Online Real Money Roulette

In the second half of 2021, Indian gamblers were twice as interested in online roulette as they were in the first half. This means that many Indian gamblers have fallen in love with this classic casino game. So, if you want to join in on this growing excitement, you should visit BetShah.


BetShah is one of India's best online casinos, providing a secure roulette online real money India betting experience. We let you play the most popular types of online roulette and have a wide range of bets. Ours is a licensed platform, which makes it suitable for anyone who enjoys honest games.

Play Roulette Online for Real Money in India

Online real money roulette is available on our platform here at BetShah. The path to enjoying real money roulette with us starts with opening an account. We’ll guide you through the simple process with the instructions below:


    1. Go to the BetShah website and select the Registration button. This button is visible at the top, right-hand side of the platform.
    2. You’ll be shown a form that you’ll have to fill out to open an account on this platform. The first piece of information that you need to provide is a valid Indian phone number. Enter the phone number in the space provided and click “Get Code.”
    3. This will send a unique code to that number. Fill out the rest of the form by copying it into the space provided.
    4. Confirm that you are over 18 years of age and read our platform’s terms and conditions. Click on the “Register” button below the form once you are done.


You’ll receive a notification confirming a successful account opening process in no time. You can now add money to your casino account.


We’ve provided many payment methods that you can use to fund your account. This includes net banking, Paytm, cryptocurrency, VISA, UPI, and Google Pay. The guide below will walk you through how to fund your account.

    1. Log into your BetShah account.
    2. Click on “Deposit” and choose the payment method that you’re most comfortable with.
    3. Fill in the necessary payment details and the amount of money that you want to fund your account with.
    4. Confirm the transaction and wait for the funds to be transferred to your casino account.

You should receive the funds in your casino account within minutes, and you can now start betting. Here, you’ll need to head to the “Roulette” page, place your wagers, and start playing. The guide below will explain things better.

    1. Log into your casino account.
    2. Click on “Roulette,” and this will take you to the page with our roulette variants.
    3. Click on the version of roulette that you want to play, and the game will launch. You can play the demo version or the online roulette real money India version of the game here. The real money version is the only one that allows you to win real money from betting.
    4. As the game opens, you’ll see chips of various colours on one side of the screen. These chips represent bets of various amounts. When you click on a chip, you select that bet.
    5. Place the chip that you have selected on any number that you want to bet on. If you want to bet on more numbers, place the chip at the intersection between those numbers. The minimum you can bet on a round is 10 rupees, while the maximum is 100 rupees.
    6. When you’ve placed your bets, click on the “Spin” button, and the roulette wheel will spin. As the wheel is spinning, the ball within it will also spin around till it comes to a stop.
    7. If the ball stops on the number that you have chosen, you win your bet. If it doesn’t, you’ve lost the bet.

Payouts for Bets

Each bet you place on the roulette table has a corresponding payout. The lower the probability of landing a bet, the higher the payouts for that bet. The payouts for each bet you make on our tables are shown below:

    • High/Low bet: 1:1
    • Red/Black bet: 1:1
    • Even/Odd bet: 1:1
    • Dozen bet: 2:1
    • Column bet: 2:1
    • Six Line bet: 5:1
    • Basket bet: 6:1
    • Corner bet: 8:1
    • Street bet: 11:1
    • Split bet: 17:1
    • Straight-up bet: 35:1 

Types of Roulette Variants on Our Platform

There are lots of online roulette variants that are available to online bettors. However, our platform offers only the most popular ones, and three of them are shown below. Take note that all the roulette variants on our platform are from the casino developer, Evoplay.

American Roulette 3D

This is just like the American roulette that you know, but it's a 3D version of the game. So you'll be playing a higher-definition game with three different points of view. This way, you can view the game from a direction that pleases you.


American roulette offers two zeros on its wheel instead of the traditional one. As such, the house edge in this game has been increased to 5.26%. However, this roulette variant makes the basket bet possible, and many bettors love it for that.

