Rohit Sharma – IPL Runs Year by Year

The Indian Premier League, the world’s most significant domestic T20 league in India, has grown significantly over the past ten years. In the IPL, several records have been set and broken. The best pacers and batters could accomplish this solely because of their extraordinary talent and skills.

It is not surprising to find some of the most recognizable names in cricket on the list of IPL players with the most runs scored in IPL innings. No wonder the IPL’s emergence as a brand was based on the explosive batting performances that made it possible.

The IPL league has advanced considerably, thanks to batsmen like Rohit Sharma, whose constant domination with the bat has left an indelible mark in IPL history.

Rohit Sharma IPL Runs Year by Year

2008 DC 13 404 36.72 147.98 76* 4/0
2009 DC 16 362 27.84 114.92 52 1/0
2010 DC 16 404 28.85 133.77 73 3/0
2011 MI 16 372 33.81 125.25 87 3/0
2012 MI 17 433 30.92 126.60 109* 3/1
2013 MI 19 538 38.42 131.54 79* 4/0
2014 MI 15 390 30.00 129.13 59* 3/0
2015 MI 16 482 34.42 144.74 98* 3/0
2016 MI 14 489 44.45 132.88 85* 5/0
2017 MI 17 333 23.78 121.97 67 3/0
2018 MI 14 286 23.83 133.02 94 2/0
2019 MI 15 405 28.92 128.57 67 2/0
2020 MI 12 332 27.66 127.69 80 3/0
2021 MI 13 381 29.30 127.42 63 1/0
2022 MI 14 268 19.14 120.18 48 0/0

Total Runs of Rohit Sharma IPL: 5879 Runs

Rohit Sharma is the most talented skipper of the most dominant team, Mumbai Indians, in IPL existence. When he switched from the Deccan Chargers to the Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma’s career turned positive. He has been an unstoppable force with the bat’s strike rate and has guided MI to a record five championships.

The MI captain has scored 5879 runs in 222 IPL innings with an average strike rate of 129.89. In fifteen years of the IPL. Rohit Sharma’s total runs include 40 half-centuries and one century.

Rohit Sharma IPL Career

One of the world’s top players in cricket is 35-year-old Rohit Sharma. With five championships, the most of any player in the IPL, he has reinforced his reputation as the most successful captain. The Indian Premier League gave the exceptionally talented batsman the leadership position he desired.

The achievements of Rohit Sharma in the IPL league are many. In the debut season of the IPL, Sharma played for the Deccan Chargers (DC) in the inaugural edition of the IPL, coached by Australia’s Adam Gilchrist. The Indian skipper had been the top batsman for the DC throughout the first three seasons of IPL before being taken by Mumbai Indians in 2011.

He was among the most reliable Deccan Chargers batters in the IPL. Rohit batted in the middle of the order and provided off-spin bowling. He played a crucial role in his DC team’s 2009 championship victory.

Rohit has been a significant aspect of the Mumbai Indians’ batting order since 2011. Nobody knew what Sharma would bring to the MI when he was appointed the team’s captain in the year 2013. But, Surprisingly, Rohit has guided the Mumbai Indians to the final Trophy five times with his average batting strike rate, making them the only club to do so up to this point.

Sharma’s captaincy proved successful in the year 2015 when MI had won only one match and was battling to stay in the league. The Mumbai Indians then pulled off a spectacular comeback and easily won the Trophy in the tournament final.

In 2015, Rohit scored a half century and was awarded Player of the Match. After enabling Mumbai Indians to win titles in both the 2017 and 2019 tournaments, Sharma’s reputation grew. MI and CSK squared off in the 2019 IPL final. The head coach of CSK acknowledged that his side had challenges against Mumbai while also giving credit to the team’s performance.

The Mumbai Indians won their second straight championship under Rohit’s leadership in the year 2020. Hence, MI looks all prepared under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma for the upcoming 2023 IPL season. Currently, Sharma is the official captain of Team India.

Mumbai Indians became the most reliable team under Rohit. The batsman, a phenomenal run-scorer, is one of the genuinely gifted batters who hit huge scores with his bat. Few can match Rohit Sharma’s attacking prowess in a short T20 format.

Rohit Sharma IPL Stats

The famous Twenty20 hitman with the maximum number of hundreds, Rohit Sharma, only has one century in the IPL. Is this not shocking? In 2012, while playing for MI against the Kolkata Knight Riders, the Mumbai batsman scored a century.

When Sharma reached the historic four-digit while playing against KKR, he made IPL history by being the first player ever to hit more than 1000 runs against a single team. In addition, he is the first Indian player to have recorded a century and taken a hat trick in the IPL.

Rohit has taken 15 wickets in the league while bowling. In his first three editions with the Deccan Chargers, he collected 14 wickets.

Rohit Sharma IPL 2022: Why Mumbai Indians Couldn’t Win

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma had a terrible Indian Premier League batting season after hitting poorly in the last match of IPL 2022 hosted in Wankhede Stadium.

At the Wankhede Stadium, Sharma struggled to meet Delhi Capitals’ 160-run goal as he dropped eight straight deliveries from left-arm bowler Khaleel Ahmed.

After playing nine dot balls, Rohit only made his first run in the fourth over, scoring one. Anrich Nortje, though, dismissed him in the following over. With a total of 268 runs from 14 innings at an average of 19.14, Rohit’s stint ended with his dismissal.


Some of the world’s top cricketers play for the IPL. The thrilling aspect of the IPL is that it brings cricket players from many nations together to play and compete on one field.

The next IPL season will bring new challenges. It will be thrilling to see top batters and bowlers set new records. Many sports channels will broadcast IPL highlights. You can also read the latest news at any leading sportsbook. Also if you want to try your knowledge and bet on cricket, you can do that on our website!

But will Sharma’s performance be consistent, or will he accomplish something fantastic? Let’s see how the IPL 2023 turns out.

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