Betting on Final Results 2022: A Guide & Tips for 1X2 Betting

Online betting has become more popular than traditional odds and betting systems. There are many different kinds of bets available to the bettor. Each one is more profitable than the other. You might be wondering what 1×2 betting is if you’re new to online betting. 1×2 betting allows for you to place bets on multiple outcomes, increasing your chances of winning. The 1 stands for the home team, while the 2 is for the away team. The x represents a draw. These types of bets include match betting, three-way bets and full-time result.

Main Areas Covered in This Guide

These are the main takeaways from 1×2 betting. :

  • Explaination of 1×2 betting, and the variations offered under it.
  • With examples, steps on how to place 1X2 bets.
  • Here are some tips to help you place 1×2 wagers.
  • There are many benefits to 1×2 betting.

Your Essential Guide to 1×2 Betting – AKA Three Way Betting

1×2 Betting

It is important to understand the concept of 1×2 betting before you start betting online. These bets, also known as three-way wagering, are used most often in sports that have win, lose, or draw. The best thing about 1×2 betting, unlike Asian handicaps is that they don’t try to balance out differences between teams and player characteristics. Remember that 1×2 betting is entirely dependent on the actual odds of the game, not the margins set by the bookmakers.

How Do 1×2 Betting Odds Work In Practice

Understanding 1×2 betting is important. It is also important that you understand how 1×2 betting odds work. 1×2 betting works on a signifier-significated equation. Each outcome is labeled with its particular signifier: 1, 2, and 2. This signifies whether the bets were placed on the home team, a draw match, or the team playing away. These bets will be subject to the odds offered by bookmakers. As you may know, odds can be calculated using three methods: decimal fractional, American and decimal. Below is a comprehensive list of 1×2 betting options, with examples. It also includes information about the different methods used to calculate odds. Note that American odds are often used for American sports such as basketball and baseball, where chances of ties being drawn are low, so 1×2 bets are rare.

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1×2 Betting – Shown as Fractional Odds

Let’s consider football to be a sport that can be analyzed across all three types of 1×2 betting.

Let’s assume that fractional odds are given by a bookmaker to a game:

1- Manchester United 9/11

X- Draw 12/3

2 – Barcelona 5/2

Fractional odds may seem daunting at first, as they are represented with a fraction. It is easiest to understand how fractional odds are represented. The numerator represents the amount you win, and the denominator represents the stake you have. If the bet succeeds, you will earn $9 for every $11 that you stake on Manchester United winning. You should note that Manchester United is the odds-on favourite in this representation of odds. This is because you will earn less in winnings than your stake amount.

1×2 Betting – Represented as Decimal Odds

If you display the same set of odds in decimal odds it will look like:

1- Manchester United 1.81

X- Draw 5

2 – Barcelona 3.5

The UK is the most common country to use fractional odds. However, North America and India tend to prefer the decimal system. Because fractional odds can be difficult to compare, especially when there are multiple bookmakers trying to offer the best odds. Because the odds are expressed in multiples, a decimal number allows for better comparison. You can simply multiply the decimal odds and the stake to calculate the amount of the bet. A $16 stake in Barcelona would result in $56 in winnings.

Important to remember is that the winnings in this instance also include the stake amount, while the winnings from fractional bets are excluded.

Understanding the 1×2 Betting Accumulator

Accumulator betting is a bet that involves at least 4 wagers on the same game. Bookmakers offer special deals on accumulators, which are one of the most popular football bets. What is 1×2 betting for Accumulators? It is simply that your money is spread across different bets. Let’s take an example to see what 1×2 betting accumulator is.

Four-fold accumulator with decimal odds

Valencia – 2.76

Draw (Real Madrid against Manchester City) – 3.56

Chelsea – 2.88

Liverpool – 1.25

On a stake of $1, a stake on a Valencia win would yield $2.76. This amount would then be used to calculate the wager on Real Madrid against Manchester City. If all wagers are successful, the $1 original stake can be converted into a winning amount $ 35.37.

A Quick Look at Double Chance 1×2 bets

The initial novelty of 1×2 betting was overshadowed by the introduction of a double chance 1×2 betting. Do you remember the sign-significance relationship that 1×2 had? This knowledge is crucial. Let’s say that the odds of winning a football match are:

1 – Real Madrid

X – Draw 2.2

2 – Manchester City 1.64

Double chance 1×2 bets allow the bettor the ability to place double bets. This means that you can wager on any of the possible outcomes. If the bet is 1x, the bettor will be able to claim his winnings for Real Madrid wins or draws. A 12 (one-two), bet against Real Madrid’s win or draw would mean that the bettor could receive his winnings, while a 2x wager represents Manchester City winning or drawing. The odds of you making a selection is likely to occur more often than the other odds.

Half Time & Full-Time Bets – What to Consider 

Contrary to most conventional bets 1×2 can be placed on results from a single match or tournament. You can also place bets based on the half-time results.

Bookmakers allow bettors even to place 1×2 wagers on the half-time and full-time scores of a match. These cases are only possible if both selections win. Here’s an example.

1 – Arsenal

X – Draw – 2.5

2 – Liverpool- 4.8

If you bet that Liverpool would win the first half and take control of the match until the half-time break, but Arsenal would come back strong in the second, your selection will look something like this: 21HF

Let’s Look at the Advantages of 1×2 Betting

1×2 betting has many advantages:

  • One of the reasons 1×2 betting is so popular among novice and experienced bettors is its ability to increase your winnings at the end.
  • You have more chances to win the bet than just one chance. Three outcomes can be obtained from a simple wager on the outcome of a football match. You lose your investment if you get it wrong. If the bet is 1×2, your profit can be split into 2 eventualities.
  • Double chance 1×2 betting can give the punter the opportunity to place bets on all three outcomes, increasing the implied likelihood of winning.

 1×2 Betting Strategy – Top Tips From Our Experts

These are some tips for 1×2 betting.

  • 1×2 betting is as unpredictable as any other type of bet offered to bookmakers. Before placing any bets, it is wise to do some research.
  • When it comes to 1×2 gambling, accumulation has a distinct advantage over all other forms. The 1×2 odds are less favorable if the selections that you place your bets on are clear favorites.
  • Bookmakers offer additional bets for matches that go beyond the standard 1×2 format. Before placing a wager, you should consult the bookmaker.

1×2 Betting Conclusion – A Popular & Lucrative Strategy

1×2 betting was popularized when online football betting began. Many people have questions about what 1×2 betting is. Combining 1×2 bets and other forms of betting, such as accumulator bets, can be a profitable way for bettors who are interested in low-stakes and high returns. Bookmakers also have the option to offer 1×2 betting on virtually any sport that could result in a win, lose or draw. Even sports such as rugby are gradually gaining popularity for 1×2 betting. The 1X2 Bets Explained With Examples will have shown that 1×2 betting is here to stay, thanks to their impact on winnings.

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