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Bandy is a sport that’s similar to ice hockey since it’s played on ice and involves players with sticks. Two teams of 11 players on each side play on a huge ice rink using shorter hockey sticks. The players on each side try to send a small ball into their opponent’s goal to score a point.

Unlike hockey, bandy is a low-contact sport, so there’s not much shoving between players. This sport has always been popular in countries like Sweden, Russia, Finland, and Norway. Now, other countries like India are joining in on the fun.

If you want to place bets on this game,  is your best bet. Our platform gives you access to popular bandy leagues and championships from all over the world. You also get to play with the best bandy betting odds as well. This article will get you started with betting on our website.

Which Bandy Leagues Can You Bet On With ?

On our website, we’ve curated some of the best leagues for bandy betting in India. So, if you’re looking to bet on bandy championships and bandy leagues, we’ve got you covered.


The Elitserien was founded in 2007, and it is the highest bandy league in Sweden. This league consists of 14 teams that play home and away matches against each other, for a total of 26 games.

The league championship playoffs involve 8 teams, and the top six teams on the league table directly qualify. The teams finishing seventh through tenth enter a playoff to determine who will take the final two spots.


Bandyliiga is a Finnish bandy championship that started in 1908 and is played annually. It is the highest level of bandy leagues in Finland, and it accommodates both male and female athletes. This championship is organised by Finland’s Bandy Association, the governing body for the sport in Finland.

9 teams compete in this league, with the top team being named the league champion. HIFK Bandy is the most accomplished team in this league, as they hold the most titles at 17 titles.

Bandy World Championship

Founded in 1957, the Bandy World Championship is the top bandy competition between the men’s teams of bandy-playing nations. This competition is organised by the Federation of International Bandy.

The participating teams in this championship are divided into two teams: A and B. The better teams are in Group A, while the others are in Group B. After which, the competition proceeds in a round-robin format before proceeding to a semi-final and the finals.

 Bandy Betting Odds

There are many likely outcomes in a bandy game, and these outcomes are all framed as the betting odds. Here, at , we offer you many ways to guess the likelihood of any bandy game. Some of the bandy betting odds that you’ll see on our platform include:

Outright Bet

This bet requires punters to predict the winners of a bandy competition, league, or any other tournament. The winners of the bet are those who made the right predictions.

Winner Bet

This bet requires bettors to guess the winners of a match. The winners of the bet are the bettors who guessed right.

Over/Under Bet

In this bet, the bookmaker will set a particular score as a possible total of all goals scored in the match. Bettors will then place their stakes on whether the actual goals scored will be above or below the presumed amount.

If the goals scored are above the set amount, punters who placed their bets on “Over” win the bet. However, if it’s below the set amount, the punters who place their bets on “Under” win the bet.

Handicap Bet

It’s not every time that the winner of a match between two bandy teams is unclear. Sometimes, the stronger and weaker teams are visible at a glance. In such cases, the punters will all go for the stronger team.

To even the playing field, bookmakers place a handicap on the stronger team in the form of goals. This means that bets on the stronger team can only be successful when the team beats the handicap.

How To Bet on Bandy With  and Win?

We provide a safe environment for online bandy betting, and getting started on our platform is easy. You just need to open an account with us, fund that account, and you can start placing your bets. The entire process can be completed in minutes, and we’ll walk you through it using our guide below.

  • Visit the  platform at https:/betshah/.com/.
  • Register on our platform by clicking the red “Register” button on the right-hand side of the platform.
  • This will bring up a form that’ll request your personal information. The first thing that’ll be needed is a valid Indian phone number. Enter the number and click on “Get Code.”
  • A unique code will be sent to that Indian number, which you’ll use to continue the registration process.
  • Enter all required details, accept ’s terms and conditions, and submit the form.

You will receive an email confirming the creation of your  account. The next step is to fund the account, and we’ve got many options for this, like net banking, UPI, and cryptocurrency. You can fund your account by following this simple guide:

  • Log into our platform and click “Deposit.”
  • Choose your preferred payment method and provide all relevant details.
  • Enter the amount that you want to deposit and finalise the transaction.

Your funds should be reflected in your  account shortly. When it does, you can go to the “Sports” tab and look for “Bandy.” Click on it, and you’ll be taken to the bandy betting page.

There, you’ll see all the games that you can place your bets on and their betting odds.

Live Bandy Betting With 

Live bandy betting is a pleasure that only the best sports betting platforms can provide, and  is no slouch. This is a type of sports betting in which bets are placed on games that are already in progress. This means that you can watch a live stream of the game and wager on the opportunities that arise.

Live bandy betting on our platform is a straightforward affair, as you only need to navigate to the bandy betting page. At the top of the page, you’ll see a “Live” button. Click this button to go to the live betting page.

Here, you’ll see all the bandy games that are in progress. You’ll see the odds that you can place on each game and other basic information about the progress of the game. So, you can just choose a game, click on any of the available odds, and place your bet.

Is Online Bandy Betting Legal in India?

Online bandy betting is legal in India, as the country has no federal laws that prohibit online betting. The only federal laws against betting are for land-based casinos.

However, there have been cases where some Indian states have instituted laws against online betting. Nonetheless, these states are in the minority. So, their laws won’t affect you unless you are a resident of that state.

Betting laws are usually instituted to provide a safe betting environment for the citizens of a country.  also strives to provide a safe betting environment for players, as it has been licenced by the government of Curacao. This shows that the platform has been tested and deemed safe enough for all Indian players.

Bandy Betting Tips

If you want to increase your chances of winning a bandy bet, you’ll need reliable strategies and skills. As such, we’ve put together a list of tips and strategies that you can use to increase your winning chances.

Learn All about the Game

You can’t go into bandy betting when you don’t understand how the game works. This can cause you to make dumb bets and miss numerous opportunities in live betting. So, try to learn as much of the game as possible.

Consider Team Form

Before you place your wagers on a team, consider their form. Are the players on the team in top form? Has the team been performing below average in their latest games?

These are all factors that you should consider, as a team that’s out of form is not a good choice.