How To Read Aviator Game Graph

Traditional casino games are popular and have gained ground over the years. However, there is a new casino game that has taken the casino world unawares, and it is called THE AVIATOR. Aviator is a casino game that allows people to bet and multiply their winnings based on how high the plane flies. 

Many casino game lovers are trooping to check the aviator game out thanks to its simplicity, basic rules, and the opportunity to earn as you play. This game has some features that you need to get familiar with if you want to win big, and the most important thing is to know how to read the graph to make the best prediction. This article will help you figure that out. 

How Does Aviator Game Work

The Aviator game graph can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, but it becomes easy to understand with a little explanation. The Aviator game is a crash game that is available in online casinos. The objective of the game is to place bets on the flight path of an airplane, and the game ends when the plane crashes. The graph displays the plane’s flight path, and you can place bets on different points along the path.

Here are some terms from the graph and their meanings:

  • Plane flies: This indicates the start of the game, and the plane is flying normally.
  • Plane crash game: This indicates that the game has ended, and the plane has crashed.
  • Aviator strategy refers to various betting methods you might employ to raise your likelihood of success.
  • Aviator slot: This refers to a type of slot machine game that is based on the Aviator game.
  • Simultaneous bets: This entails that you can make two bets at once.
  • Two simultaneous bets: This means that you can place two bets at the same time.
  • Online casino: This is where you can play the Aviator game.
  • One bet: This indicates that only one wager may be placed at a time.
  • Game round: This refers to a single round of the Aviator game.
  • Martingale strategy: This well-known betting method where you double your stake following each defeat.
  • Aviator betting: This refers to the various kinds of wagers that you can make in the Aviator game.
  • Huge bet: This refers to a large bet.
  • One bet game: This means that each round of the game only allows you to place one bet.
  • Recommend playing bets: This means that the game is recommending certain bets that are more likely to win.
  • Crash game: This is another term for the Aviator game.
  • Winning bet: This refers to a bet that has won.
  • Minimum risk tactics: This refers to a betting strategy that involves taking minimal risks.
  • Betting system: This refers to a set of rules that govern your betting strategy.
  • Auto bet options: This means that you can set the game to automatically place bets for you.

Features Of Aviator Game

Spribe aviator has features that ensure fun, suspense, and fairness in the game. Below are some cool features of this casino game;

Fun Mode

The main objective of this game is to ensure that players have fun while earning even the beginners. This is why the aviator game features a fun mode where you have fun playing the game without placing a bet. This feature allows beginners to check the game’s features and practice several winning strategies. 

Live Bets

The live bets tab allows you to see the active bets of other players, including their winnings and coefficient/multipliers. 

Provably Fair

The aviator casino game is built on a provably fair technology that ensures all players that the results are fair and unbiased. The provably fair feature is a cryptographic technology that ensures that no third-party software/technology intrudes into the game process, thereby assuring all gamers a high chance of winning without fear of bias. 

The aviator game algorithm also features a random number generator that decides when the plane will crash while further establishing fairness and that winning in this casino game is based on luck, strategy, and gut. 

In-Game Chat

The in-game tab is another feature that ensures people enjoy playing this excellent casino game. With the in-game chat feature, you can converse with other gamers from anywhere in the world, discuss the game features, share game tips, and discuss how to win the next round. The feature makes you understand that you are not alone. 

Live Statistics And Graph

Apart from casino games or the aviator, statistics and graphs have always been a guide to peoples’ success in exams, sports, and so on. The live statistics feature of the aviator game shows you an overview of other players’ previous bets and their multiplier coefficient, your current bet, and so on. This feature allows you to view;

All Bets

This is the column where you will see the active bets of all the players, including yours. Here you can see what the other players bet on and compare wagers. 

Your Bet

Your bet is arranged to align with the date, amount you risked, multiplier/coefficient, and winnings. 

Top Bet

This is where you can view the top winnings in a day and over the year, weeks, and months. With the information from this tab, you will see the multiplier/coefficient that always wins, thereby guiding you to make the right predictions. 

Overview Of The Aviator Game Graph

Features Of Aviator Game

The Aviator game graph is a visual representation of the game’s outcome for each round. It is made up of several elements, each of which provides important information about the round. The graph is divided into two main sections: the left-hand section, which displays the game’s outcomes, and the right-hand section, which displays the payouts.

