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Aviator Casino Game

Aviator is a game from Spribe and the most popular crash game around right now. This game is famous for its high payouts and simple gameplay that requires no complex instructions. It also boasts enjoyable gameplay that has caught the attention of many Indians.


If you want to play Aviator for real money, then you should visit BetShah. Our platform provides a safe and secure environment where you can play this game. We offer numerous methods to deposit and withdraw funds and boast an easy account opening procedure.

Play Online Aviator for Real Money in India

Spribe’s Aviator betting game is a popular crash game that punters from all over the world have become interested in. Indian players who want to play this game can visit our platform to get started. The only thing a new player would need to play this game is to register and fund their account.


This process is easy, and it starts with opening an account on our platform. We’ll walk you through it with the guide below:

    1. Visit the BetShah platform at the following web address: https://BetShah.com/. You can visit our online casino with your laptop, computer, or smartphone.
    2. On the top right-hand side of the home page, you’ll see the “Register” button. Click on it, and you’ll be shown a form that you’ll need to fill out.
    3. The first thing you need to provide is a valid Indian number. Enter the phone number in the first space provided and click “Get Code.”
    4. A unique code will be sent to that number. Enter the mobile verification code in the space provided on the registration form.
    5. Enter the other required information, like your email address and password. Click on the “Register” button when you’re done, and an account opening notification will be sent in no time.

Now that you’ve opened an account with us, the next thing is to fund that account. We support various payment methods like net banking, UPI, Patym, VISA, cryptocurrency, and other popular options. You can follow the instructions below to fund your BetShah account.

    1. Log into your BetShah account.
    2. Click on the “Deposit” option.
    3. There will be a list of payment options there, choose the one that you prefer.
    4. Enter the amount that you will be depositing and the other details of the transaction.
    5. Follow the instructions on the screen and finalise the transaction.


At BetShah, we process all deposits right away, so you should have your money in a few minutes. When the deposited funds appear in your account, you can start playing the Aviator betting game. You can follow the simple guide below to deposit betting funds.


    1. Log into your BetShah account.
    2. Click on the menu button. You’ll easily notice it as, it looks like three horizontal bars.
    3. Select “Aviator” from the options shown there.
    4. Here, you can play the Aviator India game demo or play the main game for real money. If you play the demo game, you can play the game with virtual funds. If you want to win real money from this game, you should play for real money.
    5. Either way, when you launch the game, you’ll either meet a game in progress or arrive before one starts. When you meet a game in progress, you’ll have to wait for the next round before you can place your bets.
    6. While waiting for a new round, you can make some adjustments in the game. You can click on the menu button to bring up options. There, you’ll see buttons to mute the game sound, mute the game music, or stop the game’s animation.


When you stop the game’s animation, you won’t see the animation of the plane flying. You’ll only see steadily increasing numbers indicating the movement of the plane.

    1. Before the next round starts, players have a short period of time to place their bets. The Aviator casino game allows players to place two bets per game. So, you can either place both bets or just one.
    2. The system for placing bets is simple. You can choose one of the set bets of 100 rupees, 200 rupees, 500 rupees, or 1000 rupees. If you want to bet something else, you can enter the amount manually using the -/+ buttons.
    3. Once you have chosen your bet, click on the “Bet” button.
    4. You just have to wait for the plane to take off, and then you can click on the “Cash Out” button. As the plane flies, you’ll see it moving along a graph-like path with the increasing multipliers shown under it.
    5. When you click on the “Cash Out” button fast enough, you’ll win your bet. If you don’t, the plane will fly away, and you’ll lose your bet.
    6. The minimum bet in this game is 10 rupees, and the maximum bet is 8,000 rupees. The maximum amount that you can win for one bet is 800,000 rupees.

How Does Betting Work in the Aviator Game?

The Aviator betting game allows you to increase your bets by steadily increasing multipliers. These multipliers increase the longer the plane is in flight. This means you can wait for the plane to fly longer, so you can get more multipliers before you cash out.


However, there is a chance that the plane will fly away before you click on the “Cash Out” button. So, you have to use your wits to determine how long the plane will be in flight. This way, you can cash out before the plane flies away.


Aviator is a game that rewards high risk with high rewards. So, if you cash out a few seconds into a round, you won’t earn much. If you wait too long to cash out, however, the plane might just fly away.

Features of the Aviator Game

When you play the Aviator game online on our platform, you’ll come across many useful features. You can change many settings in the game with these features, which can make the game more fun. The following are some of the features you'll find in this game:

Auto Bet

Instead of placing a bet after every round, you can get the game to do that for you. This way, you can rest your wrists for a while and just watch the game go on. Using the auto-bet feature is simple; just follow the instructions below.


    1. Click on the “Auto” button in the betting panel. This will bring up new options that allow for automatic gameplay.
    2. Here, you can choose a particular bet and click on the “Autoplay” button. This would take you to a box where you can configure your autoplay. You can specify the number of rounds for which the automatic bet will be active.


This way, you won’t need to place a bet for those rounds, as the bet will be placed automatically. Instead of waiting till the required rounds elapse, there are other ways in which you can stop automatic betting.


