Bet Online on Bowls: Get the Best Odds with BetShah

Not to be confused with bowling, Bowls is another interesting sport that involves rolling balls. Unlike bowling, however, this sport can be played indoors and outdoors, on hardwood floors or grass.


This sport requires players to get their balls close to the “jack.” The “jack” is a small yellow ball that’s kept a distance away from the players. While this looks simple at a glance, you should understand that the bowls ball doesn’t necessarily travel in a straight line.


Many Indians have become enamoured with this sport since live streaming became possible. If you’re an Indian gambler who wants to wager on a bowls game, you can do so at the BetShah platform.


The BetShah platform offers the opportunity to wager on various bowls events with numerous favourable odds. You’ll also get to wager on live games from your computer or your smartphone.

Which Bowls Tournaments  Can You Bet On With BetShah?

The BetShah platform offers you a chance to wager on popular bowls competitions, one of which is:

Grand Prix Bowls

The Grand Prix Bowls competition is a popular bowls event that is held many times a year. This competition has a winter and summer season, where well-known bowls players compete against each other.


The competition occurs indoors on a 34-40m long green. It involves six players who play from their own playing areas, called rinks. The order of play is decided by a coin toss, after which the players can start playing.


Players are scored based on how close their ball got to the rink. It’s a best-of-three format at most Grand Prix Bowls events. The Grand Prix Bowls offers many live bowls events, which in turn created miltiple bowls betting opportunities.


Another event punters can wager on is the Champion of Champions competition. This extended competition has winners competing against each other.

BetShah Bowls Betting Odds

BetShah offers numerous opportunities to bet on bowls games. Some of the betting odds that you’ll come across include:

Outright Bet

This is a bet where players take on who they believe would win a match. As such, players get a profit when their chosen player wins the match. 


This bet offers better odds when you place it before a match commences. Of course, this also comes with higher risk.

Outright Tournament Winner

You can think of the Outright Tournament Winner bet as an extension of the Outright bet. Here, players wager on the individual that they believe would win a bowls tournament. Some tournaments might not have an outright winner, so this bet focuses on the number one spot.


This bet offers better odds than the outright bet since it involves higher risk.

Each Way Bet

This bet is two bets in one and involves a place bet and a winning bet. The winning bet portion of the wager requires you to predict the winner of the match. However, the place bet requires you to choose those you believe will come out at the top, like the top 5, for instance.

Whereas your winning bet has no room for error, the place bet does. This means that your winning bet can only pay when you successfully guess the number one. The place bet pays out even when you don’t guess someone high enough on the player rankings.

Of course, a winning bet offers higher payouts compared to a place bet.

Winning Margin Bet

In this bet, players wager on the score difference between competitors in a match. This could be a score difference in single-bowl matches or team matches.

Match-Ups Bet

This is another bet that’s similar to the outright bet. However, in this wager, players select the player or team who will outperform the others.


This bet is interesting because the team that performs the best might not be the one that wins. So, you’ll get a lot of excitement trying to pick the best performers when you don’t only consider known winners.


This is one of the most common types of bowls bet, and it contains numerous types of wagers in one. This bet is sometimes referred to as a “combo bet” because punters can make numerous predictions on one slip.


With this bet, a player can combine numerous match predictions into one for a higher payout. The more predictions you combine, the higher your potential payout. The trade-off for these payouts is that one mistake can cause you to lose the whole thing.

End Winners Bet

This is a live betting wager, as it’s only available when a match is in progress. This bet requires you to choose the team or player that’ll win the next round.

How To Bet on Bowls With BetShah and Win?

BetShah is a well-designed betting platform that offers an exciting gambling experience for any Indian punter. Our betting platform is available to computer and smartphone users, and it offers a similar gaming experience in both cases. The first thing to do before you bet on bowls with this site is to open an account with us.


The BetShah account opening process is simple and requires no complicated knowledge. Nonetheless, you can follow this simple guide to open an account on our platform.

  • Visit our BetShah platform at
  • Click on “Register” from the top right-hand side of the site.
  • Enter your Indian phone number in the space provided and click on the “Get Code” button.
  • Enter other required information, like your password and email address.
  • Accept BetShah’s terms and conditions, and then submit the form.


Now that you’ve opened an account on our site, you’ll need to deposit funds. These are the funds that you’ll use to place stakes on a game. BetShah accepts a variety of popular deposit options, like net banking, cryptocurrency, and UPI.


The guide below will show you how easy it is to deposit funds into your BetShah casino account.

  • Log into your BetShah casino account.
  • Select the “Deposit” option and choose your desired payment method.
  • Enter the amount that you want to deposit and fill in the other payment details.
  • Confirm this transaction and wait for your deposits to appear in your account.


When you register on this platform, you gain access to many promotional offers. Apart from the customary welcome bonus, you’ll also get “Sports Reload” offers. All these offers come with fair terms and conditions, making it easy for you to use them to bet on bowls.


You’ve registered on the BetShah platform and funded your account; now you’re ready to play. Head to the “Sports” page on our platform and select “Bowls” from the numerous sports options that are shown.

Live Bowls Betting With BetShah

The live bowls betting event allows punters to place bets on a bowls game that is currently taking place. Unlike pre-match bets that offer static odds, the live bet offers fluctuating odds. As a result, players must keep their eyes on the game while anticipating the interesting odds that will emerge.

BetShah also provides live bowls betting for Indian players. So, the players can live stream a bowls match and respond to the numerous betting opportunities that appear.

You can easily access the live bowls betting page on the BetShah website, as it’s close to the “Pre-match” page. So, when you head to the “Sports” page, select “Bowls” and choose the “Live” option. This will show you the numerous live matches that are in progress and the available odds. 

Is Online Bowls Betting Legal in India?

Yes, online bowls betting is legal in India. India has no laws against any form of online betting. The only national betting laws are those that are against land-based casinos.


BetShah is also a legal betting platform with an eGaming licence from the government of Curacao. This makes it a safe platform to leave your account details and transfer funds.

Bowls Betting Tips

To improve your BetShah bowls betting experience, we’ve put together a few tips that can increase your chances of winning.

Consider the Advice of Tipsters

Even when you feel like you are an expert in a game, you shouldn’t dismiss the capabilities of tipsters. These individuals can provide crucial market details or match information that can give you an edge.

Consider Small Wins

If you are new to bowls bets, you should start placing small wagers first. This will allow you to get used to online betting. Although you’ll only rake in small wins, it’ll also reduce your potential losses as well.

Read the Head to Head History of Players

Players’ confrontation histories are represented by head-to-head records. This shows how the players match up when they compete against each other. Most times, this information provides a guide on how to wager on a match between those players.