Reading The Outcomes Section

The outcomes section of the Aviator game graph is where the game’s results are displayed. Each round is represented by a single line, and the outcome of the round is displayed as a colored area that extends from the bottom of the graph to a specific point on the line.

The graph’s y-axis indicates the result or the multiplier, while the x-axis reflects the amount of time or the number of rounds played. The colored areas on the graph represent the different multipliers, which are indicated by the colors and the legend on the right-hand side of the graph.

For example, the green area on the graph represents a multiplier of 1.5x, while the yellow area represents a multiplier of 2x. The blue area represents a multiplier of 3x, and the red area represents a multiplier of 7x. The height of the colored area on the graph represents the probability of that multiplier occurring during the round.

Reading The Payouts Section

The payouts section of the Aviator game graph displays the potential payouts for each multiplier. The payouts are displayed as a set of numbers next to each colored area on the graph. The payouts are calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the multiplier.

For example, if you bet $10 and the multiplier for the round is 2x, your payout would be $20. If the multiplier is 7x, your payout would be $70.

Interpreting The Graph

Now that we have discussed the different elements of the Aviator game graph, let’s look at how to interpret the graph and use it to make informed betting decisions.

First, it’s important to understand that the graph is based on probability and chance. The height of the colored areas on the graph represents the probability of each multiplier occurring during the round. The higher the colored area, the higher the probability of that multiplier occurring.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the game is random and that results from the past do not predict what will happen in the future. The graph can be a useful tool to understand the probability of each multiplier occurring, but it cannot predict the outcome of future rounds.

Reliable Tips For Playing The Aviator Game

As mentioned earlier, the aviator is a game of chance based on a random number generator, implying that there is no sure route to winning. However, some tips can help you win and earn more. First of all, it is important to start small and take your time getting familiar with the game’s features. Everyone is tempted to follow the plane to the 5x multiplier; however, you can not be sure when the game will take off. 

Start small and bet low, aiming for the 1.5x coefficient. Apart from that, below are some useful tips;

Use The Double Bet And Automated Bet Options To Your Advantage

This is the most important winning tip in aviator gaming; use the double bet and automated bet options to your advantage. With the aviator double betting option, you can bet twice in a single round, giving you more opportunities to finesse and enjoy the game. You can use this option to your advantage by placing one big bet and one small bet, with the huge bet covering up for the small one if things go sideways. 

The best way to protect your big bet is to cash out immediately the game reaches the 1.50x multiplier or above; this will protect the value of both the small and big bets. Also, you can use the small bet to win massively by taking high risks with low bets. The automated betting option is another advantage you can use to your advantage. This is how to go about it

Auto Bet

The auto bet makes things easy for you by helping you automatically set your bet to equal your previous wager. 

Auto Cashout

Aviator allows you to select the best multiplier/coefficient for your wager. Once it reaches that level, the game automatically helps you cash out your earnings before the plane takes off.

Volatility Must Be Low

If you have familiarized yourself with the aviator and studied the graph well, you will decode that the plane often takes off when it reaches the coefficient value of 1.10x to 1.40x. Set up the auto cash-out feature to help you withdraw your earnings before the plane flies off to ensure that volatility is low.

The Live Statistics And Live Bet Board

To win massively in aviator casino games, you must get familiar with all the features and learn how to use them to your advantage. Study the live statistics and live bet board, check the multiplier value that people are betting on, and check if they are winning massively on it; once you know that, you can then make your prediction.

If you observe from the live statistics and bet board that people are winning with the 11.01x to 1.40 multiplier value, the smartest move is to set your auto cash out around that value or place your bet close to those coefficient values. 

Monitor Aviator Rtp And Volatility

Aviator casino game has an incredible 97% RTP and medium volatility. What makes it more incredible is that you decide when to cash out your earnings, thereby controlling volatility. 

Aviator Strategies

There are some aviator terms and strategies you need to know; they include;

  • Instaloss: This occurs if it happens that the plane takes off early. It involves multiplier values between 1.00x to 1.04x
  • Cool down: This is when the players anticipate an instaloss to occur.
  • Bait: These are numbers that trick you into increasing your wager.
  • Anomaly: Excessively huge numbers.

