How To Play Aviator Game And Win

Aviator is one of the most popular online casino games, and it was created and launched by a Georgina gambling content creator named Spribe in 2019. This mini multiplayer game is available in paid and demo versions. It quickly became many people’s favorite casino game, especially in India, because it is simple and dynamic. 

While traditional casino games have gained tremendous popularity, Aviator is a breath of fresh air and has become the pacesetter among online casino games. The basic rules you need to follow on the Aviator casino game make people feel comfortable playing the game. If you want to play an aviator casino game, be rest assured that you are going to win big 

The question now is, how do you win big in aviator betting? Let’s start with the features of this amazing casino game. 

Features Of Aviator Game

Features Of Aviator Game

The aviator game provides many features that give extra security to your gamble and make aviator betting very enjoyable. Below are some key features you need to know before you dive into aviator betting;

Provably Fair

Aviator game features provably fair technology that clarifies that every result in this casino game is on-point and unbiased. The provably fair technology is a cryptographic technology that ensures that no third-party device or technology can intrude on the game process, ensuring perfect fairness in the game’s outcome. 

The aviator game algorithm also features a Random Number Generator(RNG). The random number generator shows the exact time that the plane will crash while playing the game.

Fun Mode

The aviator casino game features a fun mode where you can play without betting. The fun mode is also a platform for getting familiar with Spribe aviator game tricks and features.

In-Game Chat With Other Players

The aviator is one of the most popular online casino games that ensures liveliness while betting; you have the opportunity to converse with other players from anywhere in the world through the chat box. You can chat with the other players about life bets, free bets, and game statistics. 

Live Bets

This column is where you view the active bets of other players and the multiplier/coefficient they have won. 

Live Chat

This tab allows you to view your bet history and the bet of the last players. Also, you can filter whatever you want to be displayed in this tab in several ways:

  • All bets – Here, you will view the players’ bets and winnings.
  • Your bet – Here, you will get every information about your wager, including the date, bet amount, winnings, and multiplier/coefficient.
  • Top bet – This is the column where you will find the highest winnings per day, month, and year, along with the multiplier coefficient. 

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How It Works

One of the reasons people like aviator casino game is its simplicity; you get a grid, and close to it, a small plane flies over. The random number generator becomes useful as soon as the plane takes off; the higher the plane goes, the higher your initial bet increases. You place all your bets before the game begins, and the twist is that you must “tap out” or remove your bet before the plane takes off and disappears from the screen.

You will forfeit your bet if the plane disappears from the screen before you tap out, in which case you also lose every chance of multiplying it towards any other thing. This is why it is a game of chance and nerve. 

Aviator Game Tips

Before you start playing aviator, note that the game is based on a random number generator which means there is no one reliable way to win. However, knowing the aviator betting strategy will keep you ahead of the competition while you win big. Below are some aviator betting tips for you:

Use Your Double Bet And Automated Bet Options At The Right Time

The most common aviator betting strategy is the double bet and automated bet options. While playing aviator game, you can bet twice in a single round, allowing you to improvise, play around your bet and enjoy yourself while playing. 

You can use the double bet and automated bet options to your advantage because it involves two bets. The first bet is the big bet, while the second bet is the small bet; the big bet will then cover up for the small bet. If you want to be extra careful with your big bet, cash out immediately after hitting a 1.50x multiplier or higher. Doing this will take care of the values of the two bets, including the larger bet.

Also, you can use the smaller bet to gamble while you profit more with a low stake. To keep things simple, below are two automated bet options you can use in the aviator game;

  • Auto Bet Options

This allows you to automatically set your current bet to the same amount as your previous wager.

  • Auto Cashout 

The auto cash-out option allows you to select your preferred multiplier/coefficient for your aviator betting. Once it reaches that level, the game automatically helps you cash out your winning. 

Make Sure Volatility Is Low

If you are familiar with the game and have studied the live statistics, you will notice that the plane takes off from the grid when it reaches 1.10x or 1.40x coefficient or a multiplier value. To ensure your volatility is low, apply the auto-cash-out option to automatically withdraw your earnings before the plane flies off with your aviator betting. 

Live Bets And Live Statistics Board

While playing aviator, the best thing you can do is to use all the features carefully. Study the live statistics and bet board to determine the aviator betting board based on the data presented to you by the board. You can create the best aviator betting options from this data. 

For example, if the board presents data showing some wins with a coefficient/multiplier 1.01x to 1.80x, the smartest thing to do is set your auto-cashout close to these coefficients or bet on a multiplier with a value close to 2x. 

