Bet Online on MMA: Get the Best Odds with Betshah

Mixed martial arts has exploded in India, thanks to the thrill and anticipation surrounding the sport. The MMA is not only exciting to watch, but also presents tons of betting options for Indian punters. If you’re interested in betting on the MMA, you don’t have to look too far because BetShah has you covered.

We are a top Indian online bookmaker with wide sports coverage. On our platform, you’ll find markets for different fights daily, and you can place various types of bets on these events. To ensure you make the most of every wager, we have excellent MMA betting odds. 

Besides having wide coverage and great odds, we have established ourselves as a secure gambling platform. You can confirm this for yourself by scrolling to the bottom of our site, where you’ll find information on our license. Thanks to this certificate from the government of Curacao, we have legal permission to offer gambling services to punters in different parts of the globe. 

We sweeten the deal with various promotions for sports betting on our platform. To claim these offers and place profitable bets at BetShah, simply create an account. The process is straightforward, and only takes a few seconds to complete. Read on to learn more about our MMA online betting markets and tips you can use to tip the odds in your favor. 

Which MMA Promotions Can You Bet on With BetShah?

Mixed martial arts has different competitions you can wager on. Leading these promotions is the UFC, followed by Bellator, the EFC, and others. Learn more about these competitions below:

Ultimate Fighting Championship

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), established in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1993, is the premier MMA promotion in the world.This promotion draws the largest crowds and the highest purses. Khabi Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor, Tito Ortiz, and Anderson Silva are just a few of the fighters who have become household names.

There are twelve weight classes at UFC events, eight for men and four for women. UFC fights draw in pay-per-view viewers from all over the globe, increasing the total pot of money up for grabs. Therefore, competitors have a real shot at becoming millionaires.

Bet on your favorite UFC athletes at every event this season on BetShah. We cover every UFC market for men and women, allowing you to support your favorite athletes as they compete in the UFC Octagon.

Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) 

The Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) was established in Johannesburg, South Africa. It has grown to become Africa’s largest mixed martial arts promotion, with events held all over the world and aired in more than 120 countries. The EFC uses the same regulations and format as UFC fights, which are derived from the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

Some of the most recent and successful cage champions include Luke Michael, Matunga Dijkasa, and Ziko Magengele. When it comes to betting on the biggest fights on the African continent, BetShah is the place to go. Here, you can support your favorite EFC fighters.


The Bellator, with its headquarters in Hollywood, California, has been a major MMA organization since 2008. Some of the biggest names in MMA, such as Michael Chandler, Ryan Bader, and Patricio Friere, compete in the Bellator MMA championship. 

Due to the popularity and high caliber of the fights that take place throughout the year, the Bellator broadcasts to more than 160 nations worldwide. There are only nine weight divisions in The Bellator, with seven for males and two for women.

The UFC and Bellator events are both organized slightly differently, and Bellator has drawn supporters for its single-elimination style. Similar to the UFC, BetShah allows MMA supporters to wager on a variety of outcomes at every Bellator event.

Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW)

Also known as Martial Arts Confrontation, the KSW is the biggest MMA organization in Poland. It is also one of the biggest fighting competitions in Europe.

Although many KSW winners are from Eastern Europe, the organization also attracts competitors from other parts of the world. Recent KSW successes include those of Darko Stosic and Pawel Pawlak, among others. Like other MMA competitions, you’ll find different betting markets and results on BetShah.

Betshah MMA Betting Odds

The odds in any online sportsbook play a vital role in your betting experience. Basically, these numbers determine how much you get when that wager wins. As a result, the higher the odds, the more profit you stand to gain from your winning bets. 

At BetShah, we ensure you make the most of each wager by offering you competitive MMA betting odds. Our odds for pre-match events are on par with and even better than industry standards. To view these MMA betting odds, visit the sports section of our site and select the online MMA betting market you want. 

Now that you know the competitions you can choose from when betting on the MMA, let’s look at the types of bets you can place. 


Betting on the moneyline is betting on who will win the battle, just like in other sports. For example, if McGregor is at +150 and Nurmagomedov is at -170 on the moneyline, Nurmagomedov is the favorite while McGregor is the underdog. To win a bet on the favorite, you would have to bet INR170 to get INR100. 

When placing a moneyline bet, many punters opt for the favorite. However, betting on the underdog can yield more sizable wins. For instance, if McGregor wins the fight and you bet INR100 on him, you will earn INR150. 

Method of Victory

This is a type of bet that is specific to mixed martial arts fights. You don’t have to pick a winner for this bet, just the method by which the victor will win the fight.

MMA fights can be won by knockout, submission, or by the judges’ unanimous decision (score). Betting on a decision win could be profitable if both fighters have a reputation for fighting for long. Betting on a knockout victory may be the best option if both fighters are skilled strikers.


Over/under bets are based on how many rounds a fight will go on before a fighter wins the game. Betting “over” means wagering that the number of rounds will be more than the predetermined number set by the bookmaker. On the other hand, betting “under” entails wagering on the number of rounds being fewer than the predetermined number. 

For better understanding, consider a fight with -140 odds and a set total of 2 rounds. If the battle goes three rounds, and you bet on over, you will receive INR100.

Picking over/under is typically more difficult in mixed martial arts due to the small number of rounds and the varying combat styles of the competitors. For instance, fights between two defensive combatants tend to last longer, so an over bet is a better option. However, a game between two aggressive fighters tends to last for a shorter period, so an under bet is better. 


In sports betting, multibets go by different names. They are referred to as parlays by some and accumulators by others. Regardless, MMA multibets allow you to place multiple wagers on a single betting slip. 

