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Bet Online on American Football: Get the Best Odds with BetShah

American football, or simply “football” to Americans, is a contact sport that’s played between eleven players on two teams. This game is played on a rectangular field, with two goalposts mounted on each end. The goal of this game is to get the oval-shaped ball through the opposing team’s end zone for a touchdown.


Players can also kick the ball through the goalposts for a field goal. American football is one of the most popular sports around today, and BetShah allows Indian punters to wager on it.


Our gambling platform grants you access to the best American football leagues and championships. You also get access to various betting odds that’ll offer many unique ways to wager on this sport. Betting on American football with our platform is very easy, and this article will show you how.

Which American Football Leagues Can You Bet On With BetShah?

Our platform offers you access to the hottest American football leagues on the planet, which are:

National Football League (NFL)

The National Football League is the highest level of professional American football. It’s a league that’s formed of 32 teams that come from the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. This league was founded in 1920 and usually runs from September to December, 17 weeks in all.


Although this looks like a short period for a league, the NFL can host 256 games during this period. In the 256 games, each team faces the other 17 times. That is, 12 times against a team from their conference and 5 times against teams from the other conference.


The NFL's league structure calls for the regular season to begin first. After that, it's the playoffs, which are between 7 teams. The seven teams in this case are the four division winners and 3 wild cards.


There are 3 rounds to the playoffs, and after this is the final round. The final round is termed the “Super Bowl,” a showdown between the National Football Conference and American Football Conference winners. The Super Bowl offers one of the best opportunities to bet American football.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Unlike other sports, college football is an important aspect of American football. The NCAA was established in 1978, and it has always been one of the sources of new stars for the NFL. 130 teams usually participate in this league, although that number would increase to 132 teams in 2023.

BetShah American Football Betting Odds

Betting odds provide variety in the betting environment. Here at BetShah, we’ve got many betting odds that you can choose from.

Match Winner Bet

This is a simple wager in which punters must predict who will win a match. If they get it right, they win the bet, but if it's wrong, they’ll lose their wager.

Outright Bet

Outright bets take things further than the match winner, as they involve determining the winner of a tournament or league. In this case, bettors would have to wager on the team that they believe would win an American football league.

Under/Over Bet

This is yet another well-known American football betting odd. Here, an online sportsbook would indicate the total number of points that they believe both teams would score. Punters will now decide if the total score at the end of the match will be over or under that number.

Handicap Bet or Spread Bet

Handicap bets are a type of sports bet that evens the playing field between teams with disproportionate strengths. Here, the stronger team is handicapped by a points advantage. So, any bets on the stronger team would have to surpass that point advantage for them to be successful.

Odd/Even Bet

This is yet another unusual bet centred on the outcome of a match. Here, bettors predict if the final score of a team will be even or odd at the end of the match.

So, if you bet on an even number, and the final score is an odd number, you’ll lose the bet. The opposite is also the case.

Highest Scoring Quarter Bet

If you’ve gotten a feel for this sport, you can go past betting on match winners. Punters must predict which half of the game will see the most points scored.

First/Last Bet

This bet is quite tricky, as bettors would need to accurately predict the first or last team to score.

Most Valuable Player Bet

At the end of most American football leagues or tournaments, many awards get given out. One of these awards is the Most Valuable Player award. If you think you can accurately predict the player who’ll receive this bet, you can make this bet.

Punters who place this bet win when they accurately predict the player who’ll take it.

To Go to Overtime Bet

It's not every time that a match goes into overtime. However, if you get a hunch that a match will go into overtime, you can make this bet. This wager is made on whether or not a match will go into overtime.

How To Bet on American Football With BetShah and Win?

Betting on American football on our platform is very easy. The only thing that you’ll need to do is open an account and fund it. These procedures are straightforward, and you can be done with them within minutes.


We’ll show you how to bet on American football on our platform, using the guide below:

    • Visit the BetShah betting platform at https://BetShah.com/.
    • You’ll find a red “Register” button at the top right-hand side of the page.
    • Click on this button and fill out the form displayed.
    • The first step will require you to enter a valid Indian number and click on the “Get Code” button.
    • This will send a unique code to the mobile number, which will be required for the registration process.
    • Fill up the form, accept our platform’s terms and conditions, and submit it.


You’ll receive a notification after this, alerting you that you’ve successfully created a BetShah account. Now, you’ll have to fund that account, and the instructions below explain that.

    • Log into your BetShah account.
    • Click on “Deposit” and choose your desired payment method. We support many payment systems on our platform, such as cryptocurrency, UPI, and net banking.
    • After entering the amount you wish to deposit, you’ll also need to enter the other payment details.
    • When you have done all this, you can submit it.


The funds will be deposited into your casino account in a short period of time. With this, you’ve completed all the preparations for playing, so you can just get to it.


To find the American football betting page, you’ll have to click on “Sports” from the home page. This will take you to a page where several sports are listed. Just choose American football from these options, and you’ll see available betting odds on which you can place your wagers.

Live American Football Betting With BetShah

Live American football betting brings a new sensation to the feel of traditional betting. Here, you’ll wait for a game to be in progress before you wager on it. This means that you get to watch the action play out before you and place wagers on things as they unfold.


Another feature of live betting is that the odds change as things change on the field. This means that you can snag a great betting odd if you’re perceptive enough.


Live American football betting is also available on our platform. The live betting page is accessible from the “American Football” page. On this page, you’ll see “Live” written on a tab.


Click on “Live,” and you’ll be taken to a new page with live betting odds. There you’ll see all the games that are in progress and the various odds that are placed on them.

Is Online American Football Betting Legal in India?

Yes, online American football betting is legal in India. To put it simply, all online betting activity is legal in India, as there are no federal laws against it. However, some states, like Maharashtra, have proposed laws against online betting.


BetShah also provides a legal betting platform for all your American football betting activities. Our platform is legally recognised under a government of Curacao betting license. This shows that you can fund your betting account without fear of going against the law.

American Football Betting Tips

To ensure that you make the most of this betting opportunity, we’ve put together some useful American football betting tips for you.

Learn All You Can about This Sport

If you’re a newbie, you shouldn’t be in a rush to wager on this game. It would be best to watch matches and learn all you can about the teams and their players before wagering on them. This way, you’ll be able to recognise the opportunities that present themselves to you.

Consider the Advice of Tipsters

Tipsters provide analytical insights into this sport, which can help you place smarter wagers. Their statistical insights are backed by lots of in-depth knowledge, so they can help you make winning bets.

Consider Small Wins

Although big risks can culminate in big profits, they can also culminate in horrifying losses. So, you should learn to make smaller bets that come with less risk. While the wins will be small, you’ll be able to gain valuable experience and get better at betting.