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BetShah is changing the betting rules and offers you the best tennis tips! You better be ready, grab your racquet and….enter the court! Tennis is not a mainstream betting sport, but among bettors, it is wildly popular around the world. This is why the BetShah experts guarantee great betting odds for tennis punters, as well as the most markets and the most important world tournaments to bet on tennis. Tennis calendar is a great adventure to follow on a daily basis and BetShah is ready to offer you plenty of betting opportunities for all minor and major tennis events. It is not too much to say that there are matches being played almost every day in all different time zones!

Which are the most important international tennis tournaments one can bet online?

The major tennis tournaments include Australian Open (synthetic hard), French Open (clay), Wimbledon (grass), US Open (acrylic hard), ATP World Tour Finals, WTA Finals, Indian Wells Masters, WTA Indian Wells, Miami Masters, Miami Open, Monte Carlo Masters, Madrid Open, Madrid Masters, China Open, Roma Masters, Canada Masters, Cincinnati Masters, Shanghai Masters and Paris Masters.

How to bet on tennis?

The three most common ways to bet on tennis are wagering on the moneyline (which player wins), the game or set spread and the over/under.

Moneyline is the most usual way to bet on tennis and if you bet on cricket you may know this type of bet. Literally, the question is who is favored to win the match tonight? This is a straight forward selection of tennis bet. Here’s an example:

  • Roger Federer: 1.41 (for a bet of $100 on Federer, payout would be $141 and $41 in winnings)
  • Dominic Thiem: 2.68 (for a bet of $100 on Thiem, payout would be $268 and $168 in winnings)

Set betting is another straight pick to place a bet on tennis. Remember, on regular matches there would be four selections: Player A 2-0, player A 2-1, player B 2-0 and player B 2-1 but if we are looking on men’s grand slams, this number will increase as matches are played over the best of five sets. Here’s an example:

  • Roger Federer 2-0 (1.90) (for a bet of $100 on Federer, payout would be $190 and $90 in winnings)
  • Roger Federer 2-1 (2.75) (for a bet of $100 on Federer, payout would be $275 and $175 in winnings)
  • Dominic Thiem 2-1 (4.33) (for a bet of $100 on Thiem, payous would be $433 and $333 in winnings)
  • Dominic Thiem 2-0 (6.00) (for a bet of $100 on Thiem, payout would be $600 and $500 in winnings)

Game betting basically is exactly the same logic as the set betting, the only difference is you are betting on games instead of sets. Generally, BetShah offers a wide variety of bets which may include first set winner, second set winner, total games, total sets over/ under and more.

Live Betting

If you enjoy live betting, you may know how to bet live on tennis and win. BetShah is “serving” odds like balls, after every point, tennis in-play on betting markets which unfold great opportunities. So, play fast and select the odds before you miss the chance! Thinking bettors find tennis betting a great opportunity for making predictions as there are so many important details along the way to be considered. Find today free betting tips, follow your favorite players and take advantage of our best tennis betting odds. BetShah has many promotional tennis offers on new registrations, deposits, welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses, free bet offers and many more. Find out more!


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