; rather, it focuses on the total points scored. As such, punters are required to predict whether or not the total points will be above or below a certain value. 


The sportsbook will provide this value (for example, 42.5), and the punters will place their wagers. If the match ends with a total score of 43, then players who bet over are the winners.

Player Bets

Besides team and tournament bets, the rugby union betting format also considers players. As a result, this category of bets focuses on the players and requires punters to make numerous predictions about them. This includes the top-scoring player, the first try scorer, and the man of the match.

How To Bet on Rugby With BetShah and Win?

Sportsbetting with our platform doesn’t require much from you; you’ll only need to open an account and fund it. This process won’t take you more than a few minutes, and you can do it from your computer or your smartphone.


The guide below will walk you through how to bet on rugby on our platform.

    • Visit BetShah at https://BetShah.com/.
    • Click on the “Register” icon.
    • This will bring up a form where you’ll need to enter your Indian phone number.
    • After entering the number, click “Get Code.”
    • This will generate a code on your phone, which you will enter to continue registrations.
    • Fill in the other details and accept the BetShah terms and conditions.
    • Submit the form.


Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive confirmation of your successful registration. Now, it's time to fund the account, and you can do this with net banking, UPI, cryptocurrency, and other methods. This guide will tell you all you need to know:

    • Log into our platform and click “Deposit.”
    • Choose your desired payment system and enter the amount you want to deposit.
    • Fill in the required payment details and confirm the transaction.
    • The funds will be sent over to your casino account in no time.


You’ve opened an account and funded it; now, you can start playing. Click on the “Sports” tab and select “Rugby” from the available options. This will display all available odds and the available games, and you can place your stakes.

Live Rugby Betting With BetShah

A live game is a sports game that’s in progress, and live betting allows players to wager on those games. This is a dynamic process in which chances come and go and where the odds of winning are always changing.

Live rugby betting on our platform is a simple process that requires no learning curve. You’ll find the live betting button beside the "Pre-match" button. Just click on it, and you’ll be taken to the live betting page.

Here, you’ll see the rugby games that are in progress and the available odds on each game. So, you can just click on the game in which you wish to wager and place your bets. We also provide live streaming for games so that you can place more accurate bets.

Is Online Rugby Betting Legal in India?

Yes, online rugby betting is legal in India, as are other online betting opportunities. Besides the few Indian states that prohibit online betting, gambling websites are accepted in India.


BetShah also provides a safe and secure gambling hub, as it's a legal platform with a government of Curacao eGaming license. This means that you can transfer your betting funds and wager without fear of having your information stolen.

Rugby Betting Tips

When placing rugby bets on our platform, you can use these tips to get an edge and increase your winning chances.

Follow Rugby Tipsters

When you bet on rugby union, you’ll come across a small group of individuals called tipsters. These individuals are usually good at the game, and they provide useful information regarding possible winners. If you can seek the services of a good tipster, you have a high chance of placing a winning bet.

Start Small

When you start placing bets, especially when you’re a new player, it's best to start small. This way, you can reduce the risk that you’ll face unexpected losses. Although you’ll only get small wins, these wins can stack up with more small bets.