Most Balls Faced By A Batsman In Cricket

The cricketers that have gone down in history as some of the greatest have faced the most balls. These players have had to endure hours of testing and challenging play, and their stats are a testament to their immense talent and skill.

This article discusses the top ten batsmen who have faced the most balls in test history. These players have made their mark on the sport and are remembered for their ability to stay focused and keep their wits about them, even in the most challenging situations.

Their dedication to the sport is a source of great admiration and respect, and their stats show that they have certainly earned their place in International cricket history.

Let’s start with our list of players with the most balls faced in Test cricket.

Most Balls Faced By A Batsman In Cricket

Batsmen Span Test Matches Played Total Balls Faced
1 Rahul Dravid 1996-2012 164 31,258
2 Sachin Tendulkar  1989-2013 200 29,437
3 Jacques Kallis 1995-2013 166 28,903
4 Shivnarine Chanderpaul 1994-2015 164 27,395
5 Allan Border 1978-1994 156 27,002
6 Alastair Cook 2006-2018 161 26,562
7 Mahela Jayawardene 1997-2014 149 22,959
8 Kumar Sangakkara 2005-2015 134 22,882
9 Ricky Ponting 1995-2012 168 22,782
10 Steve Waugh 1985-2004 168 22,461

1. Rahul Dravid Faced 31,258 Balls In Test Cricket History

Former cricketer Rahul Dravid, who represented India and Karnataka, is currently a coach. He was renowned as “The Wall” and was respected for his great smashing and various other parameters. He participated in his first international match in 1996, and in 2002, he was acknowledged as one of the top batters in the world.

Many players exhibit first class patience, and Dravid is one of them. With 31,258 total balls faced in Test, Rahul Dravid is ranked first on our rankings. He is the only batter to have met more than 30,000 Test deliveries.

Rahul Dravid participated in 164 Test innings, scoring 13,288 runs at an average of 52.31 with 36 hundred and 63 fifty-pluses. During the glorious test career of Rahul Dravid, his Test highest score is 270.

Dravid’s long career spanned from 1996 to 2012, and throughout that time, he excelled in both Tests and ODIs, leading India to several victories in both competitions.

2. Sachin Tendulkar Faced 29,437 Balls In Test Cricket

The legendary sportsman Sachin Tendulkar is a superb batsman and the only player who excelled in all facets of the game.

His superior cricketing contributed significantly to India’s success in all versions. Due to this, this sport became increasingly well-liked in India, which also helped the board grow rich and powerful.

With 29,437 balls faced, the ‘God of Cricket’ ranks second on our list and is the only batsman to compete with Dravid. Sachin Tendulkar is the first batsman to have over 30,000 runs in international games and 100 international centuries. Sachin has also played the most number of matches in the purest format.

A renowned name in International cricket, Sachin Tendulkar from India played in 200 Test innings. He scored 15,921 runs at a 53.78 average, including 51 hundred and 68 half-centuries. His most excellent score in a Test inning is 248, not out.

3. Jacques Kallis Faced 28,903 Balls In Test Cricket

South African cricketer Jacques Kallis is acclaimed for his outstanding batting abilities. He is regarded as one of the greatest cricketers of his time.

The player from South Africa won a record 23 Player of the Match accolades in Tests during his Test career, which lasted from 1995 to 2013. His skillsets enabled him to face 28,903 balls in the Test.

In 166 Test innings, Jacques Kallis stood out, scoring 13,289 runs at an average of 55.37 with 45 centuries and 58 half-centuries. His most excellent Test innings score is 224. In Tests, he also collected 292 wickets and made 200 catches, consolidating his status as the game’s best all-arounder.

4. Shivnarine Chanderpaul Faced 27,395 Balls In Test Cricket

West Indies player Shivnarine Chanderpaul has established himself as one of the top batters in the world. He is known for his outstanding hitting abilities and has established himself as an essential player for the squad.

Between March 1994, when he played his Test debut, and May 2015, when he played his final Test, Chanderpaul accumulated a staggering 11,896 runs in 164 matches at an impressive average of 51.4 and strike rate of 43.3. Moreover, he is one of the cricketers with a record for the most balls faced in test cricket by a batsman. Chanderpaul has faced 27,395 balls in total.

He made a significant contribution to the squad and left a lasting imprint on the game with his aggressive cricket. Chanderpaul is the first Indo-Caribbean to play 100 Tests for his country.

5. Allan Border Faced 27,002 Balls In Test Cricket

Allan Border, a sporting hero, is regarded as Australia’s most fantastic captain in history. He made the team into a force to be reckoned with. The equally skilled batsman Border was widely renowned for his persistence and resilience ever to have led the Australia cricket team and was responsible for transforming them into world beaters who were capable of taking down any opposition anywhere in the world

Additionally, Allan Border has accumulated 11,174 runs overall, averaging 50.6 in 156 Test matches. In the longest-game version, the batsman scored 27 hundred and 63 half-centuries, with his most excellent total standing at 205 runs in the purest format of the game.