Monitor Aviator Rtp And Volatility

Aviator game has an incredible 97% RTP and average volatility. This casino game is unique because you can control when to cash out, making it easy to manage volatility. 

Tread Lightly

If you are a beginner in casino games, starting small and taking time to understand the aviator game will help you cash out big. Start by getting familiar with all the game features, then find out if you can reach a high multiplier without risking or losing your bet. The best place to start is from the minimum bet, then cash out your earnings once you have reached a 5x or 7x coefficient.

You can stake higher as the winning roll of higher frequencies increases. 

The Reverse Martingale Aviator Betting Strategy

As mentioned earlier, the aviator game features cool features that make it easy for online casino players to win big. The reverse Martingale aviator betting strategy allows you to divide your bets after a bet loss and multiply it by two after every winning bet. This option gives you a better opportunity to enjoy your winning streak and take control of your losses. 

Choose A Bankroll

This is where you make a firm decision on how much you want to spend on a game. Make sure it is, at most, an amount you can afford. It should be an amount that won’t break you in case you lose. 

1.5x Strategy

This strategy involves staking low or placing a small bet and cashing out once the game reaches a 1.5x multiplier, regardless of whether the plane takes off higher. This strategy requires low risk and guarantees 50% profit but won’t give you the big win you desire. 

Moderate Risk Strategy

Moderate risk is divided into two;

Double-Up Strategy

This single-bet strategy in this casino game allows you to bet any amount. However, you should have a significant bankroll, analyze the data of the previous multipliers and place your bet only when you are sure the plane won’t fly off before 2x. You need to be loyal to the rules of this strategy and make sure you withdraw early at the stated multiplier. This strategy will give you a hundred percent with low risk.

High-Risk Strategy

This strategy is for aviator game players that can take a huge risk, and mostly, this strategy does not guarantee steady earnings. It involves determining that once in an hour or 1.5x, it crashes to the multiplier of x100. Study the game rounds history, mark the hour, and start actively betting, hoping you will meet up with this multiplier.

The strategy is for those that can play risky, and you win big if it works out.  

Two Simultaneous Bets

In an aviator game, two simultaneous bets are closely related to single-round bets but require extra attention. You can decide to auto-bet and cash out at x1.2 for the first bet while using the moderate risk strategy for the second bet. If you have an iron mind for high-risk in simultaneous bets, the smartest move is to stop at x40 for one bet and x100 for the other.

This strategy ensures fair money distribution with massive odds.

Best Betting Systems In Aviator Game

As a casino game lover, you may have seen many betting systems flying all around, but you need to be sure that no system is 100% error-proof, so you must study each technique well and follow your guts. Below are some aviator game betting systems you should get familiar with;

The Labouchere Betting System

Here is an aviator game system that is based on mathematics and statistics. It involves staking several bets and crossing out the first and last digits in the sequence of each bet. If the bet comes in your favor, you must cross off the digits and proceed to the next bet in the sequence. If the bet goes sideways and you lose, you must add the bet amount to the end of the sequence. 

The Fibonacci Betting System

This aviator betting strategy is related to the Labouchere system, but the only difference is that add the digits to all your losses instead of crossing them off. If you lose your first bet, your first bet will be the addition of your first two bets. If you lose your second bet, your next bet will be the addition of your first three bets. The process goes like that subsequently. 

The D’alembert Betting System

This is another aviator betting system that is based on mathematics and statistics. This system involves. The system is straightforward, increase your bet by one unit after every bet you lose and decrease it by one unit after every win. 

The Paroli Betting System

This positive aviator game betting system has to do with the theory of streaks. All you have to do is double your bet after a win and reset after each loss. The idea of this system is that your winning probability is higher when you are on a winning streak, and you are more likely to lose if you are on a losing streak.

Why Is The Aviator Game Unique?

Aviator is the best for most online casino players for some reasons, one of which is that it allows the players to be at the helm. This means you are allowed to determine when to cash out your earnings, knowing fully well you need to do that before the plane takes off to avoid losing your bets. 

Another unique feature of this game is its great social aspect. All online casino players bet on a single plane but can withdraw early. You can view the list of current bettors on the left side of the screen, and as the plane flies higher, you are allowed to view when the other players want to get out of the current round. Now you must decide whether to bail out of the current round with the other players or wait as the multiplier gets higher. 

Finally, the aviator game is all about fairness and transparency. It is provably fair, and you can verify this by clicking on the green shield icon close to the game round’s history. 


All the above strategies are common among aviator players; however, none guarantees 100% winning. The interesting thing about this game is that you can develop new strategies, take risks and follow your guts. Enjoy!!

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