Bet Online on Field Hockey: Get the Best Odds with BetShah

Field hockey is an outdoor hockey game where players participate with a stick, shooting around a round ball. There are 11 players on each team, with one player on each team acting as the goalkeeper. The objective of the game is for a team to shoot the ball into their opponent's net.


Although field hockey and ice hockey are hockey sports, field hockey is strictly non-contact, so violence is prohibited. Many Indian punters have come to love this game in recent years and are open to staking on it. If you're one of these people, BetShah has everything you need.


Our platform offers an easy registration process with the chance of placing wagers on numerous championships. We’ve got many betting odds to satisfy everyone, and we also offer a live betting opportunity. So, don't pass up this chance to bet with the best field hockey betting odds.

Which Field Hockey Leagues Can You Bet On With BetShah?

BetShah offers an excellent field hockey betting opportunity for many players. Here are some of the championships and leagues on which you can place your wagers.

Hockey World Cup

The hockey world cup is a competition that is organised by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), and it started in 1971. Since then, it has been held at 4-year intervals, and it involves 16 teams in play. It has a men’s and women’s segment, which makes it an interesting tournament for both sexes.

This competition is held in two stages: a qualification stage and a final tournament stage. The qualification stage involves all teams, requiring them to compete for a berth. The top teams are awarded automatic qualification to the finals, while the other teams compete in the playoffs for that qualification.

In the final tournament, the qualified teams compete with the continental champions or even the summer Olympic champions. This competition is held as a round-robin tournament to determine the winner.

EuroHockey Championship

The EuroHockey Championship is an international competition with men’s and women’s segments. This competition is organised by the European Hockey Federation, which has done so since 1970. Only 8 teams compete in this competition, but these are the top eight European national teams.

The top teams are chosen based on their performance in other competitions. When this championship starts, the 8 teams are divided into two pools of four.

The teams in both pools play against themselves to determine their hierarchies. After this, they’ll go on to play classification matches based on those hierarchies to determine the tournament winners.

Commonwealth Games

Field hockey has always been a commonwealth game since 1998, and it’s always been included in all commonwealth games. This competition features ten teams, with separate tournaments for men and women.

Australia is a popular choice for field hockey betting during the Commonwealth Games. That’s because they’ve won the gold in all men’s editions and 4 out of all 5 women’s editions.

BetShah Field Hockey Betting Odds

When you go to our website to place a bet, you'll find many common betting odds, such as:

Team to Win Bet

In all sports, this type of bet requires the player to predict the winners of a match. However, field hockey has 3 outcomes in a match: the away team wins, the home team wins, or the teams draw. As such, this bet also involves the option of the match ending in a draw.

Tournament Winner Bet

This is similar to the "Teams to Win" bet but occurs on a larger scale. Punters will have to bet on the team that will win a competition.


This is a famous hockey bet, as it gets fans pumped up for the beginning of any hockey competition. You can place your bet a day before the competition starts, a week early, months early, or even years early.


This bet offers one of the best field hockey betting odds on BetShah. So you should try it if you consider yourself an expert at this game.

Over and Under Bet

This is another popular bet that’s common across all sports. In this bet, the online field hockey betting site will set a total points number for a game. Players will then place stakes on whether the final points of the game will be over or under that number.


Most times, sportsbooks like BetShah pick a decimal number as the reference number. This is to ensure the game's final score will always be above or below that number.

Handicap Bet

In a match between a superior team and a less-superior team, the winners are apparent. If a sportsbook opens bets for such a game, the bets will be heavy on one side. To balance things off, sportsbooks usually handicap the dominant team to get players to vote for the less-dominant team.


For a bet on the dominant team to be successful, they’ll have to overcome the handicap. This means that they’ll have to win by a large margin for the bet to be successful.

How To Bet on Field Hockey With BetShah and Win?

BetShah is an online betting platform that’s always available for punters from all over India. However, your online field hockey betting journey with us begins with opening an account on our site. This process is easy and wouldn’t take much of your time.


We’ve broken down all the steps needed to open an account into the simple guide below.

    • Log into the BetShah website at https://BetShah.com/.
    • You’ll find the “Register” button at the top right of the website.
    • Enter your mobile number in the space that you’ll see at the top of the registration form. Click on “Get Code,” and a code will be sent to that mobile number.
    • Enter the code and fill in the other required details on the form. This includes your email address and password.
    • Click on the “Register” button.


With this, you’ve created an account on our platform, and the next step will be to deposit betting funds.

    • Log into your casino account.
    • Choose your preferred payment system from the available deposit methods. We support net banking, UPI, and cryptocurrency deposits.
    • Fill in the other required details for your chosen payment method and confirm the transaction.
    • The deposit amount will be sent to your casino account within minutes.


Once you’ve deposited betting funds, you can scroll to the sports section and select “Field Hockey.” There you’ll see all the games that you can place wagers on. You can also use the various welcome bonuses and sports reload bonuses on our site to your advantage.

Live Field Hockey Betting With BetShah

Live betting brings a new experience to field hockey betting online. It’s an opportunity to bet on a game that’s already in progress. This means that you can place wagers on the various opportunities that you see during the match.


We offer players the opportunity to place live bets on field hockey games that are in play. As we offer a variety of tournaments and championships, you’ll get the opportunity to wager on many games.


The live betting option is just beside the pre-match option. So, when you visit our website, just click on “Sports,” go to “Field Hockey,” and click on “Live.” 


You’ll see all the games that are in play. You’ll also see the odds for the matches in play, the time that has been spent, and other useful information. So, you can just place your wager on any odds, confirm your bet, and wait for the results.

Is Online Field Hockey Betting Legal in India?

Online field hockey betting is legal in India, as the country doesn’t oppose online betting. While there are a few Indian states that have done so, they are in the minority.


Besides that, the national laws of India only prohibit land-based casinos. So, you can visit the BetShah website to bet without scruples.


The BetShah platform is also a legitimate betting site, one that is accepted in India. We’ve got a government of Curacao licence that you’ll see displayed on our platform.

Field Hockey Betting Tips

If you want to make the most of the field hockey betting opportunities we provide, you’ll need a few tips.

Learn All You Can about the Game

Before you start placing your stakes in this game, ensure that you’re familiar with it. Learn all you can about the influence of major players, the weather, and the changing of team coaches. These are factors that affect the outcome of the game.

Don’t Overspend If You’re New to the Game

Everyone was once a newbie at some point, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. That being said, try to bankroll your funds if you’re new. Don’t spend too much on wagers if you are getting used to the game.

Consider Home and Away Strength

There’s a difference between when a team plays on their home field and when they’re away. The home-field advantage exists, and it includes the adoration of fans and the desire to please them. 


All these factors can spur the home team to perform better than usual. So, you have to consider it when you place wagers on a game.