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6. Alastair Cook Faced 26,562 Balls In Test Cricket

There is no need to introduce this player from England for his achievements in cricket. The most well-known and much-liked cricketer of the present generation is Alastair Cook from England.

Cook is the only player who had already surpassed Border’s global record before retiring at the pinnacle of his career during the 2018 tour of India.

He participated in 156 consecutive Test games, supporting his England teams with his reliable batting, greats style, and wise leadership. As a result, Cook received a knighthood for his contributions to modern era cricket.

The cricketer from England has played 26562 balls in 161 games and has a 45.35 run average.

7. Mahela Jayawardene: Faced 22,959 Balls In Test Cricket

Mahela Jayawardene was an expert at using spinners. His most incredible score of 374 is the finest performance by a Sri Lankan player and a right-handed batter world record.

In all three forms, he performed pretty well, and he frequently teamed up with Kumar Sangakkara to create partnerships that won games. He is one of the famous batsmen who faced the most balls in the game’s longest format.

With 34 centuries and 50 half-centuries, Jayawardene scored 11,814 runs at a 49.84 average while shining in 149 matches.

8. Kumar Sangakkara Faced 22,882 Balls In Test Cricket

The next defensive player on the list is Kumar Sangakkara from Sri Lanka, who frequently bats with Mahela, who faced the most balls in test matches. Sangakkara, a left-handed batter, could play long innings while contributing to the team’s progress.

He held the top rank in the ICC Test Rankings as a batsman from 2005 to 2015. Sangakkara has participated in 134 Test matches for his country and has amassed 12400 runs off 22882 balls.

In ODIs, his outstanding wicket-keeping skills made him a prized all-rounder. With 134 Test appearances, Sangakkara faced the most balls and scored 12,400 runs at a 57.40 average, including 38 centuries and 52 half-centuries. His best test result was 319.

9. Ricky Ponting Faced 22,782 Balls In Test Cricket

One of Australia’s most accomplished batsmen and leaders was Ricky Ponting. He was also one of the greatest all rounders and a fielder with a fantastic throwing ability.

He led the national squad as captain while representing Australia on the field. As the Australian captain, Ponting is the only cricketer to have received more Test Match hundreds and Man of the Match accolades than any other.

Rickey Ponting is one of the top batsmen who faced the most balls in cricket history and is a brilliant player who impacted the game. The cricketer from Australia, Ponting, faced 22,782 balls in matches, showing off his solid defensive abilities but still trying to attack wherever feasible. Punter was a star in 168 matches and scored 13,378 runs.

10. Steve Waugh Faced 22,461 Balls In Test Cricket

At one time in his career, Waugh was undervalued and replaced by his brother Mark on the team. However, his determination as a batsman disproved that assumption and helped Australia win the 1999 World Cup. He was the best captain of Australia and led his team to victory in fifteen straight Test series, a record.

Steve Waugh had tremendous tenacity throughout his career. He faced 22,461 balls during his career, owing to his demeanor and formidable defensive abilities. However, the player from Australia gave more emphasis on striking the ball out of the park.

In his 168 matches, Waugh scored 10,927 runs at an average of 48.64, including 32 hundred and 50 fifty-sixes. His best result was a 200 score.

Most Balls Faced in Test Innings

In test matches, batters have played several enthralling test innings. Numerous noteworthy innings were played by players like Leonard Hutton from England, Donald Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Vivian Richards, and Brian Lara from West Indies. However, the record for facing the most balls in a test match inning belongs to the renowned player from England, Leonard Hutton.

During a fiery Ashes series encounter versus Australia, Leonard Hutton performed one of his best. He scored 364 runs while facing a total of 847 balls.

Curiously, no player has ever played more than 600 balls in Test marathon innings during the last decade. West Indies player Brian Lara made the closest attempt in his record-breaking 400-ball innings but fell 18 balls short, finishing with 582 balls. The West Indies skipper Lara has set many records in the cricket world.


Even though international cricket has been played for over a decade, there have been many outstanding batsmen in every type of match, including one-day Internationals, test matches with the longest format, and the t20 game with limited overs format.

Numerous renowned batsmen from several cricket-playing counties, including India, Pakistan, Australia, and South Africa, have left a lasting impression on the sport. Cricket fans will never forget them. They have also significantly motivated the game to advance over time.

The cricket players in the current generation are displaying their mettle on the fields and shattering old records to create new ones. No wonder cricket is still a craze among enthusiastic fans worldwide.

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