5 Best Sport Events Betting in India

Are you in India but not betting on sports? India is obsessed with sports and it’s a right! India is home to one the most populous countries in the world so it’s not surprising that Indian betting has a large following. India is a popular destination for sports fans, with its many tournaments and cricket leagues as well as the niche Kabaddi.

It may seem that betting has been around since the advent of online sportsbooks like those in India. The practice is actually quite old! The practice is actually quite old. The most profitable platforms for betting on sports are online casino and books.

Here are five of the best sports betting tournaments to get you started!

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1. ICC T20 World Cup

Cricket is the most popular sport of India. Anyone could tell that. A single cricket tournament is a magnet for huge viewership numbers. The ICC T20 World Cup cricket tournament is the most watched in the world. The tournament set new global viewership records in 2021 with more than 167,000,000 people tuning in. It happens every two years. This might lead you to believe that it isn’t that exciting.

If you don’t want to watch the whole tournament, you can tune in to a matchup between India and Pakistan if you are lucky enough. These two rivals could reach more than 273,000,000 viewers live. There are no better cricket betting odds than you will find anywhere else.

2. Indian Premier League (IPL)


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the best cricket tournament to bet on when it comes to domestic tournaments.

Millions of Indians and foreigners gather every year to see IPL teams face off. It is always entertaining. IPL is a thrilling tournament that offers great entertainment. Gamblers are attracted to the league by its celebrity focus. If you haven’t yet started to bet on the IPL, check out these latest odds!

3. FIFA World Cup

It is rare to find a website that offers Indian betting that does not offer football betting options. Although it might be overshadowed somewhat by Indian cricket, football remains the most popular sport in the world. You might think that the ICC World Cup viewership numbers seem crazy. But wait until you see how more people watched 2018 FIFA World Cup final!

Every four years, the FIFA World Cup is held. This only adds to the excitement. Online sports betting customers have plenty of time to plan and organize their bets. This makes the tournament one of the most popular places to place bets.

4. Pro Kabaddi League Betting in India

Although you might not think Kabaddi is a lucrative sport to wager on, it could be.

Before the Pro Kabaddi League, Kabaddi was a niche market in Indian online gambling. Although the tournament was only launched in 2014, it has managed to attract a lot of attention from sports betting enthusiasts around the world. Every season, you can find amazing Kabaddi betting chances. If you are looking to place smart bets, make sure to check out the track records of each team and player.

5. Grand Slam Tennis

Grand Slam Tennis

Indian tennis betting is very popular. India has produced many fine doubles players over the past few decades. This is why tennis viewers are high in India. Betting on tennis is easy, and there are some matchups that offer very attractive betting odds. Each year there are four grand slam tournaments. These are the best tournaments for finding good odds and betting promotions.

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