Bet Online on Baseball: Get the Best Odds with BetShah

Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport, like cricket, and it’s played between two teams. The two teams have nine players each, who take turns in batting and fielding. The goal of the game is to hit the thrown ball far away so that the player can complete a run.


This is a popular sport with lots of fans all over the world, especially in India. If you’re looking to wager on baseball, BetShah has you covered.


For Indian bettors, we are the best online baseball betting platform. Our platform allows bettors to place several wagers on tournaments and championships from around the world. In this article, you’ll also see how easy it is to get into betting baseball on our platform.

Which Baseball Leagues Can You Bet On With BetShah?

We are passionate about providing you with the best baseball betting environment in all of India. Below are some of the baseball leagues that you’ll be able to wager on with our platform.

Serie del Caribe (Caribbean World Series)

Established in 1949, the Caribbean World Series is the highest Latin American professional baseball tournament. This tournament is held annually after all other baseball national tournaments have ended. The participants are the various champions of the Caribbean winter leagues.

World Baseball Classic

This is another international baseball tournament, but this one is held every four years. This tournament held its first match in 2006, and Japan won that tournament.


The World Baseball Classic was created to increase the popularity of baseball all over the world. So, it’s the only international tournament to feature Major League baseball players.

Women’s Baseball World Cup

Baseball isn’t a men’s-only sport, as the Women’s Baseball World Cup honours the participation of women in this sport. This competition began in 2004 after it was approved by the International Baseball Federation. Women’s baseball teams from all over the world compete in this competition biannually.


In this competition, Japan holds a record number of six titles thanks to the participation of the Japanese Women’s National Team.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

This is the oldest major professional sports league in the world today. Established far back in 1903, this professional league hosts 30 teams: 29 from the United States and 1 from Canada. 


This league was formed as a merger between the National League and the American League. These two leagues signed a formal agreement in 1903, but they only properly merged in 2000. 


The Houston Astros currently have the highest number of titles for this game: 27 in all. If you’re new to betting baseball, MLB is a great place to start looking for good odds.

Asia Professional Baseball Championship

This championship was established in 2017 by the World Baseball Softball Confederation. The Asia Professional Baseball Championship plays every four years and hosts competing teams from Japan, China, and South Korea. The eligible teams for this tournament are the under-24 national teams of the competing countries.

BetShah Baseball Betting Odds

Baseball betting odds indicate the various ways in which you can wager on a baseball game. We’ve got all that you’ll need for baseball odds betting, here at BetShah. Our platform offers all popular betting methods, so you’ll feel at ease.

Moneyline Bet

This bet is one of the most popular baseball bets around because of its simplicity. Here, punters are only required to identify the winners of a game. If their guesses are correct, they’ll win the bet; if they’re wrong, they’ll lose.

Totals Bet

This bet requires punters to guess the total number of runs that both teams are going to score in a game. Of course, you don’t have to be that precise.


The sportsbook will offer a typical number of runs. They’ll then ask bettors to bet on whether the eventual result will be over or under that number. Those that guess correctly will win their bets, and those that guess wrongly will lose them.

Run Line Bet

Run line bets are the spread bets of baseball betting. Although this bet is similar to moneyline betting, it allows players to bet on more than just the winners of the game. It can go further by having players predict the number of runs a team will need to win a game.

First Five Inning Bet

This is another straightforward bet in which punters must predict who will win a match. Instead of waiting till the end, however, this bet ends after the first five innings. So, it requires bettors to guess the team that’ll be winning a game after the first five innings.

Future Bet

A futures bet is a type of baseball online betting that goes beyond the outcome of a single game. This bet can require bettors to wager on who the winner of the MLB World Series is going to be. You can also wager on the winners of future baseball awards or other future events.

Proposition Bet

Proposition bets are a special category of bets that wager on the possibility or impossibility of certain things happening. This means that the sportsbook will state something, and bettors can wager on whether or not it will happen. Some of the proposition bets that you might see on our platform include:

Extra Innings Bet

This bet requires bettors to wager on whether or not the game would go into extra innings.

Total Strikeouts Bet

This bet operates like your typical over/under bet. So, the sportsbook will indicate how many strikeouts they believe a pitcher is going to throw in a game. Punters will then wager on whether the pitcher will strike above or below it.

The Team to Score First

This bet is also another simple wager, and it’s exactly as the name suggests. Here, bettors have to predict which team will score the first run in a game.

How To Bet on Baseball With BetShah and Win?

Betting on baseball at BetShah is easy when you’re an Indian punter. Our platform doesn’t have a complex registration process, and you can also deposit funds with ease. If you don’t know how to go about it, you can follow the step-by-step guide below to get started.

    • Visit the BetShah platform at
    • Click on the red “Register” button that’s visible at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
    • Fill in all the information needed on the form, starting with the phone number. When you enter your Indian number, click on “Get Code” to receive a number that you’ll enter on the form.
    • Accept the terms and conditions of our platform and submit this form.


Within a short while, you’ll receive confirmation that your account has been created. Now, you can fund your account with UPI, net banking, cryptocurrency, or other accepted payment methods. The guide below will show you how to go about this.

    • Log into your BetShah account and click “Deposit.”
    • Choose your desired payment system and enter the amount you’ll be depositing.
    • Enter all the required payment details and confirm this transaction.


You’ll receive the funds in your casino account in no time, and you can start betting. To do this, you just need to click on the “Sports” tab, after which you’ll click on the “Baseball” tab. This will show you all the available betting odds and the available games, so you can place your wager.

Live Baseball Betting With BetShah

Live baseball betting, or “in-play betting” as many punters call it, differs greatly from pre-match wagers. Instead of placing bets on a game that has yet to start, you place your wagers on games in progress. This means that you can spot wonderful opportunities ahead of time and bet on them.


Live baseball betting is also available on our platform. Its page is located right beside the “Pre-Match” button on the “Baseball” betting page. 


When you click on “Live,” you’ll be taken to the live baseball betting portal. Here, you’ll be able to wager on any live games that are in progress.

Is Online Baseball Betting Legal in India?

Yes, online baseball betting is legal in India, as there are no federal laws against it. On the state level, however, there are some states, like Maharashtra, that have issued laws against online betting. Of course, you’ll have to be a resident of those states for the laws to apply to you.


At BetShah, we also provide you with a safe betting environment. This platform is covered by a licence from the government of Curacao. This is confirmed by the Curacao eGaming license, which is prominently displayed on our home page.

Baseball Betting Tips

Here at BetShah, we offer you some of the best chances to bet on baseball. To take advantage of this, we’ll be offering you some reliable baseball betting tips.

Bankroll Your Bets

If you have set aside $100 for a match and you wager it all at once, you won’t bet much. Instead, you’ll be holding out on the returns of your single bet, which could be good or bad.


If you split that $100 into little chunks, you’ll be able to wager more than once. This would also reduce the eventual losses that come with betting on a game.

Avoid Big Favourite Teams

Everyone knows that some big favourites are certain to win matches when they encounter weaker teams. The bookmakers know this too, so they don’t offer huge betting odds on such games. This means that while your favourite would win, the profit from such a win would be minuscule.


So, try to bet on some of the underdogs if you can manage it.