You need to understand that the random number generator takes care of when the plane stops flying, and this sometimes depends on how much the computer profits or loses by giving it to the players. This is what determines the multiplier value in a session. If you notice that the system is giving out more money and most players are winning, you need to sit tight because an instaloss is coming any time soon. 

Instaloss is imminent after a long time of wins to the players because the system has to take some money to balance things up.

Situations To Look Out For 

  • An instaloss is imminent after a long period of winning by the players. 
  • If all the players cash out simultaneously, and the number keeps increasing to an anomaly level, you should be careful because those numbers are unreal. They are just baits for you to wager high for the next round. 
  • If Everyone is cashing out except one or two players with R1 bets, and you notice that their number is increasing to 50x, 100x, 200x, and so on, you should be careful not to follow their steps because it is a bet too. This means that the aviator system is telling you that those guys are winning massively because they waited, baiting you to wait too. 

While in the real sense, the system can afford to pay those two because it is busy making money on other bettors who are losing. What the aviator is paying those two that waited is not as much as what it is profiting from others that are losing. So, be vigilant.

Also, take your time to check other players’ wagers, the multiplier value, and the last time an instaloss happened. 

How To Avoid Aviator Instaloss

Instaloss are crippling and costly, so you must try as much as possible to avoid it. The best way to avoid it is to study the last time it happened; if it’s been a while, it is advisable not to bet at all for the next few rounds. Pay attention to what people bet, what they lose and win, and if an instaloss happens, wait for another round to go before you bet.

Aviator Strategy For One Bet

The aviator one-bet game is the best for beginners; it ensures that your mind is focused on one aspect of the game so that you can make more money. Start by deciding the balance of your first deposit; this will determine the value of how long you want to play. The best recommendation is that you prepare enough money in your 1 win casino aviator game account that will be enough to play 200 bets. 

For instance, if you have $10 in your aviator account, the best recommendation is to play each bet for 10 cents; if you have $20, you can go 200 rounds. You can play bigger bets, but you need more money in your aviator account. After the money, how much bet you want to play for one round, it is time to study some tactics. Keep reading;

Minimum Risk Tactics

This is not a get-rich-quick tactic but a strategy that will make you a considerable amount of profits while you enjoy playing the aviator game. The minimum risk tactics help you save money; it won’t be a massive loss when you lose. Remember that this tactic works well with small bets, and you must cash out at a multiplier/coefficient of 1.20x to 1.21. 

To get the best of minimum risk tactics, take advantage of the auto bet and auto cash out options; it will help you minimize your loss and manage your wins. You can bet higher once you have recorded many wins. 

Moderate Risk Tactics

The moderate risk tactic is only recommended for aviator players with excessive funds in their aviator casino account because it involves playing high odds, such as x2 to x3. The probability of winning with the x2 to x3 is 42%, but if you trust your gut and strength and the multipliers have been low for a while, you can go all in for huge bets and large coefficient values. If luck is on your side, you are about to cash out a big sum. 

Risky Tactics

The risky tactic is for the lucky ones because it involves betting on +100 odds once an hour and a half. 

The Double Bet Aviator Betting Strategy

The Double Bet Aviator Betting Strategy is a betting strategy that involves placing two bets on a single event. The first bet is placed on the favorite to win, and the second bet is placed on the underdog to win. This strategy is often used in sports betting, particularly in horse racing, where there are typically clear favorites and underdogs.

The Double Bet Aviator Betting Method aims to reduce losses and increase winnings. The bettor boosts their chances of winning at least one bet by placing two bets. If the favorite wins, the bettor will still profit, albeit with a smaller payout. If the underdog wins, the bettor will win big, offsetting any potential losses from the first bet.

The Double Bet Aviator Betting Method does not, however, guarantee success as with most other betting techniques. So before making any wagers, it’s crucial to properly weigh the chances and conduct comprehensive research.


Some things are certain about the aviator game; you will have fun and make money. However, you must study some strategies and know how to read aviator game graphs. This guide will help you learn the features and strategies quickly.

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