MS Dhoni’s Batting Statistics At Every Batting Position

MS Dhoni’s extraordinary versatility in One-Day International (ODI) cricket is exemplified by his exceptional performance at various batting positions throughout his career. As a wicketkeeper-batsman, Dhoni has adapted to different roles and situations, showcasing his ability to stabilize the innings or accelerate the scoring when required. Analyzing his ODI performance across all batting positions reveals his strategic mindset and outstanding skills as a batsman.

From opening the innings to taking up middle-order responsibilities, Dhoni has consistently proven a vital asset for the Indian cricket team.

A key aspect of his success lies in his adaptability in the One Day International (ODI) format, as he has batted in varying positions. By analyzing Dhoni’s average ODI performance at each batting position, we can gain insight into his versatility and ability to perform under pressure.

In the upcoming sections, we will delve deeper into his statistics at each batting position, showcasing the remarkable achievements of this legendary player.

MS Dhoni ODI Runs by Batting position

PositionsInningsRunsAverageBest50/100Strike RateNot Outs

MS Dhoni: Opening Batting Position

Just twice in his ODI career has MS Dhoni started as an opener. In those two innings, he amassed 98 runs at an astounding average of 49. He accumulated 96 in one inning and two runs in the other.

If MS Dhoni had opened more often for our country India throughout his ODI career, one can only speculate what other history could have unfolded.

MS Dhoni: Number 3 Batting Position

MS Dhoni scored his greatest-ever total in the one-day internationals at position three. Dhoni scored 183 score off an undefeated batting average while playing against Sri Lanka to help India win the match.

In 16 innings, he set a record of 993 runs at an average of 82.75.

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MS Dhoni: Number 4 Batting Position

Several critics frequently supported MS Dhoni when he chose to bat at number four. However, he decided to play and bat low since he did not want to draw attention to the team’s porous bottom-middle order. As number four in ODIs, Dhoni played 30 innings.

Averaging 56.58 runs per game, Ranchi’s right-handed batter amassed 1358 runs for the team, including one century and 12 fifty-pluses.

MS Dhoni: Number 5 Batting Position

Many believed that position number 5 was the best for MS Dhoni. he has been successful at this position.

When India faced Sri Lanka in the 2011 World Cup final, Dhoni started batting at number five, had his best ODI performance, scoring 91 runs off 79 balls to lead India to their second ODI World Cup victory.

Batting in position five, Dhoni has amassed over 3000 runs at an average of 50.30. He has also hit four hundred when playing at number five, the most of any hitting position.

MS Dhoni: Number 6 Batting Position

It takes a lot of effort to score and surpass 4,000 runs in ODIs when playing at number six. Yet, the captain accomplished this accomplishment since he batted in this position for most of his career. He pushed himself to this position after becoming the skipper.

After hitting brilliantly at number six, he gained the moniker “greatest finisher.” Dhoni amassed 4164 runs at a 47.32 average across 129 innings.

MS Dhoni: Number 7 Batting Position

Dhoni hasn’t often batted at position 7 in his career. However, he was most likely batting at No. 7 at the beginning of his career since India had several seasoned hitters in the positions above him. Later, after securing a spot in the ODI team, Dhoni typically batted at positions four, five, or six.

The few times Dhoni has batted in position seven, he has averaged 44.76. In position seven, the former Indian captain has also achieved 200 scores.

MS Dhoni: Number 8 Batting Position

Very few supporters of the Indian cricket team are aware that MS Dhoni has ever batted in position eight in an ODI. However, he batted in the eighth position thrice in his career, although he only once reached the highest score of 20.

In three innings, he scored 51 runs, averaging 17. At number 8, his strike rate was again only 62.20.


Throughout his illustrious career, MS Dhoni has proven an outstanding cricketer, playing a pivotal role for the Indian team as a wicketkeeper, captain, and batsman. His ability to stabilize the innings, accelerate the scoring rate, and finish off games has led to many memorable performances.

A closer examination of dhoni’s cricketing journey reveals his consistent contribution to the team’s success, irrespective of his position.

These statistics highlight MS Dhoni’s unparalleled ODI cricket performance at each batting position. At every batting position, Dhoni exemplified adaptability, proving his worth as a versatile batsman. Dhoni has also shown his excellence in other cricket formats, including IPL.

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