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Bet Online on Badminton: Get the Best Odds with BetShah

Badminton is played by players on either side of a net, much like tennis. The game, however, makes use of a shuttlecock, which has a top speed of 200 mph, as opposed to a ball. To win, a player must hit the shuttlecock over the net and have it land in one of the specified court areas.

Following cricket in popularity, badminton is the second most popular sport in India. As a fast-paced sport with a lot going on, there are different types of bets you can make, which means you have a lot of chances to win. 

Indian punters searching for an exclusive sportsbook where they can wager on Badminton events don’t have to look past BetShah. We are a top betting site in India with everything that you could possibly want out of badminton betting. On our site, you’ll find a plethora of markets, each with competitive odds. 

We operate with only our punters entertainment in mind, which is why we offer you special promotions. With these offers, you get more cash to wager with and even a boost for your accumulator bets. Let’s explore the betting opportunities you can enjoy when betting on badminton at BetShah. 

Which Badminton Tournaments Can You Bet On With BetShah?

At BetShah, we offer markets for both local and international tournaments. Here are some of them:

BWF World Championships

The Badminton World Federation hosts an annual badminton competition called the World Championships (BWF). The competition offers the most ranking points, along with the Summer Olympics badminton tournament. Players that win this competition also receive the title of "World Champions" and a golden medal.

The first tournament took place in 1977, and from then until 1983, it was conducted every three years. However, the competition was transformed into a yearly event on the BWF calendar beginning in 2006. To prevent scheduling issues, the competition is not held during the years of the Summer Olympics.

Thomas Cup

Badminton teams from all over the world compete for the Thomas Cup, also known as the World Men's Team Championships. Since 1982, the championships have been held every two years instead of three since the first event in 1948–1949. Twelve teams will compete in the final round within the host country. It is played in conjunction with the world women's team championships' final round. 

Since its inception in 1948–1949, the Thomas Cup has hosted 30 tournaments. However, only six different nations have emerged victorious. Indonesia has won the most times (14), making them the most successful team. China, which didn't start competing until 1982, comes in second as they have won 10 times. Malaysia is in third place with 5 wins, while Japan is fourth, followed by Denmark.

Uber Cup

The Uber Cup is a prominent international badminton competition for women's national badminton teams. Originally held in 1956-1957 at three-year intervals, it is now held every two years at the same time and in the same places as the Thomas Cup.

China has won the most championships (15 as of the 2020 tournament) and is therefore the most successful team. With six victories, Japan is second, followed by the United States and Indonesia, who have each won three cups. South Korea is the reigning champion after knocking out China in 2022 for their second consecutive victory.

The Summer Olympics

Badminton was first played at the 1972 Summer Olympics as a demonstration sport. In 1989, the sport was formally added to the Olympics, and competition began at the 1992 Games in four events. These events included singles and doubles for both men and women. 

Each event had four medals awarded, two of which were bronze. With the inclusion of mixed doubles in the 1996 Games, the number of competitions increased to five. Since 1996, there has been a play-off between the two losers of the semi-finals to decide who gets the bronze medal. 

BetShah Badminton Betting Odds

In badminton betting, there are different types of wagers you can place. The following are the most common betting options:

    • Win the set: This is the most straightforward wager you can place when betting on Badminton. Here, you simply bet on who you think will win a set. You can place this bet before the game begins. However, we also let you wager on who will win the set when betting on live events. 
    • Correct score: We suggest the correct score bet if you pay close attention to the score and the players' individual performances. This type of wager entails betting on what you think the exact score will be at the end of a game. For instance, you can guess whether the badminton game will end 2-0, 2-1, 1-2, or 0-2.
    • Totals: This is also known as over/under bets. This means you're betting on whether the final score will be higher or lower than the points spread. The “over” means wagering that the total points will be more than our predetermines score. However, the “under” means betting that the total points will be less. 
    • Spread betting: In badminton betting online, you can also bet on the spread. Like betting on football, this typically involves giving a "handicap" to the team that is expected to win.

Live Badminton Betting With BetShah

Aside from placing pre-match wagers when betting on badminton online, you can also place stakes on live events. We cover major tournaments and local events, so you’re sure to find a myriad of betting options on our platform. Like pre-match betting, our odds for live betting are equally excellent to ensure you make the most of your wagers on our site. 

If you want to watch these events live, then the live streaming feature on our platform will do you good. We also have a statistics page where you can find up-to-date information on what’s happening at the events we cover. 

Betting on live games is similar to betting on upcoming events. Simply visit our sports section after registering and depositing at this website. Click on “Badminton” and select “Live.” Then you can view what markets we have at that point. 

Is Online Badminton Betting Legal in India?

Yes! Badminton betting is legal in India. There are no federal laws that prohibit betting on sports online. In India, each state creates its own gambling laws, and so far, only a few states have banned online sports betting. This means that betting on badminton is legal except in a few jurisdictions. 

Most importantly, you should wager at a licensed online sportsbook. BetShah is licensed and regulated by the government of Curacao, one of the most well-known bodies in the online gambling industry. You can find our accreditation number on our site’s footer. 

Badminton Betting Tips

Badminton betting is a form of online gambling. So, there’s no way to know now if a bet will lose or win. However, with the badminton betting tips, you can place wagers with a higher possibility of winning. Here are some of them:

    • Shop for the best odds: If you place bets at sites with the Badminton betting odds, you make more profits if your bets win. That’s why at BetShah, we only offer competitive odds across all sports, not just Badminton. 
    • Take advantages of bonuses: When you claim bonuses, you have more cash to wager with at the online sportsbook. With these promotions, you could place bets that will earn you high rewards. You can find such offers at BetShah. As a new punter, we welcome you with a bonus package, then the more you play, the more bonuses you can claim. 

Check out tips from expert tipsters: There are tipsters with expert knowledge in Badminton who can predict how a game will go. You can read these predictions to have a better idea of where to place your bets. However, ensure that they are from expert tipsters with years of experience at predicting these games.