Cricketers With Most Sixes in IPL History

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the world’s longest-running and most successful professional cricket leagues. It is widely known for its competitive action and commitment to producing some of the most exciting International cricket talents.

It is a professional Twenty20 cricket tournament that takes place in India, and it includes several players who have been highly successful throughout the years.

IPL India has held numerous records, one of which is the record for the most sixes in IPL innings, with a total of over 10643 sixes smashed across the league until 2022.

Chris Gayle is the most accomplished player in IPL history. He currently holds the record for most sixes in IPL with 357.

In this article, we’ll look at the players who have knocked the most sixes and how their achievements have contributed to the league’s success.

Most Sixes in IPL History 

1Chris Gayle1424965175*357
2AB de Villiers1845162133*251
3Rohit Sharma2275879109*240
4MS Dhoni234497884*229
5Kieron Pollard189341287*223
6Virat Kohli2236624113218
7David Warner1625881126211
8Suresh Raina2055528100*203
9Shane Watson1453874117*190
10Robin Uthappa205495288182
11Andre Russell98203588*175

Total Number Of Sixes In Each IPL Season From 2008 To the 2022

YearSixesMatchesAvg. per match

Chris Gayle (Punjab Kings) Hit 357 Sixes

Chris Gayle, a legendary West Indian player, is the undisputed leader in most sixes in IPL history. He has smashed 357 sixes in 140 innings in his IPL career, making Chris Gayle the most successful six hitter in IPL history.

The “Universe Boss” blasted a six that measured 119 meters in 2013, the longest six of his IPL career. In 142 innings thus far in the IPL, Chris Gayle has scored 4965 runs at a strike rate of 148.96. The lanky Jamaican man has also scored hundreds (six) in IPL history.

AB de Villiers (Royal Challengers Bangalore) Hit 251 Sixes

Throughout the history of the IPL, Abraham Benjamin de Villers has smashed the second-most sixes (251) in 170 innings. The daring South African batsman is referred to as “Mr 360” for his ability to knock the ball all over the field.

Bowlers from all over the world shun AB de Villiers for his battling skills. He can smack any bowler for big sixes. 

Rohit Sharma (Mumbai Indians) Hit 240 Sixes

Rohit Sharma, the opener for the Indian and Mumbai Indians, has smashed 240 sixes in 222 IPL innings.

Rohit Sharma, a brilliant batsman, is challenging to stop once he starts to bat. His aggressive spirit is ideal for the IPL’s shorter innings.

MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings) Hit 229 Sixes

In the IPL, the skipper of Chennai Super Kings, MS Dhoni, has knocked the fourth-most sixes. MS, who has completed several innings for his team, is recognized as the finest finisher in the cricket world.

MS Dhoni demonstrates the ability to obliterate bowling lines by himself, without the assistance of teammates. The former India captain made history by winning the 2011 World Cup with a six, one of cricket’s best finishes. He has slammed 234 sixes in 206 innings.

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Kieron Pollard (Mumbai Indians) Hit 223 Sixes

Kieron Pollard, a powerful batter for the Mumbai Indians, has made significant contributions to his team with impressive hitting prowess and has been instrumental in helping the team achieve success.

Kieron Pollard has smashed the fifth-most sixes (223) in 171 innings. In cricket, he is renowned for his lightning-fast batting. His longest six is 105 meters, which he struck in the IPL 2021 match against Chennai Super Kings.

Virat Kohli (Royal Challengers Bangalore) Hit 218 Sixes

Virat Kohli has knocked 218 sixes in 215 innings. Kohli is a naturally defensive fighter who enjoys sending every ball over the fence.

Virat Kohli’s mighty hitting sixes has made every bowler afraid. Kohli has made their mark on the IPL by consistently hitting sixes. He is considered to be great at the game.

Not only has he put up impressive numbers, but he has also revolutionized modern batting and pushed the boundaries of what is possible in cricket.

David Warner (Delhi Capitals) Hit 211 Sixes

David Warner has the most sixes in IPL history, with a total of 211 sixes in 162 innings, placing him above some of his contemporaries. Warner is one of the IPL’s most lethal openers.

As he is unbeatable once he starts batting, bowlers aim to get rid of him as soon as possible. Warner isn’t hesitant to make a significant swing.

Suresh Raina (Chennai Super Kings) Hit 203 Sixes

In the IPL, Suresh Raina, the Chennai Super kings player, is the kind of player who would often knock huge sixes.

He has been a key component of several crucial scores for the Chennai Super Kings. In 200 IPL innings throughout his career, Raina has scored 202 sixes.

Shane Watson (Chennai Super Kings) Hit 190 Sixes

Shane Watson has made their mark on the IPL with many records. He has helped to make IPL one of the most exciting leagues in world cricket.

Watson is a valuable asset to any team because of his flexibility. Watson is a batsman who plays aggressively. Throughout his 145 innings, he has hit a total of 190 sixes.

Robin Uthappa(Chennai Super Kings) Hit 182 Sixes

Robin Uthappa has played for several IPL teams. He finished the 2008 season with the Mumbai Indians. In 2009, he was acquired by Royal Challengers Bangalore. He has also played for the Pune Warriors India, the Kolkata Knight Riders, and the Rajasthan Royals.

He is now an opener with the Chennai Super Kings. When Kolkata Knight Riders won the championship in 2012 and 2014, Uthappa was an essential player. The seasoned wicketkeeper-batsman has 182 sixes from 197 innings.


The game of cricket has been around for hundreds of years and is still loved by millions worldwide. Indian Premier League is one of the most popular and renowned cricket leagues.

One of the main attractions for viewers is the number of sixes punched in IPL innings, with many coming from some of the best batters in the world. These records highlight the power and dominance that cricketers hold in the IPL and serve as an example of their excellence in cricket.

The top cricketers have achieved this feat through their consistent performance over the years and have shown what is possible when one has the proper skill and determination. To bet on cricket you can visit the sports betting page here.

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