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Experience the Thrill of Blackjack Lucky Sevens by Evoplay

Blackjack Lucky Sevens by Evoplay is an exciting online casino game that will take your breath away. This game combines the classic blackjack game with a fun, modern twist. In Blackjack Lucky Sevens, you will be dealt two hands - one of which is the dealer's and one of which is yours. You can choose to hit or stand on both hands, and the dealer must follow the same rules as you. When the game is over, you will be paid out for any winnings according to the rules of the game. The game features a unique side bet system, which allows you to place extra wagers on your hands for even more chances to win. If you're feeling lucky, you can even place a side bet on the dealer's hand for an extra chance to take home the pot!

Blackjack Lucky Sevens by Evoplay offers players a fast-paced, exciting game with a unique twist. The game's intuitive interface and simple rules make it an enjoyable experience for all players, regardless of skill level. The game also features beautiful 3D graphics and a realistic casino soundtrack, allowing you to feel like you're playing in an actual casino. Blackjack Lucky Sevens is the perfect game for anyone looking for an exciting and thrilling online casino experience.

Bet Type Min Bet (INR) Max Bet (INR)
Table 200 10,000
Side Bet 25 2,500
Insurance 25 2,500