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Bet Online on Basketball: Get the Best Odds with BetShah

Basketball is a game where two teams, with 5 players each, play against each other. The players bounce a basketball around a court and try to put the ball through their opponent’s hoops. This awards each team points, and the team that wins is the one that ends up with more points.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world today, right up there with football. Many Indians are interested in this sport, and now BetShah is offering the best chances to bet on it.

The BetShah platform offers the chance to bet on many basketball leagues and championships. You can also bet with some of the best odds available. If you are new to this game, we’ll show you how to bet on basketball and win with this platform.

Which Basketball Leagues Can You Bet On With BetShah?

When you come to BetShah to bet on basketball, you'll find some popular leagues and tournaments, such as:


The National Basketball Association is one of North America’s most prestigious leagues. It also holds the highest pedigree even among men’s professional basketball leagues. This basketball league comprises 30 teams: 1 from Canada and 29 from the United States.


The NBA started in 1946 and has since seen many champions. Among these champions, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics have been the most prominent. These teams have won 17 championships each.



The EuroLeague is one of the highest basketball leagues in Europe. This is a semi-closed league of 18 teams, where 16 teams are given long-term licenses and wild cards. This league began in 1957, when the FIBA established it. 

The EuroLeague creates one of the biggest sensations for indoor sports worldwide. With an average attendance of 8,780, this league provides one of the best opportunities to bet basketball.

The EuroLeague title has been won 10 times by Real Madrid, the highest number of wins in EuroLeague history. The EuroLeague is also known as the “Turkish Airlines EuroLeague” due to the sponsorship of Turkish Airlines.

Estonian-Latvian League

The Estonian-Latvian League is a new basketball league that was formed with the merger of Korvpalli Meistriliiga and Latvijas Basketbola Liga. This league is run in tandem with the Estonian Basketball Association and the Latvian Basketball Association. It stands at the peak of the highest professional basketball league in Latvia and Estonia.


This competition is held in a double round-robin format and involves 16 teams in all. Each team plays the other twice: once at each other's place and once at their own.


The rankings at the end of the round-robin tournament are determined by the win percentage. The top eight teams play against each other to determine the first 8 standings in the league.


Liga ABA

Established in 2001, the Liga ABA is a competition that involves 14 teams from countries like Serbia, North Macedonia, and Slovenia. The name of this league has been changed multiple times due to sponsorship reasons. First, it was the Goodyear League, then the NLB League, before becoming the AdmiralBet ABA League.


This competition holds a 26-game season where the top four teams participate in a playoff. The playoffs are one-off knockout matches where one team emerges victorious.


Since the formation of the ABA League Second Division, the last four qualified teams have been relegated to the Second Division. In turn, the winner of the second division would take their place among the first four.

BetShah Basketball Betting Odds

BetShah offers many well-known basketball betting odds, and they include:

Outcomes Bet

The “Outcomes,” just like the name implies, is a bet that requires you to predict the winners. Most times, a basketball game ends with either a team winning or a draw. In this case, punters have to predict if either team will win or if it will end in a draw.


There are other cases, however, where a draw isn’t available. In such cases, the teams will play overtime, ensuring that there’s a winner. Such bets only allow two outcomes, and the bettor would have to choose the winning team.

Handicap Bets

Handicap bets operate the same way regardless of the sport in which they appear. This bet is used to level the playing field when a stronger team and a weaker team meet.

Since the winner is usually evident at a glance, our online sportsbook offers a handicap to the strong team's bet. This handicap is a point difference that the team would have to overcome for the bets to be successful. If that team doesn’t overcome that handicap, all the bets made on them will fall, even if the team wins.

Total Bet

In this bet, sportsbooks like BetShah offer a combined total score for each team. Bettors will now predict if the final point of the game will be over or below that score. The totals for different basketball leagues are different, but the NBA can have totals going up to 220.


Of course, total scores are not constant and can fluctuate. So, keep an eye on this score and predict its fluctuations before placing your wager.

Quarter Bets

A normal basketball game can be divided into 4 different 12-minute quarters. This bet predicts which team will cover the spread in the first quarter of the game. It's a bet that’s placed before the game begins.

The quarter bet is interesting as it doesn’t signify the game’s winner. That’s because there are teams that build early dominance in the first round. Others dominate in the fourth round as well.

Parlay Bets

This is one of the most popular options when you want to bet basketball games. This bet combines the quarter bet, total bet, halftime bet, and other bets. When this occurs, players get an immense boost in their payouts.


There’s a twist attached to such good fortune, however. All the bets have to hit for the parlay bet to be successful. If there’s even one bet that fails, the punter will lose all that he has wagered.

How To Bet on Basketball With BetShah and Win?

BetShah offers one of the best chances to bet on basketball for any Indian punter. You only need money to bet and a device that can connect to the internet to use this site.

To bet on BetShah, you’ll need to create an account on the platform, and the guide below helps with that.

    • Visit the BetShah platform and click on the “Register” button. It can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the website.
    • Enter your Indian phone number in the space provided and click on “Get Code.”
    • A code will be sent to your phone, which you’ll use to continue the registration process.
    • Enter all the required details, such as your email address and password, and submit the form.

When you complete this process, you’ll have created your account. Now, you’ll need to fund it, and BetShah accepts everything from net banking to UPI and cryptocurrency. Follow the step-by-step guide below to fund your BetShah account.

    • Log into your BetShah account.
    • Scroll to the “Deposit” page and choose your preferred payment method.
    • Enter the required payment details and the amount you wish to deposit.
    • Confirm the transaction, and you’ll receive your casino funds in no time.

When you’ve done this, you can scroll to the “Sports” page and click on “basketball.” From here, you can choose one of the active games and place your stakes.

Live Basketball Betting With BetShah

Live betting is an exciting experience, especially in a dynamic game like basketball. Instead of placing wagers on games that have yet to start, you place them on a game in progress. This would allow you to spot some rare winning opportunities before they occur and wager on them.

To offer the complete basketball betting experience, we offer live basketball betting here at BetShah. Our live betting options will make sure that you have the best time betting on basketball in India.

When you come to bet on a live game, you’ll see important summaries of the game. This includes the various odds in play as well as the length of the game. We also offer a live-streaming portal for those who want to watch the game while placing their wagers.

You’ll find the live betting tab right next to the “Pre-match” tab. So, when you click on “basketball” from the “Sports” tab, you’ll be able to see “Live.” This would take you to the live betting page.

Is Online Basketball Betting Legal in India?

Online basketball betting is legal in India, as there’s no law against it. If you’ve heard about any Indian law regarding betting, then it's the national law against land-based casinos. The only online betting laws you may come across are limited to specific states, which is uncommon.

BetShah also offers a safe haven for Indian players, as it's a legal website. This platform is licensed by the government of Curacao, and you’ll see this license displayed proudly on our home page.

Basketball Betting Tips

We’ve gone over the basketball betting procedure on the BetShah platform. Now, we’ll be showing you how to bet on basketball and win.

Check the Player Form

Regardless of what the statistics may say, players can go through slumps. This is evident when they’ve been on a losing spree. In such conditions, they might even lose against a weak team since they’re demoralised.

A smart punter would consider the past games of a team to ensure that they’re on form. That’s the only way to ensure an unexpected disappointment won’t mess up your bet.

Consider Players with Injuries

NBA fans can attest to the effects of key players like LeBron James on the court. If such a player is out of action, the team might not perform at its best.

So, if you want to place a bet on any team, check the players that are out of play. Consider if their absence would affect the team's winning chances. This is one of the basketball bet tips that you cannot ignore, as its effect is enormous.