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Bet Online on Football: Get the Best Odds and Markets with BetShah

Football is a popular sport in which two teams of 11 players each kick a ball around a pitch. The players on one team go into the other half of the pitch and put their ball into the opponent's net. This allows them to score a goal, which is the point that determines the winner of a match.

Although it's no cricket, football is just as popular in India, with a dedicated fan base. The rising popularity of this sport has made it a must-have in any online sportsbook.

If you want to bet on football online, BetShah is a perfect choice. This platform offers the option to bet on many football leagues, such as the UEFA Nations League. Besides these leagues, they also bring games from all over the world.

Do you like keeping things interesting when you play? Then you can’t go past BetShah, as it offers numerous bets on football. You can bet on half-time, match result, the goal scorer, both teams to score, and other popular options.

There are promotional offers that are targeted toward sports fans on BetShah. Besides the complimentary welcome bonus, we offer you reload bonuses and other interesting offers.

While BetShah is a suitable betting platform for football fans, it also tends to attract cricket fans as well. You can bet on your favorite cricket championships and your favorite teams on this platform. If you prefer to bet on a live game, then our live cricket feature will satisfy you.

Which Football Leagues Can You Bet On at BetShah?

The BetShah casino platform caters to the needs of all football fans. So, there are many football leagues that you can choose from at any time, and they include:

UEFA Nations League

Prior to the formation of this league, football clubs dominated the football competition scene.UEFA and its 55 member associations sought to change things because they wanted to improve the standing of national football. They were not the only ones with this opinion, as players, coaches, and other associations wanted more than friendly national matches.


Talks and plans started on this at the 2011 UEFA Strategy Meeting held in Cyprus. By March 27th, 2014, the UEFA Nations League had been adopted at the XXXVIII Ordinary UEFA Congress.


This game involves 55 European national teams, which are divided into four leagues: League A to League D. League D was made up of the lowest-ranking teams, while League A has the top-ranking teams. 16 teams make up Leagues A, B, and C, while 7 teams are in League D.


The rankings through the various leagues are decided by goals scored, coefficient ranking wins, away goals scored, and many other factors. Group winners in leagues B, C, and D get the opportunity to be promoted to league A. On the other hand, the poor-performing teams in leagues A and B will be relegated to the lower leagues.


In the end, the four group winners in League A will qualify for the finals. There will be two semi-finals and a third and fourth-place decider match. The UEFA Nations League knockout will be hosted by one of the four teams.


The establishment of the UEFA Nations League created enough meaningful sporting competitions for national leagues. While it didn’t completely replace the national friendly matches, its schedule reduced their frequency.

African Nations Championship

The African Nations Championship is a tournament that was announced by the Confederation of African Football in 2007. The tournament was approved in 2008 before the first one was held in 2009. In the first tournament, 8 teams were competing, but that has since doubled to the current 16.


In this championship, there are 6 regions: the Northern, Western (A and B), Central, Central Eastern, and Southern regions. Except for the Northern region, the teams in the other regions qualified through the playoffs. The teams for the Northern region qualified through a single elimination round.


Now, these 16 teams participate in a group phase, which is divided into four groups of four teams. These teams eventually face off against each other, with the best-ranked teams of each group advancing to the next round. This continues until the eventual final phase, where the last two teams play for the title.

European Championship Qualification

This tournament is a procedure for national football teams that are affiliated with UEFA to qualify for the UEFA European Championships. This qualifier round started in 1958 with 56 European teams participating. It is held 2 years before the European Championship final commences.


The host country for the European Championship does not participate in this qualification round. They get automatic qualification to the finals.

World Cup

Among the many competitions and championships in football, the World Cup remains the most prestigious. The FIFA World Cup (or World Cup for short) is a competition that’s held by the member countries of FIFA. The players that participate in this competition are the senior men’s national teams of each participating country.


Since the World Cup began in 1930, it has been held every four years. The only exceptions were 1942 and 1946, when the competition was unable to take place due to World War II.


Before the World Cup begins, there’s a qualifying phase that occurs three years before. The teams that successfully go past this phase get to participate in the tournament phase of the competition. The host country of the tournament, however, gets automatic qualification to the group stage.


There are two stages in this competition: a group stage and a knockout stage. The group stage has four teams in eight groups that play in a round-robin tournament. The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage.


This new stage is a single-elimination tournament where teams play against each other. First is a round of 16 tournaments, which is followed by a quarter-final, a semi-final, and the finals.

What Types Of Football Bets Exist?

As one of the most popular games in India, football offers quite a lot of betting opportunities. When you want to bet on football online, some of the options you'll find are:

Match Result

This is one of the most popular online football bets, as it's available at all online casinos, including BetShah. Here, punters are required to predict the winning team and the losing one. Since draws are possible in football, it's another option for this bet.


This means that you can bet on a team winning, losing, or the match ending in a draw.

Double Chance

This bet is quite similar to Match Result in that it banks on your choosing the winning or losing team. However, the major difference arises from the fact that you get to bet on two outcomes of the game. Such possible outcomes include Away Win or Draw, Home Win or Draw, etc.

Draw No Bet

This is another bet that’s similar to "Match Result," but you don’t have the option to choose a draw. So, there are only two outcomes: win or lose. If your chosen team ends up drawing, it becomes a void bet, and your wager will be refunded.