Most mixed martial arts events feature multiple matches spread out over the course of the evening. So, you can spread your bankroll by betting on different competitors. If all your picks win, you get a more substantial payout. 

Props Bets

Proposition bets are wagers that you place on events that don’t directly affect the outcome of the game. For instance, you can bet on a round lasting under 25 minutes, on the fighter winning the first round, and so on. If your stake wins, we pay you based on the odds offered. 

How To Bet on MMA With Betshah and Win?

There’s no secret to winning at MMA betting. However, before you even place bets for a chance to win real money, you must register on our platform. The process of signing up on our site takes only a few seconds, and all you need is an internet-enabled computer or mobile device. If you have these, follow these steps to create an account with us:

  • At the top of this page, you’ll find a “Register” option. Click it and wait for the registration page to load. 
  • On the first slot, provide your mobile phone number and click “Get Code.” We’ll send a code to that number in a few seconds. 
  • Enter the code we sent in the dedicated field.
  • Next, fill in a valid email address. 
  • Create a strong password.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and select “Register” at the bottom of that page. 

We’ll notify you of a successful registration, and then you can proceed to make a deposit. To do this, navigate to the cashier and select the “deposit” option. Choose a preferred payment method, enter how much you want to pay, and make the transaction. We process deposits right away, so they should show up in your sports betting account within a few minutes. 

Once this is done, you can now place your bets. Head to the sports section, browse our list of sports, and select MMA. Choose a market from those available and set your stakes. Once you confirm your bets, we will deduct the amount from your real money balance. 

Live MMA Betting with BetShah

The MMA is an action-packed sport, so you probably want to bet on some fights just as they are playing out. Well, good news! We offer markets for live MMA online betting. In other words, you can place bets on real-life fights at BetShah. 

The betting process is easy, especially if you already have an account with us. If you’re still a visitor, then waste no time in creating an account using the directions we gave in the previous section. Once you have made your deposit, click on sports to visit the live page. Choose your markets and place your bets. 

When betting live, you have to keep a close eye on the game to learn if there are any turns of events. This not only helps you place better-informed bets but also keeps you entertained. You can both place bets and catch the action at BetShah thanks to our live streaming service. 

That’s not all; our MMA betting odds for live events are just as great as those for pre-match betting. Plus, we update them in real time based on what happens in the fight. 

Is Online MMA Betting Legal in India?

It’s normal to be concerned about the legality of MMA betting before placing bets. Besides, no one wants to deal with the legal consequences that come with online gambling. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about getting punished for MMA betting because it is legal in India. 

For clarification, there’s no law that specifies whether online sports betting is legal or not in India. While there are regulations regarding gambling in different Indian jurisdictions, none address online betting. In other words, MMA bettors face no legal ramifications when they wager on these events. 

Nevertheless, for your safety, it’s recommended that you gamble only at online bookies with a license. On that note, we can proudly say that placing MMA bets on our platform is safe, as we have a license from the government of Curacao. Furthermore, our site is protected by SSL encryption, so every transaction you make on it is safe. 

MMA Betting Tips

Every punter aims to make money from the betting sessions. Thus, they look for MMA betting tips that will help them place more winning bets. Here’s what you should note: There are no tips that will guarantee that every MMA wager you place will be successful. What these tips will do is help you maximize every wager you place on the sport, thus increasing your winning chances.

That said, we have the best MMA betting tips that you should keep in mind when wagering on the sport. These tips include:

Check Expert Betting Tips And Predictions

An excellent way to place bets with better chances of winning is by learning what tipsters have to say about a battle. These tipsters give predictions about how a battle is likely to end, providing you with the information you need to place winning bets. However, ensure that the predictions you use are from experienced tipsters who have predicted multiple battles correctly in the past. 

Claim Bonuses And Use Them To Place Bets

With bonuses, you have more cash to play with, meaning you can place more bets, thus increasing your chances of winning. At BetShah, you can kickstart your sports betting experience by claiming a welcome bonus. Afterward, you can take advantage of other sports offers on our platform. Here are the bonuses we have:

  • Welcome bonus: As a new sports bettor at BetShah, you’re entitled to a 100% welcome bonus. The offer is capped at INR2,500, and to get it, you simply need to make a deposit of at least INR1,000. Meet the terms and conditions attached to this offer, and you’ll have no problem cashing out your winnings. 
  • Multibet bonus: Are you a fan of accumulator bets? If yes, you’re in luck because we have an exclusive offer for multibets. If your accumulator has at least three selections, and you win that stake, BetShah offers  you an additional percentage of your winnings. 
  • Reload offers: After taking advantage of the welcome bonus, you can enjoy other offers at BetShah. We update our reload bonuses regularly, and also based  on what events are upcoming or live. So, check our promotions page to see what reload promotions interest you.

Start Betting Small

If you’re a high roller that doesn’t mind losing a large sum, then betting as much as you like is not a problem. However, if you’re more cautious with your bankroll, you’d want to make the most of each stake you place. So, instead of betting a chunk on a particular market, you place smaller bets spread across different markets. 

Placing small wagers not only lets you bet more but also manages your bankroll. It helps you curb large losses. Furthermore, when gambling, ensure you spend only the amount you can afford to lose. 

Know Enough About the Fighters

Even if you’re a die-hard fan of MMA, you need to know enough about the fighters to be able to place better-informed bets. This means that you should have an idea of the fighter’s mode of battle, previous and current injuries, and any information that might affect their performance. 

Don’t Always Bet On The Favorite

Betting on the favorite is a popular option, especially for moneyline bettors. While this is no problem, betting on the underdog is also great. Underdogs might have fewer chances of winning, but they net you more profit. However, before wagering on the underdog, ensure the underdog’s chances of winning are not too low.