European Roulette

This is the traditional variant of roulette, and it comes with only a single zero in its wheel. The single zero reduces the house edge of this version to 2.70%. A reduced house edge means higher winning chances, and this has made the game popular among punters.

French Roulette Classic

This is another classic variant of roulette, as it contains a single zero. However, this version has a lower house edge, at 1.34%. This is a result of the two unique rules of this variant, called La Partage and En Prison.

Safe and Secure Online Roulette for Real Money in India

We at BetShah prioritise the safety and gaming experience of all our bettors. Hence, we’ve put many systems in place to ensure that Indian players feel safe while playing the online roulette for game real money.


Our platform has been encrypted with some of the most advanced encryption technologies around. We also run the website off a secure server, and you’ll notice this when you visit the platform. You’ll see “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” or a “lock” icon in the address bar.

Reliable License

Because of the online gambling authorities, bettors can play without fear in online casinos. These authorities are the ones that designate licensed sites as trustworthy online casinos. However, these betting platforms would have to meet the strict criteria of these gambling authorities before they could receive these licenses.

We are licensed by the government of Curacao, which allows us to boast a Curacao eGaming license. This means that we’ve been tested by this gambling authority and found to be safe for players. So, you can play roulette online real money India games on our platform without fear.

Anti-money Laundering Policy

India has strict rules against money laundering, which this platform and all of its employees follow. This makes us a legal betting entity and allows us to stand on the right side of the law. We do this by using a 3-step verification process to confirm the identity of all bettors on our platform.

Responsible Gaming

We care more about the health and mental well-being of our players than you think. So, we only allow recognized adults who are at least 18 years old, to bet on our platform.


We’ve also prepared resources that can guide players on how to bet responsibly on our platform. This way, the players won’t suffer from a betting addiction.


To ensure the safety of some of our players, we also offer a self-exclusion service. This allows players with a gambling-related issue to take a break for a period of 6 months, up to 5 years. It is a binding agreement that won’t allow them to open an account with us or access our service during that period.

Tips and Strategies for Winning at Online Roulette

We've compiled a list of useful online roulette India real money strategies for you to use while playing. This would allow you to increase your chances of winning real money while betting on our platform.

Martingale Strategy

This is an online roulette betting strategy where you double your initial bet on each loss. So, you start with a particular bet, and each time you lose, you’ll wager double that amount. This way, an eventual win will allow you to recoup all your losses.


Although this strategy is sound, it relies on deep pockets. Nonetheless, with such high risks come high rewards.

D’Alembert Strategy

This strategy is similar to the Martingale strategy, but instead of doubling your bet after each loss, you slowly raise your bet. Any time you win, you’ll steadily reduce the bet. This way, you suffer little risk, and you don’t have to spend much.

Manage Your Bankroll

When playing online real money roulette, ensure that you set aside funds for betting. Don’t use all your betting funds on one bet, either. Divide them into smaller portions; this way, you can bet for a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Roulette

Is Online Roulette Legal in India?

Yes, online roulette is legal in India, as there is no federal law against online betting. Just make sure to bet from an Indian state that doesn’t have an anti-gambling law.

Can I Play Online Roulette from My Smartphone?

Yes, you can play online roulette on our platform from your smartphone. Our platform has been optimized with HTML5 technology, which makes it suitable for mobile gameplay.

How Can I Deposit or Withdraw Funds from Playing Online Roulette Game Real Money?

Our platform supports payment methods like cryptocurrency, Google Pay, net banking, UPI, Paytm, and VISA for deposits and withdrawals.

Join the Fun: Play Online Roulette for Real Money in India Today

BetShah offers an opportunity to experience the best of online gaming in India. You can play popular variants of online roulette on our platform, especially the 3D version of American Roulette. Apart from roulette, we also offer blackjack, slot games (including megaways slots), jackpot games, roulette, poker, shah games, and table games.