You can set it to stop if your funds decrease or increase by a certain amount. You can also set it to stop if your single win exceeds a certain amount. All these options are available when you click the “Autoplay” button.

Auto Cash Out

Take note that if you stop your settings at “Auto Bet”, and start the game, you’ll need to cash out manually. However, you can also set the game to “Äuto Cash Out”, so that cash outs also occur automatically.


To do this, click on the “Auto Cash Out” tab in the betting panel. You’ll see a small box beside it containing a multiplier value. Click on that box and set the multiplier value to a number of your choice.


This means that the game will automatically cash out your bets at that multiplier. If the plane doesn’t increase to that multiplier, however, you’ll lose your bet.

Round History

This is a list of the various multipliers at which each round has ended since you joined the game.

Free Bets

We occasionally offer free bets to punters who participate in this game. You can click on the “Free Bets” tab under the menu icon to see if a free bet is available.

Live Bet Statistics

This is a panel that is shown on the left side of the game screen on computers. If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll see it under the bet panel. The live betting statistics show important information on the wins that players have gotten in this game.


The statistics that you’ll see are shown below:


    • All Bets

This panel shows the bets that all players made in the last round. It also shows the multipliers at which they cashed out and the amount they got.

    • My Bets

This panel shows the bets that you’ve made since you started playing the game and the date you made them. It also shows the multiplier at which you cashed out and the amount that you won.

    • Top Bets

This panel shows the biggest wins that a player has gotten in the game and the multipliers at which they got them. You can customise this panel to show the biggest wins in a day or the biggest wins in a month. It can also show you the biggest win of the year.

Safe and Secure Aviator Game for Real Money in India

The Aviator betting game is built on the Provably Fair System, and this is enough to guarantee its fairness. The Provably Fair System is a type of cryptography that makes sure things are fair and keeps outsiders from messing with them. This indicates that BetShah doesn't control everything that happens in the game.


An example of the effect of this system is the game’s “Fly Away” multipliers. The final multiplier values are automatically generated through a transparent process. This process involves the game operator and the first 3 punters in each round.


If you want to be assured of each round’s fairness, you can click on the “Provably Fair” settings. This will display the hashed results of each previous round's multiplier as well as how the system arrived at them.


Our platform also undergoes regular internal audits to confirm the safety of customer funds. We also protect all customer information and never share it with third parties, unless demanded by law.


All of the banking options on our platform are made to make sure that money going into and out of your account is safe. The government of Curacao has given BetShah a license, which means that it is safe for players to use.

Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Winning at Aviator Game

The Aviator game comes with a 97% Return To Player (RTP). This means that out of every 100 rounds, there are 3 rounds in which the plane flies away at the very beginning. As such, out of 100 rounds, you’ve got 97 rounds to win good money from this game.


You can increase your chances of winning by following the Aviator game tricks shown below.

Use the Dual Bet Panels

There are two bet panels in the Aviator betting game, so use them. Place two separate bets and cash them out at different times.


Cash the first one out early and the second one later on. That way, you are sure of getting something, even if the latter one fails.

Martingale Betting Strategy

This betting strategy requires you to place a bet and double that bet each time you fail. This way, you can recover all the lost funds when you eventually win. When you win, you can go back to the original bet.

D’Alembert Betting Strategy

This strategy requires you to increase your bets gradually with each loss and reduce them gradually with each win. This makes it much easier on the pocket than the Martingale strategy.

Manage Your Bankroll

Set aside funds for betting, and do not bet all your funds at once. Split your betting funds into tiny pieces before betting with them. This would allow you to reduce the risk of any losses.

Ignore All Prediction Sites

Aviator is a game that offers random results that no one can predict. So, do not fall for the scams of those prediction websites that promise the impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aviator Game

What Happens If My Internet Disconnects While a Round Is in Progress?

If your internet connection is interrupted while you’ve placed a bet on a round, the game will auto cash out. This means that your bet will be automatically cashed out at the plane’s current multiplier. When the internet connection is reestablished, you’ll see the winning amount in your balance.

Is Aviator Game Legit?

Yes, Aviator is legit. This is a game from Spribe, a well-recognised casino game developer with some popular games to their name. Spribe is licenced by many gambling authorities, like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Is the Aviator Game Real or Fake?

Many people have asked if the Aviator game is real or fake, and the truth is that it’s real.

Is the Aviator Game Legal in India?

Playing the Aviator game in India is legal, as the country’s federal laws have nothing against online gambling. However, a few Indian states, like Maharashtra, don’t accept online gambling. So, only when you are a resident of such states would Aviator be illegal.

How Can I Deposit and Withdraw from Aviator?

You can put money into and take money out of Aviator with the payment methods that our platform supports. This includes Paytm, UPI, net banking, VISA, and cryptocurrency.

Join the Fun: Play Online Aviator for Real Money in India Today

You can play the Aviator game in India when you use our platform. We can assure you of an honest and fair betting process with Provably Fair Technology. You also get a chance to potentially win 800,000 rupees from your bets.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity. Apart from Aviator, we offer other casino games like slots, table games, megaways slots, jackpot slots, shah games, poker and blackjack.