How To Withdraw Money From Aviator Game 

Aviator is an online casino game that earns people money; players increase their profits by improving their bets according to the odds. This means that you can win $1000 with just $10. This new gambling game is based on a provably fair system that ensures 100% fairness in the game’s outcome. 

The aviator game requires passion, luck, risk, and victory. To earn more, you must withdraw before the plane takes off. Many aviator game lovers always have withdrawal issues, and here you will get every detail you need on how to withdraw money from the aviator game. But before then, you need to know the basics of this money-making game;

How To Withdraw money in the game aviator

To withdraw money from this game, you will need to follow the steps listed below.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Look in the upper right corner of the screen for the profile button
  • Go to the “cashier” page and click the “withdrawal” tab.
  • Select a payment system.
  • Input the withdrawal amount you want from your earnings, then input the relevant details. 
  • Now, you can confirm the withdrawal request on the website.

Whenever you want to withdraw money from the aviator game, there are some criteria you need to be on the lookout for. Check below;

  • You must be registered with a casino that has an approved gambling license. An approved casino pays its customers, contrary to some deceptive third-party casinos where players spend their time playing to earn but has difficulties withdrawing their money. To avoid issues like this, register at a tested, reliable and trusted casino, for example, 1xbet.
  • You must have a verified account; this requires you to upload your passport to confirm that you are 18 and above and not a robot. Once the system confirms your identity, your money withdrawal request on aviator moves to the “processing” stage. Waiting for the money to come in is necessary.
  • It is ideal to carefully note every registration-related detail. You will get a welcome bonus once you register, and you need to understand that you must play a certain number of times before making a withdrawal request. 

Making another emphasis on the authenticity of the casino you register at, every casino has a support service you can contact if you face any issues whenever you want to withdraw your earnings. 

What To Know When Withdrawing From The Aviator Game

In the Spribe Aviator game, your earnings are based on your ability to predict whether the virtual plane will crash or not. The game involves a graph where the plane moves along, and you must decide when to take your earnings and exit the game before the plane crashes.

To earn money in the game, you need to place an initial bet and then predict the outcome of the next round by choosing “Take” or “Continue.” If you select “Take,” you exit the game and collect your earnings, which are calculated based on how far the plane has traveled along the graph and the amount of your initial bet.

The formula to calculate your earnings in the Spribe Aviator game is as follows:

Earnings = Bet amount x Multiplier x Distance traveled by plane

The multiplier in the game increases by one after each successful round, and it resets to one if you exit the game or the plane crashes. The maximum multiplier that you can achieve is x10.

It’s important to note that you lose the money accumulated in that round if you do not exit the game in time and the plane crashes. Therefore, the key to earning money in the Spribe Aviator game is to predict each round’s outcome correctly and exit the game at the right time.

The Spribe Aviator game is known for using provably fair technology, which is a cryptographic technique used in online gambling to ensure that the game results are fair and random. This technology allows players to verify that the casino or any other third party does not manipulate the game outcomes.

In the Spribe Aviator game, the provably fair technology works by using a random number generator (RNG) to determine the plane’s movements along the graph. The RNG is based on intricate mathematical methods that are impervious to manipulation or prediction. The game’s results are then hashed and displayed to the player before the game starts, ensuring transparency and fairness.

You can verify the game results by using a hash function to re-calculate the hash of the result and compare it with the hash displayed before the game started. If the hashes match, the game result is considered provably fair.

Payment Systems Available To Withdraw money In Aviator game

The available payment systems for withdrawing in the Spribe Aviator game may vary depending on the specific casino or gambling platform where the game is offered. However, common payment methods for withdrawing funds from online casinos include credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Each payment system has different maximum withdrawal amounts, which may also depend on the player’s location and currency.

Credit cards are a popular choice for many players as they are widely accepted and offer quick and easy transactions. The maximum withdrawal amount for credit cards can vary from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per transaction or per month, depending on the card issuer and the casino’s policies.

E-wallets, such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill, are also widely accepted and offer fast withdrawals with low fees. The maximum withdrawal amount for e-wallets can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per transaction or per month, depending on the e-wallet provider and the casino’s policies.

While less convenient than credit cards and e-wallets, bank transfers are a reliable and secure option for withdrawing enormous sums of money. The maximum withdrawal amount for bank transfers can vary widely, from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars per transaction or per month, depending on the bank and the casino’s policies.

You should always review the terms and conditions of the specific casino or gambling platform and the payment method they plan to use to ensure that they understand any applicable fees or limitations, including maximum withdrawal amounts.

How long does it take to withdraw

Usually, it takes several days to verify your data if you are making a withdrawal. If a deposit has been confirmed before withdrawal, the cashout can be completed almost immediately – typically within 2 to 3 minutes. Indian players must withdraw a minimum of 300 rupees. The maximum limit varies and is determined in the system of pay. Also, keep track of commissions! Pin-Up Casino has no commissions on the deposits or refunded money.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount in the aviator game?

The minimum withdrawal amount for Indian players in the Spribe Aviator game at Pin-Up Casino is 300 rupees. It is crucial to keep in mind that this information may change, therefore it is advisable to always check with the casino or gambling site where you are playing the game for the most recent details regarding minimum withdrawal amounts.

Additionally, remember that maximum withdrawal limits may vary depending on the payment method used and that the payment systems may impose withdrawal commissions. It’s always a good idea to review the terms and conditions of the platform and payment service to ensure that you are aware of any applicable fees or limits.

Can the funds in my bonus account be withdrawn?

It depends on the specific casino or gambling platform where the Spribe Aviator game is offered. Some platforms may allow players to withdraw funds from their bonus account, while others may require players to meet specific wagering requirements or convert their bonus funds into cash before they can be withdrawn.

Typically, bonus funds are subject to specific terms and conditions, such as a minimum wagering requirement, meaning that players must wager a certain amount of their bonus funds before being withdrawn. Additionally, some casinos may restrict which payment methods can be used to withdraw bonus funds.


Aviator is one of the most popular and simple casino games you can register for. It’s a game you play to earn extra money. If you have issues withdrawing your earnings, this guide is the solution to your worries.

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