Half Time/ Full Time

Instead of only predicting the end of the game, this bet allows you to predict the results of halftime too. As a result, you have the option of betting on the winners at halftime or fulltime (if you so desire). This is the perfect bet for teams that start strong in the first half.

Both Teams to Score

This bet is simple, as it requires both teams to score for the player to win. The eventual goals scored by each side don’t matter, as long as each team scores. To take advantage of this bet, you’ll need adequate knowledge of the game.

Correct Score

This wager is more of a work of art than a wager. That’s because it requires you to predict the score at which the game will end. This is an extremely difficult task for even fans of a team, and that’s why the odds are so high.

Goal Scorer

Anything is possible in football, and anyone is capable of scoring in a game. If you have confidence in your favorite player scoring, then this is the bet for you. Just like the name suggests, you only need to predict the players who’ll score in a game.


While this might look boring at first glance, sites like BetShah spice things up with other options. They offer things like “Score Last,” “Score First,” and “Score Anytime” to make things interesting.


This is one of the more popular football online bets, as it offers a bit of everything. A betbuilder bet allows a player to build their bets with a combination of corner bets, goal bets, etc. Putting all these bets with little odds together can turn them into a bet that’ll offer huge payouts.


The trade-off is that the stakes are higher, and a little failure can cause the whole bet to be lost. However, this hasn’t diminished the popularity of this bet in India, as many punters prefer it. After all, it offers them a chance to hit the jackpot with a little wager.

Live Football Betting at BetShah

Live football betting is a popular football bet online, and many online casinos like BetShah offer it. Instead of betting on games that have yet to begin, players bet on games that have already begun. This type of betting is popular among punters who prefer the thrill of betting on a live match. 


We understand this excitement, and that’s why we offer many live betting opportunities on our platform. Many matches are played daily worldwide, and we make sure to bring you the action.


In our live betting section, you’ll notice that we’ve got a lot of matches for you to choose from. You can go through the available choices one by one, or you can sort them according to country. We’ve got matches from England, India, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Scotland, and other international options.


If you feel like you can place your bets better when you’re watching the highlights, we’ve got you covered. On our site, you’ll be notified of all important activities in a game. This includes throw-ins, corners, goals scored, goals missed, etc.


To gain access to these live betting opportunities, you’ll need to log into your BetShah account. Scroll to the “Soccer” section and choose the “Live” option. This will show you all the love matches that are being played at that moment.


You’ll also see other important statistics, like the current time of the game, the goals scored, and the current odds.


Besides football, cricket is another game that stands at the peak of popularity in the Indian betting scene. So, you can also visit our live cricket betting section to bet on games that are already in play. Our website offers live betting regardless of where a match is being played.

How to Bet on Football with BetShah

Football is a game that’s famous for its ability to unite fans. If you’re feeling the football betting fever like other fans, then BetShah is here to help. To bet football online, you only need to follow the guide below to start betting on this platform.

Head to the BetShah online platform and open an account there. To do this, you need to click on the “Register” button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Enter your mobile phone number in the space provided and click on “Get Code.”

A code will be sent to your phone, and you can enter this in the space provided on the platform.

Enter your email address and password.

Check the provided terms and conditions and agree to them. Click on “Register” to submit your application.


BetShah doesn’t delay in providing approval to players when they submit their registration details. So you can begin funding your account with your preferred payment system. BetShah accepts many payment options, such as net banking, UPI, cryptocurrency, etc.


You can follow this step-by-step guide to funding your account:

Log into your BetShah account by entering your email address and password.

Head to the “Deposit” tab and choose your preferred payment method.

Enter the amount that you want to deposit into your account.

Enter the required details for your payment method and confirm the transaction.

BetShah offers fast deposit speeds, so your funds will be received and you can start betting in no time.


When you register on this platform as a new player, there are a lot of bonus offers to welcome you, like:

Sports Reload Bonus: This bonus offer goes up to ₹2,500, and it’s available every Thursday for sports bettors.

First Deposit Bonus: This casino's welcome bonus offers up to ₹1 lakh.

First Deposit Sports Welcome Bonus: This is a promotional offer that’s specifically for sports fans, and it offers up to ₹2,500.

Is Online Football Betting Legal in India?

Yes, online football betting is legal in India, as India has no laws against online betting. The only betting laws in the country are against land-based casinos. BetShah is also a legally licensed betting platform, so you can rest assured that they are breaking no laws.

Football Betting Tips

To beat the bookmakers and get the most out of the online bet football scene, you’ll need a strategy. Some of the strategies that have been known to work will be outlined below.

Keep a Handle on Your Emotions

Unlike some of the sports out there, football is unpredictable. So, there are no set winners in any game, as anything can happen. Therefore, when placing a bet on this game, keep your composure and never let the game's early results upset you.


If there’s one thing that the last World Cup finals taught us, it's that anything can happen, even at 90 minutes.

Follow Expert Predictions

If you’re new to the world of football or just a casual fan, you’ll be ill-prepared for the betting scene. There is a science to this game, and that’s what makes a winning bet. Experts have mastered this science, so you can follow their directions in placing your bets.

Take note that many frauds claim to be football experts today. However, you can identify them by their online following and their winning records. This would show what they are capable of and how accurate their predictions are.

Understand the Game

You can’t become a successful football punter when you don’t understand the game inside out. You’ll also need to know the history of your favorite clubs, the records of their star players, etc. This is information that can affect a game, and you’ll need it to make a winning bet.